Peace of mind

Wheeler, Rayvon



Peace of Mind So you say you love me, you missed me, you can't wait to see me "HU." Please do not get mad at me, hate me, "if" I said I don't believe you, trust your word's becuz I only go by your actions, and right now, your actions goes against every thing you, just tried to tell me. L.o.v.e. Mean something else in your eye's, I'am your family and yet I feel like a child hood friend. Becuz of the way you treat me. Peace of mind, at no time do I think, feel you or any other family nor friend owe me any thing. As a family member I do feel you and the rest of the family should have enough r.e.s.p.e.c.t for me, to want to know how I'am doing. You go year's/month's/week's<Pick one> with out pap'n' in with me. I'am hurt, knowing how you treat your closest friend, that ain't blood, and how much love and respect you show them, and how you treat me or shall I say the lack of how you treat me I can't be mad, nor do I want to trip on you. I just want you to know how I feel about people that has treat me bad in my life. And how I ain't try'n' to hear how much they love, nor miss me, cuz I know they are fake when they say what they say. "Peace of mind." I found myself by myself no support, no help, I like it like that, cuz I refuse to let myself down, nor do myself bad. "Family value's" mean the world to me. I can't understand why I could not get a photo, but yet I can click on to your Facebook and see fresh posted photos, of <you>, and who ever else, but <you> did not have enough respect for me to want to see me with photo's, but you will let weird ass people look at your photo's, "yeah." You need to stop play'n'. I will see you when I see you, just know "show" respect that mean: no lies, no false use of word's like love you, miss you take care, becuz your actions to me is still fresh, I aint forgot about that. I forgave you, and prayed for you. I can't lie it took a lot to write this down, I had to find a peace of mind. Their for I wanted to share my peace of mind with you. Before I end this I want to say: to you. At the end of our day family will be here to stay. Friendship's will fade, when some one ask you, for help break your neck to do that, selfishness won't get you through <god's gate's.> it should not come down to I owe you, you owe me, it should be you in need I can see you with what you need. All you got to do is call, write me. Cuz a friend, family member in need is a love one in deed. Peace of Mind Rayvon "2018"

Author: Wheeler, Rayvon

Author Location: California

Date: April 5, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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