Open letter to the editor

Sorensen, Alan Jade



Open Letter to the Editor By Alan Sorensen Dear President Trump, I suppose congratulations are in order for your acquittal of impeachment. I say that I suppose because how many good men and women have been convicted and sit in prison because unlike you they did not have the money for good lawyers and positive press to make sure the world knew they were innocent until proven guilty. I have to ask why it is so popular for you politicians to cry wolf just to remind us all people are innocent until proven guilty, whenin fact you know as well as I that most people are presumed guilty until prove innocent , and lets face it ' hearsay evidence ' is only a way for the court to whitewash the truth. You cant fight a negative statement.. So I must ask you President Trump, what makes you and all the politicians who say such things so different, your courts and prisons are full of people like me who did nothing more than tell the truth. I thought no one was above the law, but I see in this I am mistaken, thirty years and counting, the cost of my innocence! We the People Sincerely Alan Sorensen

Author: Sorensen, Alan Jade

Author Location: Colorado

Date: March 4, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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