Oregon/Louisiana non-unanimous v. unanimous verdicts un-constitutional

Rupert, Bob G.



A.P.N.A Re: Oregon/ Louisiana non-unanimous v. unanimous verdicts *un-constitutional* Recently... the issue of nun-unanimous jury verdicts have become a hot legal topic in Oregon/ Louisiana's, Judicial system. The United States Supreme court is set to make a ruling 10/2019. "Only", two states utilize non-unanimous jury verdicts. Apparently... in *acknowledgement* of a constitutional violation of a very fundamental right. The Louisiana law maker's and the judicial system concede there exist a constitutional violation. The *Louisiana constitutional* in its self... was un-constitutional. This Louisiana constitution has been in effect for "Decades"- its "shocking", that the Louisiana justice system...has "not" come forth decades ago. Legal scholars, ignored this constitutional right violations- this obvious, violation certainly invites the question(s) of their integrity. E.T.C The truth be. that they are constitutional Rts violators- an inescapable fact- as well as irresponsible. And very unfit to be in a position to be charged with responsibility that involved the constitutional rights of American Citizens. The *Swamp* needs Drained of the very top. Constitutional Rts violator(s) should not be insulated from being held accountable. Their actions have caused decades of irreversible…..un-constitutional incarcerations. *illegal incarcerations* absolutely irreversible. The Louisiana ruling send’s a very clear message. the practice is un-constitutional. It essentially, converts *not guilty* juror votes to guilty. Oregon has the very same practice in place. Oregon is soon to be the "only" state that utilizes that practice, all other states require a unanimous jury verdict. (12-0) This is a hot topic in the Oregon Judicial System. There has been major news articles addressing this constitutional issue- the question remains... will... Oregon continue this practice for decades to come ? W/out accountability...its a clear approval of un-constitutional acts demonstrated upon the American citizens- by the very law makers, and the very judicial system entrusted to protect the Constitutional Rts of all. In the 8/27/19 U.S.A Today news paper the Oregon atty Gen- said, before the U.S Supreme ct- the states criminal justice system would be *overwhelmed* if the U.S. supreme court ruled. That non-unanimous jury verdict are un-constitutional. this constitutional rights violation(s) demonstrated upon citizens by the judicial system, have been utilized for years for some *victims* there exist no judicial relief. The courts/ judicial system is a continual proliferation of scams- victimization of tax payers/citizens- the cost of un-constitutional- incarcerations- Astronomical amounts- its the victimization of America- America is brain washed in to being voluntary victims. *consensual*- Do we want a society in which deception by the courts/ judicial system becomes a way of life? We cannot tolerate a society- in which the government courts- judicial system is empowered to conduct every manner of scam at will and w/out accountability- Public defenders are in *moral ruins* attempting to pretend- to safe guard constitutional rts state Bar(s) are fatal to constitutional levels of representations- the state Bar adds instead a second defilement to a sub-constitutional level of representation. The ripple effects are incredible- local law enforcement *know well*... the level of representation afforded by their local pub-def office to indigent defendants- they *guide* certain cases to atty(s) who... mis-lead their client- scam plea deals by mental tactics- in order to promote court room politics.

Author: Rupert, Bob G.

Author Location: Washington

Date: September 13, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 7 pages

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