Opinion about our justice system

Johnson, Eric D.



Opinion About Our Justice System July 29th, 2019 Love, Peace, Justice, Forgiveness, Fairness & Liberty. These are things of which our country was built on but yet here in California our Justice System is far from any of these things. I completely agree that if you break the law then you should be punished for such violation but the consequences should be the same to all across the board. Regardless if someone has been to prison once before & the other hasn’t, one should get less than the other or more than the other. Throughout our prison system we have millions of people in our country and out of those millions there are hundreds of thousands of people who are convicted or plead out for the same crime but are given a vast difference in sentences. Once in the prison system they pick and choose who they want to show fairness, forgiveness, & liberty to and love, peace, and justice are things in here you would be luck to experience. So let’s use myself for example. I was sentence to 27 yrs at 85% with 20 yrs of probations and a lifetime sex offender registration for two counts of lewd & lascivious acts on a minor under 14 yrs of age. Now I completely understand that what I did was and always will be extremely wrong and that I am not the only person who was & has been affected by my behavior. With that being said, out of fairness & justice it’s only right that I get help while incarcerated in prison and not be discriminated against and made to feel like I am an outcast & less than human. In the respects of Justice and fairness I think they would not only want to punish me but provide me with the proper tools so I don’t do anything against the law. Being in my situation, the odds are way stacked against me so I have to work so much harder than others in this prison system. It’s not fair that a person who takes someone’s life gets better treatment than I do or is forgiven a lot quicker than people who commit sexual offenses. How is that fair at all? How can we see people in our country to look at us all on a more fair playing field? We need to properly reform our system to where it helps every inmate and not just a certain group of inmate because we all broke the law so we all should be able to get help and incentives. It’s time we start to enforce love, peace, justice, forgiveness, fairness and liberty to everyone in the prison system because it only the right humane thing to do. Written By: Eric Johnson CDC #[ID]

Author: Johnson, Eric D.

Author Location: California

Date: July 29, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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