One in the same

Shelby, Jimmy DeWayne



One in the Same I am a black male, born and raised in a small town within the State of Mississippi, to which I moved to the State of Missouri to live and call home. .I might be a bit naive in my understanding of racism and prejudice attitudes of people, in the State of Missouri, the State of Mississippi and the entire world for that matter. But what I do not understand is the reason and purpose in the cause of these two, wherefore, most all things done by people throughout the world are based on these two concepts perceived into creation. One cannot be without the other when we truly look and View the whole as they are. To be racism, is to be prejudice, to be prefudice, is to be racist. For the most part, the definition of racism is: A belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others! A police, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination. Hatred or intolerance of another or other races. And the definition of prejudice is: An unfavorable opinion of feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought or reason. Any preconceived opinion or feeling, either favorable or unfavorable. Unfavorable feelings, opinions, or attitudes, esp., df a hostile nature, regarding a racial? religious, or national groupfi Such attitudes considered collectively: The was against prejudice is never—ending. Damage or injury:: detriment: a law that operated to the prejudice of the majority. Now do you see how they both relate to each other? Foremost, it is prejudice that comes before racism, and to this, racism ' is involve with more than the idea and concept of race. Take the idea and concept of competition between one and another; Looking at the light of one rival toward another rival, be it a person, group and so forth. There is the perception, that preconceived notion, feeling, opinion or attitude that one is better, or more adapted in attributes than their counterpart. Within this understanding carries that underlining, unspoken, but at time shows of one being in the superior position over the other, holding dominance toward the other. In this sense, one cannot be separated from the other in respect to the state of mind for a winning outcome to be acquired. To that extent there is a degree of intolerance, discrimination and hatred mixed as the ingredients to foster a form or fashion to forge toward the goal. This is the way of life for the American people, the way of this country of the United States of America. It is permeated in every phase and every aspect of living a small portion of life. This all began with only two people, who shared, directly and/or indirectly through their words and actions this form, in different degrees and in different levels of fashions to conduct oneself with another. Even in todays space and time, this is how we as a people act and interact with each other. There is always a competition being carried out, knowingly or unknowingly between each other, and within this competition there is that touch of racism and prejudice involved. For some reason and/or purpose, we can't seem to leave this out or not include this into our relationships, our way of life, and live to help and support each other to improve one another and our world. In consideration to the children of and in our world and on this planet. Nature is one of the greatest teachers that has ever been created. May we all learn the truth from this source. With this thought in mind, it is the children who learns from those over them, and what they have learned, they will do and teach, along with their own version and understanding of all they have gained. Everything that we have gained as adults begin as a child, coming to us from a number of sources, home being the most to a basic of understanding. How ’ different is it between home and the world apart from what is given? To the contrary, the ideas and the opinions of those we call friends, and their understanding of life, living and the world. This in itself is in conflict with the reality of truth, in relation to the falsehood of fantasy in wishful thinking. In turn, making a lie into a truth by deception of thought to manipulation of the facts. As progression toward our mental formation, aptitude and attitude in fashion to subject in words, actions, and thoughts, the state of being. It is our mind that is of the most importance to our faculties with enforcing, interchanging, or relearning our thinking in how we see or view things and the experiences. This is the method of operation we are accustom to utilizing in our every day and night of living. Despite all the things that we may or may not face to endure and experience, we judge and form an opinion to make a decision to each and every matter to which takes place. Racism and prejudice is then so intertwine and ingrain into every fiber of our being, to which has an effect upon the way and how we form an opinion, feel about the situation, giving pause to the circumstances, consideration to the consequences, making an judgment to a decision. As to this, it is being done in the passive state of 3 participation in the~subtlest of form and fashion. We are creatures of habit, we, the entire human race that is. Not much different from the creatures of nature. Each and every creature of nature has its way of life, its way of doing, its way of being, that is distinct to the species from what it is part. They are design to function and operate within the confines of their autonomism under the laws of nature. They do not deviate from their path or course of action to another, to experiment for the sake of change of selfish glory. Nature in itself will not allow this to take place, for there is a cost to those who dare to do otherwise. Therefore, the creatures of nature conduct themselves as to what nature itself has prescribed for each specific creature. To this extent, each and every creature is very aware of this fact to what they realize, know and understand life to be for them. The most important fact of truth is that they are both, the predator and the prey. No one creature within nature is immune from the truth. There is no such notion to a thing as racism and prejudice between the creatures of nature, there is only the order of law, as to what each species is able and allowed to do and be. The what differentiates the human creature from the creatures of nature, those of the animal kingdom. For the rules of the mineral kingdom and the plant kingdom operates on yet different planes by comparison, but yet have some similarities as to the life of a species. We as the human creatures are above the creatures of nature under the correct circumstances and conditions, including the situation for which one has the proper position. We as the human creature have and holds the intellect for which the creatures of nature are 4 limited to certain parameters, which have been set for their reason and purpose. This cannot be change for what has been determine, must be completed. Thus is the nature oftthe human creature, to every motion, there is a cause, to every cause there is the effect, the action and the reaction. It is the law of give and to receive. It is this intellect of us human creatures to every motion, every cause, every effect, every action and every reaction. The intellect that places racism and prejudice within every thought? and every word, in every decision. We are very intelligent creaturesVwho comes from the ultimate of all intelligence in our understanding of existence. We believe in our hearts and minds that we have also created a number of things in this world. But in reality we have created nothing, absolutely nothing. All that we have done is use what is and has already been in existence to produce an product,“item or object, and ifi.these things we say that we have created one thing or another. Everything on and in this planet was in existence long before we arrived into being, even our thoughts are not our own, our words and our actions, they were also in existence before we came to bring them into usage for our reason and purpose. These things are what differentiates the human cratures from the creatures of nature. To be able to use what nature has to offer for the improvement and the betterment of us human creatures. This is what we have been commission to do in this life that we have to live during our time on this planet earth. But is this what we truly do with and for each other? Oh so very long before the America came to be the United States, racism and prejudice were in existence as the driving force to progress, as one 5 believes. We as human creatures have been destroying and killing each from the beginning of time, before we were created even. Where do you think the things we all do comes from? Before the pilgrims step off the boats to settle themselves in this country and to become home from that moment forward. It all started in conning and manipulation of the people who were already here. Amongst their own race in that time of being, between each other there was racism and prejudice to divide the masses. Without one doubt, this extended to all others outside of their own, near and far. It is not only inductive or engaging within the races, but to the races through the classes and sectors and levels and grades of the human creatures. Out of all the values that we place on things, calling some priceless, racism and prejudice out values any and everything the kuman creatures deem most important. We will destroy these items before allowing and/or giving them to others that have befallen into this category, let along having them being enjoyed by this group of human creatures. As we have become this country, the United States of America, with its a many diversities and resources. We like and prefer to use the word negotiate, while in reality this is far from the truth, it is a falsehood of deceitfulness. Whereas, the government to which has been put into place for the people, so called by the people, to care for the people's best interest. From what I have seen in my time of living, from Mississippi and in Missouri, along with what has been glimpse and glean from other states around this country. The government is truly not for the people, nor is it by the people as it is said. The people do not truly put the, or place the politician into office as it is believed to be through the voting process as it is stated. There is another process that takes3place after the people have spoken through their vote for an individual, 6 and the people is not apart of this process, never have been and never will be, the people only know what is told to them. Once these individuals have taken office, who then is in control, and they still and steady preach for the people, but it is not the people they are working for or toward anymore. As congress has passed and passes laws through its legislative body, for the people on the federal level. Each and every state legislative body passed and passes laws through this same process for the people within their state. Law enforcement and the court system as apart of our justice system unholds these laws through their processes. Where more can you be a witness to such greater form of racism and prejudice than within the structure of the American government. The laws that has been developed and put in practice by our government display this notion, idea and opinion in every degree on every level. Even more so today than at anytime since its inception, and continues to do so toward the future for the people of this country. Can any one individual in this country say that they were apart of the process to create or form a law by the legislative body for the people of this country and states within this country. At least; you can say that you lobbied for a bill to pass a law that was put into place? and even then, it's based on a law that is already in place and being enforced. Other than this? it is through the arguments, the debates of reasonings and purpose to pros and cons for or against such bill becoming law. While some of these laws do indeed serve for reason and purpose in the intent for which it was set out for accomplishment. And yet there are some of those laws that have cause more confusion for all involved. Then there are some 7 of those laws which are not enforced and consideration to do so is nill. Some laws are so out dated from a time long past, there intented purpose in reason was for only that moment in time, but yet they are still law. It is our court system that deduces what punishment to be carried out for whatever the offense an individual have comitted. Within this phase of the system, it is very evident to the undeniable fact of racism and prejudice being conducted, more so in the lower courts, while at time in the higher courts. This is done under the rhetoric of form and the guise of discretion as an order of the court. The place and state we find ourselves through these actions, to give benefit to Some? orrthose who have the means through finance or position and class to the deference of punishment. In the manner of ethics the law is to be equal and just as to all persons, no matter the race, state, position, or class. As we know, this is not the case to the symbol of the blindfolded lady holding the scale representing the law. Two individuals can commit the same offense in the same situation, under the same circumstances and the same conditions. But for some cause of reasoning and purpose, those two individuals do not receive the same sentence, although, they; have both been convicted for that same offense. Then there are those, as they would say, certain individuals who receive far more punishment for a lessor offense, than an individual who have committed a worser offense. This is our system offjustice which is administered within our court system by discretion. It is only given to those individuals after our law enforcement officials has completed their job. As law enforcement officials conduct their tasks to bring an individual to 8 the court system to face an alleged offense. An investigation ensues upon being contacted to an offense being committed. At times when law enforcement is called; and arrive upon the scene where an offense is in progress. The individual committing the offense may or may not be taken into custody in that time, which depends upon the individuals actions to then surrender or then become combative in that moment. From this moment forward, it is the actions of the law enforcement officials as to the outcome of the situation, involving the offense. Whereas, upon the individual surrendering, he or she is then arrested and the steps are taken to proceed through the process of being interrogated and charged for the said offense. At the point of becoming combative, the individual may or may not end in the result of being arrested. The sad and bad thing in the investigation process being conducted by the law enforcement officials through their interrogation tactics. This is the time that most all things become cloudy, tainted and somewhat one—sided for the investigators involve. Their aim is to close the case by coercing the individual into saying words and making statements that fit and coincide with the events that have taken place. At this point, the individual is lead through a series of possible episodesi not only a description belief to have taken place, but also the names of other individuals they wish to include into the offense. They will divulge in great detail of what they have gather for the unfolding of the idividuals statement of factsi all the while saying in your words. Once the individual has place their signature to the effects as it has been laid out in words, it is hard press to have this statement not used against the individual for that offense. It has always been said that one .Q should not lie to the authorities. So how and why is it that those same 9 authorities can lie to every person for their own benefit? They not only do this during an investiagtion of an offense, but they use this as a tacticlton incite an individual into committing an offense, not only in these moments of time, then that last phase in the process while giving testimony during the trial. What chance do an individual without the means to defend themselves throughout this process hold? One is condemn at the onset of an accusation, although the law states that one is innocent until proven guilty, and the state of the people says that this is not true, until and/or unless it involves someone close to them. To end the process of being arrested for an offense, charged, convicted, and sentenced. The last phase of the justice system is the Department of Corrections, where the commencement of the sentence which has been imposed, shall and will be carried out until completion. One would think that this segment of the justice system had been entered, it is only a matter of being under confinement for the said time of such sentence, and all is made well again. This is the belief and what all has been told to what takes place within the justice system to this point. They tell all that the department of corrections is a place where one is rehabilitated, and once release, is now able to live and abide in society by the rules, regulations, ordinances under the law as mandated by the authorities. Have any of you found this to be the truth of this matter? What may have once been before is now no more? but even in the past, I myself still cannot truly say thafi this has been the case. Given the facts of all the individuals who have entered the department of corrections, then to be at a time release and return to what was done by them before. This is not to say that there has been those who have come to be 10 release and then to have done, yet still doing great things for themselves and others. Not due to the department of corrections, but impart to the individual who dare to make a change with and for themselves. The department of corrections is the justice system of warehousing for the American citizens. As to the country and states within this country have built‘ an enormous amount of institutions under the control of the department of corrections, and the advent of the privatization of correction institutions and facilities, which should have never been allowed to come into being. The American citizens are now considered an commodity, to be traded on the Stock Exchange of commerces as such other goods, grains, fruits, vegetables, and products of any company in business to earn a profit. How can this treatment of a large number of individuals not be done so, other than through the flag of racism and prejudice at the forefront? Worse is the fact the department of corrections and their constituents in the private sector, care, nor is concern for the safety and wellfare of those who are under their grardianship. Is it not enough that the government awards these companies, along with the department of corrections, substantial amounts of funding to operate each andaevery institution and facility? Is not those funds alloted for the needs of all those individauals under their authority? It is when an individual enters the department of corrections, public or private institution, that the truth of their punishment is initiated. This understanding that everyone holds as privacy do not exist in the system of corrections. What one has experienced upon being arrested for an offense is in no comparison to the reality of long term confinement. For most people in this 11 world, their only experience toward any lack of privacy is and was during physical education is school, and that was in the time of taking a shower. Inside this system of confinement, at any given moment of time you could and may be strip—search, which is done before and after each and every visit an individual may have. This process can take place on any given day, at any given time, for any given reason as they see fit. Can you as a person live and endure this experience day or night when it is required of you? Now so that you know, there is more to this strip—search than taking off or removing all of your 3‘? garments. Once your clothes are removed, the process moves forward as such, open your mouth, lift your tongue, or stick out your tongue, raise your arms, lift your testicles, turn around, lift your foot, right then left, squat and cough, then you have some officers who may ask you to spread your cheeks. This is only one small portion of the conditions of confinement, for there are many yet to be endured. Food service, medical care, canteen items, clothing, personal property and so forth to which is allowed in one's possession. In this time of confinement, there are limitations on all items, with many of products that have been withdrawn and no longer can be purchase, adding to those which never could have been acquired. We can use a number of terms and theories, to place a title or name to reason, purpose, meaning and intent behind the concept the idea and the opinion to determine an supposed outcome. But can you truly take out the racism and prejudice to the bottom line in the totality to all things involve? if so? would you end with the same exact results in the outcome? Give our system of justice a long hard look, consider how all involve is treated, and how those in authority view others who have committed an offense, then study the punishment handed to each and every individual befallen to this system. 12 Within this system of the department of corrections are the treatment from staff members, correctional officers, medical staff, which also include those who work within this institution as recreation officers, educational teachers, caseworkers, and anyone who has some interactions with the inmates or offenders of the institution or facility. I could never say that each and every person working in this institution here at the Eastern Reception Diagnostic and Correctional Center (ERDCCW, have and carry the same attitude and mentality of them against us, in their conduct while doing their job at the institution. For the most part, racism and prejudice is very evident throughout the facility on all shifts each and every day of the week. Mind you, it is not to which, in that all is done in a physical manner, but more so in a verbal manner and treatment towards most all inmates or offenders. Words are spoken in a way to provoke one into a feeling of being less than a person or individual} or to that of an animal at some point in time, depending on the mood and feeling of the staff member in that time. This is done as a game of sorts, to see who or which of them can incite an inmate to cross the line in cause for them to have justification for their actions. It is as such, where and were the staff member can speak words to an inmate in any manner? under any condition of conduct, in any attitude, in any mentality toward the inmate as they see fit, and to say that because they can when the moment arises at any given time. Physically speaking, it is administered with force as a deterrent, while ‘in most all cases was not call upon for the event in which took place. A word, a look, a gesture, a motion and anything they feel to be a treat would bring a number of staff members to restrain one person. The outcome when force is used by staff members have been good for those involve to a degree, which is not the 13 case for every incident that come about. Heaven forbid if an assault is upon an staff member, for that inmate will by all means suffer for conducting himself in that manner, and once this pérson has be taken to ad—seg, that is administration segregation, the hole. The abuse is then on a scale that is unspeakable, unseen and unknown, other than to those involve in the episode to which was conducted. It is not just the correctional officers, who are part of this punishment being passed over to the inmate, the caseworker, recreational officer, and even the maintenance staff members are also a very part of these actions. In this time of despair, it is the severity in Ehetbeating one has taken, to then be place in isolation for a time before joining others. Racism and prejudice are at the forfront of all other feelings and emotions In which, that is in existence as we know them to be. Think and give thought through the idea and concept of contemplation to all things wrong, bad or evil. Infdoing so, you will see that racism and prejudice plays an important role or part in their being and doing, the cause of all those actions towards another for whatever the reason. Take these two out of the equation, and what would then be left to consider? Racism and prejudice is a very much apart of life in our way of living as it stands for us as a people. This may or may be true to our understanding, known or unknown, truth or nontruth, real or unreal. But this is my understanding of these two words and how they apply to the aspects of all life as we believe it to be. Thereas, thus is my small and simple knowledge and understanding to this belief as it to be the truth as I see things as they are. In all of this, looking at what the authorities call "Qualified Imunity: 14 A doctrine that protects government officials from liability for acts they couldn't have reasonably known were illegal." Can any person on this planet, within the society, say that any government official could never have known that their acts were not illegal? Remember that the people within the government work to create law, which is then enforced by the officers of those departments for this role throughout the states of America. How can this ever be okay and‘the right thing to do for the people they are working for? If this is not a great part of racism and prejudice, what then is? Taking this doctrine away from those who are getting away with committing crimes while holding an office or position within the government, would forever change how the conduct for themselves in their actions towards all people, would be so very different.

Author: Shelby, Jimmy DeWayne

Author Location: Missouri

Date: June 26, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 15 pages

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