10-13 2019 10-13-2019 Sun Peace Why can't we all just get alone? We may all ask ourself this question no. Well August 4th 2019 here at Coleman U.S.P. there was homicide that involved blacks & whites which a black man was killed. It hurts me to the core" .... It doesn't matter if it was a black, white, mexican, or etc" it was not worth it. These prison politics got all of us living an illusion and once we get ahold of the illusion you will lose sight of the reality. For an example if I get of the bus at any federal prison especially U.S.P. Guys will address you and ask " Aye where you from? Then you will tell them" .... So then he will say " ok your homeboys is over there" .... So then you have no option to say" Aye I'm my own man I don't run with no one". Because if you say that it will be consequences. So now "I have to live by politics" what I can do, where I sit, and etc. So no matter what "your still in a gang" even if your not a blood, GD,crip, MS13, or etc. We live and illusion" and why is that is because we have no knowledge of what we are doing. It's called ignorant and once you are that you have no sense of direction. We let our environment change us instead of us coming together to change our environment. Everyone is focused on the physical way of life which is the weakes. It's the spiritual bond we need to get through life. The physical body is an illusion it self but we do so much to change our outer self when our soul is the same (corrupt). So no matter how you dress, look, or Act Hard. If you don't change your heart you become confused. So when you become confused it brings misery and unhappiness. So then you cant think. And when you cant think you act the way you think. So then if you act a certain way you begin to speak the way your actions is. BOOM. Come on people we have to change the way we think. We can't keep doing this to ourselves and we suffer behind the cause of our own hands. We can honestly prevent so much from happening in our lives but we must 1st get the knowledge and you obtain that by religion. It don't matter what you religion is I can almost bet you it says do not kill, steal, commit adultery, be jealous of another, do not judge no one's faults because no one is perfect. We can just say "Yeah Im a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Nation of Islam, or etc and don't live it. It's about acting upon what we say we are. We come to prison and don't learn nothing we get high watch pointless television shows, jacking off to female co's, and all of thee above. But not reforming to be a better man of character and follow the correct belief system of life. Trust me I know. I was just like all of this before "why because I was ignorant my pride was in the way, I thought I was the man" No, No, No "I was evil", and corrupt but most man call me a real man I wasn't no real man I was a man who couldn't think for himself, who was caught up in the illusion. Listen we have to give it all up and turn to God y'all we tried things our way all these years and look at us still. Now at lease take my advice and do it his way and I can guarantee you happiness. It's not about how much money you get, or who you family is, or who you roll with, it's about making a difference in people lives. changing there circumstances. I'll love to help y'all grow and see a different light. I'm 30 years old and I just learned who I am. All my life I been confused and i let the devil use me to destroy people's lives. It's over with now It's over with. So please get knowledge and I'll love for anyone of y'all to contact me if your able to reach out to A.P.W.A. with your info I'll be Hands on with y'all ok. God have me a gift and I wanna help as many people as i can. Thank you

Author: Righteousness

Author Location: Florida

Date: October 13, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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