Onother day here in the penile system

Benefield, Kevin M., Sr.



4/24/22 Onother day here in the penile system Today started out good, I did my prayers before the sun came up, ate,brushed my teeth,ETC, and we got 6 more days left to end Ramadan, and It has been a Successful one for me, this makes my 12th Ramadan in a row and I never did that before any way I want to start by telling every one that, yes that Fentenyl is here in this jail, and this kid Flacco as I new him done died from it and his bunky was trying to get the CO's attention and the call button in the cell don't work so some one has to tell them your trying to get thier attention. Just like they bring other things in here, that made it here to. I had a week off from school, and 4/25/22, were back in school, This Global Bussiness that I'm dealing with is nothing but common sence. The mind works, and it's the strongest thing on the body, no matter how old you are, look at me 57 years old and look more younger than these young bucks in here, who got an old man sam bald spot, so they cut thier heads bald, I thang god I'm not | at that stage yet. I just got to count my blessings and stay on my deen, as all Muslims need to do, only Allah nows what's in peoples heart. I'm glad I don't have to go to Medication every day like these dudes and they buy each others medications, and they took this dude out of here because they said they had something to do with getting [illegible] that stuff in here, his brother I saw when I went to service Friday told me some things and the things are working around here, is that he told people his business before it came thats why things happened for a reason. Yea, if that dudes bunky would've gotten the CO's attention they probley would've saved him, I was use to being in here with him watching him as he use to always make hooch and it be having him tipsy as he be out for rec with the rest of us. I count my blessings as I do my 5 prayers all day and ask Allah for guidence and help me stay on my deen and stay around positive people who do positive things. I'm waiting for this Lawyer, who got 145 people off of death row to call on my case, and hopefully get back into court and try to get some justice. I stay on my law work like it's a job and it is, a job for me to get out of here and go back to my job and continue living my life, back in 2012, I was doing my taxes, and this kid said hey kevin you surprise me and I said why you say that, he said If I was you I would've been running, I said running from what? I done worked for a college in Las-vegas, which was a state job, and was trying to get a city job in Newyork. I done said what I wanted every one to know, so I'm gone end this one with I hope every stays safe out there.

Author: Benefield, Kevin M., Sr.

Author Location: Connecticut

Date: April 24, 2022

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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