Oversight agencies in California conceal excessive force

Pierce, Seavon



3 of 4 Article: Oversight agencies in California conceal excessive force Public assistance is requested at http://www.change.org/p/myself-excessive-force-and-injurues-being-concealed to obtain an investigation for excessive force. These acts have been concealed since 11-13-13 with CDCR oversight agencies. The law defines these same acts as henious, intolerable, extreme, acts that are a human abuse and are therefore corrupt and criminal violations of the law. No responses as mandated by law has taken place upon these same acts reported as corruption or excessive force against CDCR, the Inspector General, Internal Affairs, oversight agencies involved in the active concealment of excessive force. The duty of law to investigate all allegations or reports of either crime has been violated as state and federal law in the face of the above documented evidence of false reports by multiple officers that deny any injury ever occurred, in the same report filed to CDCR in the same report that documents photographs of over 15 individual injuries and a broken nose while in handcuffs. These known human abuses are concealed by the assigned oversight agencies who art to oversee that all California Department of Corrections employees are held accountable for acts of misconduct. The public is presented with evidence of these same people concealing violations through organized concerted acts that violate the law and conceal specific violations. The level of contamination exceeds ten years and includes acts that prevent communications through the U.S. mail to other independent agencies that hold officers or employees liable. These same actions are committed to conceal human abuses, intentional acts of murder, actions that “dumb-down” violations. The false reports that deny any injuries occurred on 11-13-13 for the petition are located at http://www.californialegalprejuice.wordpress.com. SP Seavon Pierce 6-24-20 Topic: Public Corruption

Author: Pierce, Seavon

Author Location: California

Date: June 24, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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