PC setup

Bell, Shane



PC Setup There is alot of things I don’t like about prison, but the most recent vindictive thing to happen to me is to be setup to be moved off the unit by another inmate and his associate. A few weeks ago on a monday right after Buddhist Group I was called down to the pod and asked by the corperal if “You want to [crossed out] PC up? I was told by SIU to ask you.” to which I replied “NO.” I was confused about why he would ask me that and asked what this was all about. The corperal stated he wasn’t sure, to ask SIU officer. I stated that this feels like a setup verbally to him and I am staying where I am. The next morning I was working at the PI shop when an officer told me he had to bring me in, someone wants to talk to you. When I was on my way into the main building I was met by a white shirt who asked me “Do you want to PC up?” I stated “no” and asked what this is all about because it feels like a setup. It was only then that I learned somebody put in a kite pretending to be me asking for PC. As you can imagine I was feeling really angry at this, somebody trying to set me up to get me moved off the floor and 1 -> damage my reputation in this prison. The white shirt told me I was required to sign a waiver he had in his hand. If I didn’t I would have been sent to the SHU. The whiteshirt told me to calm down, sign the waiver and I could go back to work, which I did, but appearances always bring rumors. About a week later the guy in the cell next door went to the SHU. This is an inmate who works in PI where I do. When he got out of the SHU on a friday he showed me his write-up, the prison officials concluded it was his hand writing on the PC setup kite put in on me. I was not happy about the whole thing, but it PROVES that I didn’t send the kite and that it was an attempt to set me up. This place is really bad for that kind of stuff. Even with all that happened, I am still keeping my vow of non-violence and compassion as the Buddha taught. The person who tried to set me up still lives in the cell next to me. I seek no retribution from him or his associates. I hope they learn not to set-up people like myself. Most people think I am strange for not seeking reprisal, but I lead the Buddhist Group here and lead by example. I follow Buddha’s teachings, Hate only brings more hate, the only way to stop the hate cycle is compassion, which is what I try to do. 2

Author: Bell, Shane

Author Location: South Dakota

Date: 2021

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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