Paroled into paradise

Majeed, Azeem Shakur



Paroled into Paradise The Father and Mother of all mankind, Adam and Eve (May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon them both), were created as ADULTS by Allahs' own hands from the soils of Earth and in the Womb of Al-Hayantud- Dunlyaa' (The life of this world). Soon thereafter, they both were allowed entrance into paradise (Firdaus) to roam freely and to dwell there in for enternity with one condition or exception. That one condition or exception was that neither of them were to approach or come near Shajaratul- Khuld (The tree of eternity). Coming near such tree would cause them to eat from the fruits of the forbidden tree. (see footnote #1) Ash- Shaytaan (The Devil) came and whispered to them. He enticed an encouraged them to approach the tree and offered them false promises in that if they were to eat from the tree which Allah forbade them to approach, it would cause them to live forever. Lo and behold, Allah had already promised them an Enternatl Blissful Life in Firdaws (i.e. paradise < where the souls of Adam and Eve were created before the souls were breather into their physical bodies that were created from the soils of the earth and in the womb of the earth>) on the condition that they not approach the forbidden tree. Talk about the trickery and deception of the avowed enemy of mankind- Ash- Shawtaam (the Devil)!!! He's so Cunning, insidious and baffling. Adam and Eve yielded to the whispers and suggestions of Ash- Shaytamm (The Devil). They approach and ate from the forbidden tree. Immediately they felt naked as a result of the first sin and mistake that they committed and made. When their nakedness was exposed as a result of their innocence falling off or the cover of such... they both tried to cover themselves up. Adam turned away from Allah and started running through firdaws (paradise). Covering himself up, hiding his nakedness, and his hair got caught on a tree as he was extremely tall. He tried to untangle his hair form the tree and Allah yelled out to Adam: "Yaa Aadamu minnee Tafirr (Oh Adam, are you running from me?)"/ Adam responded: "yaa Rabbee Laa! wa Lakinnis-tihyaa' (Oh, My Lord, No! I'm just ashamed)." After sinning and turning away from Allah and becoming distant from him by way of the sin that they committed, they both felt ashamed and remorseful. They regretted the act that they did and the shame that they felt in their hearts... the desire that they had to please Allah and to draw nearer to Him allowed them to receive the words of Tuabah (repentance) from Allah Himself. Before moving forward it's important to note that every single person, male and female, were created in original states of Righteousness (i.e. sinless). We all ware created "facing Allah (God)". Whenever one commits a sin such get indicates that the perpetrators of the sins has betrayed Allah, turned their faces away from Allah and thus turned their backs to Allah. Accordingly, the perpetrators of such sins would have thereby "Left the original positions" that they were created upon (i.e. Righteousness/ sinless/ completely innocent). In the Arabic language the word for Repentance is "Taybah". It derives form the Arabic Verbal root "Taaba" which means: "To Turn". In the religion of Islaam Taubah (Repentance) means : "turning back from disobeying Allah to obeying Allah". Thus, when one truly repents one thereby turs his face back towards Allah and returns to HIS original position(s) of Righteousness. Allah says in "The Qur'aan.'" And Oh Believers, all of you, Repent to Allah in order that you may be successful." [Surah 24:31] success is when one gets what he is looking for and is saved from what he is running from. Also, Repentance must meet five conditions in order to be accepted. The five conditions are, (1) Sincerity; (2): Remorse (such that one who committed the sin is sad that he committed the sin and he wishes that he had never done it); (3) Ceasing (which means to cease committing the sin immediately. If the sin was against a created being he should seek their forgiveness and pardon as well); (4) Determination: (Which is to be determined to not go back to doing that sin again in the future; and (5) Timing (which means that the Repentance should occur before death, or before the sun rises from the West and sets in the east). Adam and Eve met all of the conditions. As i said earlier, Adam and Eve recieved the words of Taubah (Repentance) from Allah: "They said: Our Lord! We have wronged ourselves. If you forgiv us not, and bestow not upon us your Mercy, we shall certainly be of the losers: [Surah 7:23] they felt remorse, they were sincere, they ceased comitting the sin, they were determined not to commit the sin again, they sought Allahs' forgiveness at an appropriate time; they uttered the aboce mentioned prayer/supplication and "turned" back towards Allah with obedience. They changed from their positions of disobedience and corruption to positions of obedience and iprights character. Allah accepted their repentance. They were ADULTS who made mistakes and committed crimes for the first time and (ill?) gave them a second chance. However, Although he forgave them and accepted their repentance He tested their repentance. Allah, After Adam and Eve sinned, Expelled them from Firdaus (paradise) and ordered them to freely but with some restraints and constraints Live some of their Life on earth as a probationary period... in which at the ends of their terms they would be granted paraloe and allowed to Re-enter paradise after its' determined that they've successfully passed the test/ completed the probationary period on earth, without committing the crimes that they were convicted of again (meeting with their Lord daily in prayer and not associating with the criminals who are his enemies... the Devil and his Army (evil doers)) was instruments ) in Proving the sincerity of the Repentance) and Consequently, they could be allowed to enter paradise for a second time and dwell there in forever, with Allah, their families and friends. While on earth they were home sick; the desire to return home in paradise and to be closer to their lord. If fully grown ADULTS, who have fully developed brains, and Mature minds can fall victim to negative outside influences, and make mistakes, and commit crimes as a result of such negative whispers and influences while dwelling in a positive and heavenly environment (Firdaws (paradise)) that we should know that CHILDREN, who have under developed brains and immature minds are even more susceptible to falling victim to the negative outside influences, and making mistakes, or committing crimes as a result of falling victim to such while dwelling in the debilitating prison of a negative and Hellish environment such as the Ghetto. Though Children often times turn away from the original positions that they were created upon (sinlessness), they too, Just like the adults, Adam and Eve, can feel remorse, regret, and shame whenever they make mistakes or commit crimes. Children too, Just like the Adults, Adam and Eve (A phrophet and a pious woman whom we expect to exemplify the highest upright standards of moral characters), can run, and try to cover up their nakedness (sins) as a result of the shame. Children too, can turn back towards Allah, to their original states of righteousness, and sinlessness, repent, change/reform their negative learned behaviors; and never commit these crimes/mistakes ever again... or even crimes or mistakes that are Akin to the ones previously committed. It's important to note that when Adam and Eve sincerely repented... not only did their hearts change, but they showed by the way of their speech and the Actions of their limbs that they sincerely repented. Not only did Allah forgive them and accept their repentance but mankind to this very day has forgiven them and accepted their Repentance... even though we knew that the sin that Adam and Eve Committed has even cause us to spend our physical lives on earth as opposed to spending them in paradise with our Creator. We didn't doom them forever as a result of their sins that affected us. We forgave them and we praise them for their courage to accept responsibility for their actions and change. If ADULTS can change, and we give them second chances when they do do an Aboutface, why don't we believe that children can change or give them second chances when we actually see that they've changed for the best? If ADULTS fell remorse after they sin, and it's a reality that the experiences/trials of life causes an adults heart to become harder than the heart of an inexperienced child then why do we trust and accept the Repentance of an adult, while distrusting and dooming a Juvenile who sinner? Two ADULTS (Adam and Eve) and millions of Adults who are their descendants and who committed crimes as Adults were give LIFE WITH PAROLE as their sentences. They were given opportunities to change/Repent. They were Granted Parole and given second chances. How can Juvenile LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE (JLWOP) possibly be justified in the rational and sane mind? We were expelled from paradise on earth as children (i.e. Freedom was taken and replaces with captivity). Give us at least ONE CHANCE to prove that we've Changed/Repented and that we're the type of Adults that are worthy of being PAROLED BACK INTO PARADISE ON EARTH. After all, we inherited the traits of making mistakes from our Mother and Father (Adam and Eve)... and likewise... we learned to truly Repent from them as wee Return those who committed crimes as Juveniles to their original positions (freely living in society) once they've proven that they've Repented Sincerely. End JLWOP. Footnote #1: [Adam and Eve were to grown adults who were given one prohibition and they violated it. They were given second chances. The inexperienced children of today are given thousands of prohibitions and when they violate one, they're condemned for life.] Written by: Azeem Shakur Majeed

Author: Majeed, Azeem Shakur

Author Location: Virginia

Date: February 3, 2015

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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