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Pagan Rights StompingBear Files #FREEHAPPY This essay is about religious rights, or rather, the lack of my religious rights. I'm eclectic Pagan, mainly Wicca, and I'm Native American. I am not allowed to practice my religion. In fact only Christians and Muslims are allowed to have services. Muslims only because they have previously won a lawsuit. Arkansas prisons gear everything toward Christian, programs, special events, the only people allowed to be in the band have to play only Christian music. Only Christian chapels are built, and only Christian chaplains hired. ADC (Arkansas Department of Corrections) is trying to convert me and everyone else. My only religious choices are both derived from Judaism. I am not allowed to have services, to participate in corporate worship, conduct rites and rituals, I am not allowed to observe our holy days. And to ensure I don't try to do this on my own they confiscate items we use for these rituals, i.e. sea shell, small stone, feather etc. Twice I have had tarot cards confiscated, they say I may use them in the chapel, then tell me their too busy to call me down there, presumably with their Christian stuff. One deck became "lost" the other deck destroyed because they were hand crafted. My runes I ordered, never even got to see them before they were "lost". I've been Wiccan for 20 years now, locked up 7. I have recently filed a lawsuit on this in Little Rock AR. StompingBear v. Kelley et al 18-cv-0827-KGB. I'm having trouble here, it's like it's rigged. I need help. Please help, anyone, everyone. You can write to me at: Happy StompingBear 651503, PO Box 1630, Malvern AR 72104. Please know that my unit restricts personal mail to three pages (front & back = 2 pages). But does not restrict commercial mail, mail from advocates business, professionals. A printed envelope and a letter head go a long way. #FREEHAPPY Happy StompingBear Happy StompingBear [ID] PO Box 1630 Malvern AR 72104

Author: StompingBear, Happy

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: July 18, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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