Part 2: Essay submission

Cooper, Gary



NO TITLE Part 2: Essay Submission - By: Gary Jonathan Cooper After mildly examining a few infrastructural factors of the mentality that exist within the prison environment in my first essay. There is a fact that must be spoken on before I continue to build upon the social, political, judicial and ethnic cultural chaos. That creates the environment that most define as prison, concentration camp or even "Hell". My goal or agenda is not to demonize the prison officials and depict the prisoner as irreproachable or vice versa. (I embrace no side), because in essence neither of the two social classes are in totality. Willing participants and enforcer's of the ideological mentality and diametric against one another as people. That promote segregation and a natural sense of superior/inferiority and most of all enemies. They are both (in many) circumstances a part of this war through crime or economical sustainability. Abiding the the social customs and trends of their designated status and peers to survive. Or be chastised, ridiculed, or viciously cast away away by their peers. There is only currently a necessity in infrastucturally building from the position of the prison officials and their psychological and social adaptation. Because "so to say" based off of the social sides it is "them" who are suppose to still posses the civility of the United States standards of a proclaimed model citizen and it is the prisoner according to many in society. That embrace the notion that they doesn't posses any humanized nature or value being criminals and deserve any inhumane treatment afflicted on them. Maybe this is so to a degree or maybe it isn't and the latter is the other way around in vice versa. Or maybe it doesn't exist at all. Or maybe both sides share a equal stigmatization in this inhuman adaptation. Whatever the case may be again I embrace no side. Lately there has been mediarized news stories of senseless murders without any rational justifiable premises. Except a prejudice abuse of power and unbalance of law, order and justice. Jordan Davis a African American teen was gunned down by Michael Dunn a White American for refusing to turn down the music volume in his S.U.V. Also Tray Von Martin another African American youth was gunned down by George Zimmerman a White American. For allegedly appearing suspicious in a gated community. As well as Michael Brown another African American teen gunned down by Darren Wilson a Ferguson M.O. police officer. These events in our current history are tragic however the question is. Does this relate to prison? And why does this effect members of society relating to prison, and how does this close the dimensional gap with relating to society and prison? Why? Because the necessity of power and isolation influences and infects the minds of the human species. To be compelled to express their inner dominance over another in the most sadistic manner. When they are aware at the current surroundings and environment of their social status and diplomatic immunities from the penalties of law. That they posses a high probability to get away because of who they are doing it to. Gated communities is: Prisons are designed as a proclaimed microscopic fractional simulation of society. That exist within and reflects the larger city, state, or country, but is deprived of certain recreational and free range of movement without adversely going against the laws and policies that are designed to govern the functioning citizens. That in essence is what's suppose to create the hardships of the prison environment on a prisoner. The deprivation of not possessing closely monitored access to explore the many recreational accessories, technology, and entertainment. That a country has to offer to its citizens and the lack of personal consolement from loved ones, being in control of your social life...Those effects in brief however aren't enough for the law makers, citizens, and prison officials etc...because just the mere fact of a person being in the gated oasis and facility of prison. Does not meet any ideal factors of one's perception of torture and punishment. When in truth the deprivation of anyone's free range with isolated restriction in a closet for a extended amount of time is torture emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Anything more (the same as in society) is a method aimed to introduce the citizen/prisoner to the highest level of fear and subservience to induce human domestication. Acceptance to a inferior status difference of a inferior psychological, social, ethnic and cultural and even gender psychosis and demeanor. This is so to accomplish nothing more then to appease the "temerity of power" and energy and dominacy. That the overseer's believe that they should possess and are entitled to have over the citizen, criminal/prisoner and will test the limits of their power and authority. Going to grave extents applying every facet of physical, psychological and judicial torture and inequitableness. In many cases even murder. Why is this so...? Should this really be...? Does this actually accomplishes any level of change or rehabilitation...? Should just the mere act of a criminals boldness to transgress against whatever governing laws established. To maintain proclaimed law and order, ideal on how citizens should live their life and in many cases. Domestication and the appeasing of ones temerity of power. Should prompt them as mothers, brothers, fathers ex employment workers and etc...Lose all levels of their human rights, respect and value being treated in the most dehumanizing and vile manner. With it being socially, politically, culturally and judicially accepted. All because maybe the criminal stole a car or maybe the criminal was looking suspicious in a gated community..or maybe the criminal defended himself or maybe the criminal refused to turn down the volume of their car radio down. Or perhaps we should explore some more analogies to illuminate this temerity of power and how it sees no face only acceptance of social status. Such as a child stealing merchandise and being waived from a juvenile offender to an adult offender or even possibly being shot and killed in the process. Or a woman being brutally beaten for speaking back to her abusive counterpart or coming into the house late past the curfew that was set for her as an adult by her jealous lover or even a man or woman being beaten to death because they doesn't dress according to the gender roles of a man or woman. It is fair that the act of transgressing against ones authoritative rules set because they are a dominant force or embrace social statue of inferior/superior see no empathy? Are laws and rules established by the dominant enforcer's protected by the seat of the state or country automatically morally, equally, equitably, or humanly right? And if one decided to transgress against...because their human need to self preserve themself for what is right for them or to survive whatever struggle. That is afflicting them or even to coincide with the social or ethnic status quo of the only culture they know. Does that merit for once they are incarcerated and rightfully punished by the penalties for committing whatever crime. Now be introduced to the real face of what happens to one who not just merely committed a crime but disrespected, offended, and insulted. The status unequalness as humans and the necessity to self preserve subservient domestication. The real face of America that is cloaked behind the public and mediarized forum of laws and fair equitable treatment. What aspect of punishment for a criminal is appropriate? The energy that is compelling the prison overseers can be identified as the same energy that is compelling law enforcement and many members of society. Because the very same unbalance of social status and dominance is transpiring on the greater scale. Currently in every city across the country in society. As was previously expressed earlier in this essay. But could the subconscious or conscious displays of human domestication and violent control methods be compelled by capitalism; ethnic and cultural disparities; or simply just a natural facet of human nature? However whatever exist that is the culprit the main question that will be induced into the reader's ideological and idealistic perception. At the conclusion of exploring the social, judicial, political and ethnic cultural inequitable dynamics of prison. Is should it be or should it really exist? And if so what is it really accomplishing? Written by: Gary J. Cooper

Author: Cooper, Gary

Author Location: Maryland

Date: February 8, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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