Over priced items

McCall, Mikell



O“\/ef p!“aC.&.<::J The Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections allow private companies to over price inmates for food, clothing and electronics. The shoes we buy are made out of the cheapest material such as fake leather and recycled rubber. Electronics such as a 13in television cost $215 while a clip on plastic no name fan cost $20.The food is also an issue, it is over priced pre—cooked and is almost guaranteed to cause health problems. Besides being over priced for the food and electronics the inmates are also being over priced for the clothes box. The shoes we buy come from private companies who supply prisons but not the public. These shoes are so cheap; after one basketball game they look over 6 months old. These are shoes you would never buy in the free world; however, the companies charge us free world prices. The institution does not allow us to shop from catalogs in the free world, therefore when its time for us to go home we are 10 years or more behind on fashion. The companies charge $215 for a 13 in clear tune TV and $20 for'a small clip on fan. The TV is small enough to wear as a medallion while the fan look like a toy a kid would play with. No matter how often inmates complain about being over priced .The institution continue to get away with it. Another important issue is with the food .The food in commissary is so expensive it literally costs between $6 and $10 to make one meal. One pouch of meatballs in spaghetti sauce cost up to S3 while a bag a rice cost up to $1.50. The food selection never changes { Tuna, rice ,summer sausage, ramen soups, honey buns est.], but the prices always seems to go up. In Ohio max prisons, we are only allowed to order one clothes box per year. A 20lb box can cost up to three hundred dollards. The clothes we are allowed to order are similar to the clothes you would purchase at Walmart; however, the clothes in our prison catalogs cost 3 times as much as the clothes at Walmart. It is not fair for these companies to continue to over price and prey on inmates’ limitations. The only way we can change these unfair circumstances is for the free world to be made aware of how these institutions are treating our country prisoners. It is time for someone to stand up , because these institutions have no consideration about the inmates conditions, their only focus is squeezing an extra nickel out of a dime.

Author: McCall, Mikell

Author Location: Ohio

Date: August 1, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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