Part one of the poetic information about incarceration and this is the orientation on the quarantine situation

Johnson, Wayne P.



1 Peep Game Productions Bloodline Present Part One of The Poetic Information About Incarceration And This Is The Orientation on the Quarantine Situation Written by Wayne P Johnson A.K.A. L.M.X What is it that you would like to know About incarceration Because I have plenty of experience With prison administration So first you start out at intake Because that's when you first leave The police district and get locked up behind the gate So now your sitting inside of a holdin' tank Waiting to see the Judge again with nothing To do but talk and think And most people wonder how did they ever get caught And to some it don't even matter is the sentence Is long or short Because no body really want to do any kind Of prison time And some people are only locked up Because they like to grind And that's why when you come inside The prison system you have to be Strip searched Because a lot of people like to try to sneak in Paraphernalia work And some people maybe infected with a disease So you have to go through medical to be checked For injuries and T.B 2 And that's usually when you get a short break From the cold bench or floor and answer Some questions and take a urine and a shower So that you can get your blanket And then your name is put on a bunk Waitin' list And this intake process will probably Take anywhere from 6 to 24hrs Because they also like to check if you have Any tatoos Or if your in a gang and have to be separated From some other fools And after that you will probably receive A phone call And that's when you let your people know That your locked up behind the wall And if you have a bail you try to get your people To go pay it real quick Because some inmates are repeated offenders So they try to get out before their parole officers Get hip Because bench warrants and detainers do drop When your trying to bounce And when a detainer or a bench warrant Catch up with you You already know you ain't gettin' out Until you see the Judge or have a detainer hearing And the hearing examiner decide's what to do So you could be sittin' in the country with that Bench warrant or a detainer and a new case Singin' the blues And you will stay in the county until your court date Where the judge will decide rather you go home or get sentence to the county or take a bus ride up state 3 Now me myself I have even been on Air plane rides in the Feds Because "I am" a real true convict veteran Old head But I will tell you about that some other time because right now the C.O. is probably telling you To get back in line because they found you a empty bed space So now you movin' on up to another place Wich is a pide or a unit or maybe even a block Either way now your gonna have to listen To the cops But some inmates ain't trying to listen to nothin' So they do rebel And tell correctional officers to go Straight to hell And these are usually the inmates That are facing hard time So a hold lot of stuff be troublin' Their incarcerated mind And any sentence over 11 1/2 to 23 months In Pennsylvania you will have to take the bus ride to the D.O.C. up state So now please allow me to explain to you all about What's on a harder criminal's plate Like say for instance that you just got sentence To life But do you have any idea about what that might feel like Especially if the crime that you where convicted of Keep's playing over and over in your head And you keep picturing the crime victim dead And you doin' life instead 4 Now some inmates really do feel remorseful So they really do try their best to deal With the shame and pain But the prison administration may think They playing games So they tell the parole board that That inmate hasn't changed And this creates irritation that turns Into frustration Because other inmates hear about this And also direct their aggravation towards Administration Because being in prison is such a depressing Situation Because on some days you may not really know Just what to do So when a lifer don't want to talk I can understand that to Or let's say you got sentenced to crazy Football jersey numbers But do you have any idea about how long your mind will have to wonder Because some inmates have been incarcerated For a long time So they may have lost their brothers and sisters And eeve their mom And their girlfriend may have run off With their dad Just like on Jerry Springer so that inmate Is real real mad So if your a short timer you might not want to make That kind of inmate your friend because he's always into something. And he gonna try to keep you in Or lets say your really innocent but the Judge Sentenced you to a strech 5 And your girl just left you So you thinkin about puttin' a lose Around your neck Because some inmates do reach the point Where they want to check out And I have seen other even get punched In the mouth And it's usually over a pack of cookies Or a kite Or sometimes a bag of potato chips Or some drug will start a fist fight Or cause somebody to get stabbed Or thrown off the tear Either way the administration has to do the paper work And they really don't care But I care so I will be sharing with my readers Some real prison life factual information But I will be changin' names and using my very own Created poetic style about incarceration situations But I will be gettin' right back to that in a few minutes Because right now the C.O probably lookin at you Like boy is you is finish Because you ain't gonna come up in the D.O.C Runnin' off at your mouth Because the staff is in charge here and this is our house So I expect you to pay attention when Im trying To teach you about the rules Even though in your neighborhood you might Can act like a fool But in the Department of Corrections Your gonna have to learn how to listen and obey Or we will admit you to administrative custody So right now I'm tellin' you all to obey Them "white lines" in the yard and on your unit floors 6 And when you go out to the yard stay out there because this is not a revolvin' door Like the court rooms that some of you convict Like to run in and out So when I'm speakin' I expect you all To shut your mouth Because my name is Lt. Kickems And this is one of my partners C.O Sticks And we don't want to hear none of that tellin' About who did it Because we will handcuff you real real quick So you cry babies can save that kind of information For security because they invest in rats And they will give you commissary for information Like that But if you get out of line with me I will call the A Team and have them Pin you to the floor Because you ain't nothin but a bunch of Drug dealers and murders and addicts And gang bangers and we don't want no wars So keep your cell windows uncovered So that my officers can see in Because some of you get a little bit To friendly with your cellmate And commit sin And some of you high profile inmates When I call your name I want you to step out of line Because your not gonna come up in the D.O.C. And tell us about how you gonna do your time So Inmate and Number Im gonna need you two inmates to come and follow me 7 Because you never should have been Let out of the receivin' room Because your cases is so high profile I then seen your faces on the news Now hold up Lt. Kickems my name is Hakeem Akbar And I wanna get something straight before we even start Because I have a name even thought I may only be number to you So in order for us to get along You gonna have to learn how to respect me to So now to all my viewers are you starting to see The picture that's developing from this poetic Information about incarceration Because now characters are starting to form As you enter General population So right about now you might see somebody From your neighborhood that you know Or somebody probably trying to holla' at you Like what you locked up for Now these conversations That you really don't want to talk about because as soon as somebody get in your business In prison That's when somebody get punched in the mouth So please remember that this has been Your poetic orientation Because it takes about to two to four weeks to get through your quarantine situation 8 because before you enter General population you have to basically go through insolation So in our next investigation we will be dealing more with prison administration Plus hygiene and education along with recreation And the law library and mail room situation And lets not for get about family visitation And of course mental health incarceration And we will be looking into Religion And Grievances too Because these are all everyday situations That prisoners go through And you already met Lt. Kickems And C.O Sticks And inmate Hakeem Akbar sound like he ain't havin' it And things can go from zero to a hundred In prison real quick So please stay tuned into the American Prison Writing Archive Where you can get your poetic information About incarceration on line Or you can contact me personally If they posted my information Because as you can see I have plenty of experience With prison Administration Because even though my body may be locked up My mind is flying free Because I'm right here where God Said I would be. Thank God [illegible] for the [illegible] [illegible] [hietien?] [illegible] of Jesus Christ [LMY?]

Author: Johnson, Wayne P.

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: February 19, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 8 pages

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