Oppression of single mothers

Shabazz, Syncere



II. Oppression of Single Mothers There's too many mothers in Amerikkka that's raising childryn alone without father's support. The oppressed Nations of Amerikkka the average mother is struggling to make ends meet. With no support from fathers, mothers have no choice but to step to the government and request for: W.I.C, SNAP benefits, child support etc. I do want to recognize the mothers who are working hard and not giving up. It's numerous of wombmyn who are succeeding as mothers. In 2019 Steve Harvey had a new Afrikan wombman on his show. The sister had a few childryn but yet she graduated from law school. Wombmyn today are being oppressed by myn in society as well as prisoners. Myn approach single mothers with no intention of loving her or being there for her young. These myn today -- not all but some -- are labeled "hobosexuals." Myn in prison prey on single mothers I have no respect for myn who leech off wombmyn. 8 I am not sure if myn in society recognize the oppression of single mothers. These mothers awaken every morning at 5-6 AM to get 3 or 4 childryn up for school. She has to be at work by 8 AM, make doctor's appointments, school conferences, and field trips. Let's not forget about the money she spends on food, clothes, and shelter. Majority of we fathers are in prison, dead or dead beats. The cowardly thing a father can do besides not being father is raising some other wombman childryn and not his own. I can understand what mothers go through during my youth my mother was single raising three childryn. Single mothers oppression is an attribute to femicide, we must as myn end this disease. Take a look around you single mothers are struggling and a cycle is going on. Young teenage girls are having babies and raising them with no fathers. We know what it takes so let's get it together and help bring justice to wombmyn... 9 Births to Single Black Mothers (1) 1950-20% 1960-29% 1970-35% 1980-45% 1991-58% Births to Single White Mothers 1950-5% 1960-8% 1970-10% 1980-10% 1991-12% 10

Author: Shabazz, Syncere

Author Location: South Carolina

Date: February 13, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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