Panic in pandemic

Brownell, Charles A.



Panic in Pandemic P1 FD It's April 7th, 2020 and the Coronavirus or COVID-19 Pandemic has dominated the News and all other Media for over a month now. World Wide infection is at 1.4 million and the United States of America is that .4 of the million with the deaths being in the tens of thousands. In Arkansas, today there is nearly 1,000 infected. 18 dead and Governor Asa Hutchinson refuses to issue stay at home orders despite his mayors and recommendations from all around as he feels Arkansas has a Good Hold on this issue. Well, New York, Louisiana, and all others thought the same thing as did President Trump when this all started. It was a foolish thought as it was only getting started. There is a Nation Wide "Social Distancing" order of no large crowds or gatherings and most states have issued stay-at-home orders. The country has closed all non-essential businesses and tens of millions have filed for unemployment. But there is a Governmental Defiance of the Social Distancing here in the State of Arkansas. Senator Director of ADC Wendy Kelly even spoke at the State Capitol telling lies that the Arkansas Division of Correction formerly the Arkansas Department of Correction (ADC) is doing everything to ensure the safety of the Inmates and there have been no complaints. Lie! ADC is not letting people who've made parole leave and have many here on simple parole violations and denials for parole they could cut loose to drop numbers and ADC should have stopped bringing in "new" intake Inmates yet they are bringing in new people as well. They pack Inmates into the chow hall and the barracks like sardines. There's no "social distancing" here! P2 Per the Finney Cases in Finney v. Arkansas Board of Correction, it was determined by the U.S. Federal Courts that the open barracks of ADC is illegal and unconstitutional because they cannot provide adequate security and safety for the inmates. This was in 1970 and in Smith v. Rudd again open barracks was deemed unconstitutional and because Arkansas does nothing about this, it is deemed that Inmates may file against these conditions without the need of being attacked. This failure to comply is proof of Deliberate Indifference per Farmer v. Brennan. All the Arkansas Prisons have illegal and unconstitutional open barracks. At Tucker Unit in barracks 1A, 1B, 3A, 3B, 4A and 4B as well as 10A and 10B, there is 50 to 60 and up to 75 people per barracks with a single officer over 100 plus men. Each rack is less than 4 feet from their neighbor in each direction. Any infectious disease will run like wild fire in a hay field in this environment. 5A and B through 9A and B are cell based but have no doors but there is still no social distancing. At Varner... All barracks are open barracks with the only exception being the Super Max. In barracks 7 through 14, they're packed in like sardines on top floor and bottom floor with a single officer watching two barracks. Barracks 15 through 22, Inmates are packed in like sardines (less than 4 feet from neighbors) and there is a single officer watching four barracks and given that each barracks of 15 though 22 holds 50 people this means one officer is responsible for 200 men and their property. No one mans the cameras and majority of the time, the officer doesn't watch the barracks. There is no way that ADC can even come close to Panic In Pandemic P3 FD keeping the Inmate population "safe" locked up inside of giant incubators worse than the ships or any other environment and with poor medical personnel barely qualified to put a bandaid on a scratch! Being packed in these illegal and unconstitutional incubators and the way we're packed into the chow hall alone and with officers coming and going, we're at risk. A Cummins Unit officer has already tested positive. Varner Morons thought it would be "ok" to convert 1 and 2 barracks into "new inmate intake" barracks and bring people in off the street or out of county jails and place them on 2 week quarantine would be ok. The problem is, they're not quarantining these people as they bring them down the hall to the main population's pill window and do not disinfect behind them. They cycle people out and bring new people in... ADC is trying to bring COVID-19 in and are deliberately putting Officers, Staff, and Inmates at Risk pissing officers off because this also puts their families in danger. Wendy Kelly - Senator Director of ADC blatantly lied! No surprise. Right now, in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Craze, the people in the free world are on lockdown to get a small feel of what life is like for us incarcerated for our entire sentence being stir crazy, locked down, unable to go anywhere or do anything. People are goin crazy and tensions rise. It's 1000 times worse here in Arkansas Prison. Tensions are high because of fear and with the poor sanitation, we know that there's no way to knock out any contagious disease be it viral, bacterial, or parasitic in here. If an outbreak starts in here P4 it will be as detrimental as the Nursing Homes because the Medical Care of Well Path is a joke at best. Just research the cases against them or their old company Correct Care Solutions. Tensions increased greatly when ADC stopped all visitation with our families and friends. People are scared and freaking and many of us prepare for a coming riot ready to kill anyone, even ones we consider friends if necessary. The environment was already dangerous before the virus. When the virus hits here, many will needlessly die that do not have "life" sentences that ADC will force into a life sentence because of unconstitutional living conditions. This includes staff that had no sentence. Many will be Inmates long past their parole date that should have already been sent home years ago because ADC just holds people to keep slaves. There have already been fights and contraband is still getting in despite the lockdown which looks really suspicious. Soon enough will be fights and murders entirely because of a Panic In Pandemic!

Author: Brownell, Charles A.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: April 7, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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