Personal psychology of female correctional officers: False sexual misconduct tickets

Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist)



Personal Psychology of Female Correctional Officers False Sexual Misconduct Tickets By: Willie Worley Jr. Investigator Writer When looking at the personal psychology of female prison guards, the question must be asked about the mental character of these women/ these women have to be equipped with a certain amount of mental stability to deal with the many irrationalities of everyday prison life in an all male prison. Sometimes these female prison guards deal with so much emotional pain that they become very unprofessional, and breach their care of duty by writing false sexual misconduct tickets. So that when prisoner's family members and loved ones check their status, they will see that they were caught in a sex act. This form of retaliation is heartless and neurotic. In the state of North Carolina, female prison guards have free run of the whole prison. They come to work with uniform pants so tight their underwear lines are easily noticeable. Their perfumes are loud and enticing. Then they stand right in front of showers, bathrooms, bed areas, dayrooms and falsely accuse prisoners of masturbating. Federal court speaks against and criticize this type of behavior from female correctional officers, see Thomas v. Eby, 481 F.3d 434,440-42 (6th cir. 2007) (1st amendment retaliation claim stated when disciplinary ticket for sexual misconduct followed prisoner's complaints about prison conditions and refusal to serve as important). These female prison guard's aberrant behavior is a product of poor administration guidance. Prison superintendents place these women in the prisoner's persons that are protected by rights under the United States Constitution. Then they cry, making absurd accusations. The prison administration allows these ridiculous false sexual misconduct tickets to be processed in the name of $10.00 administration fees. Prison superintendents are quick to process these tickets, but slow to tell their female prison guards their dress code is inappropriate for prison settings. That if they wasn't looking, they never would have seen these acts. They neglect to tell these women this because their main concern is the $10.00 administration fee. If you check the statistics of the number of sexual misconduct tickets before the mass, hiring of female prison guards you will see that it was very low. This information can be obtained from the: (Public Affairs Office- North Carolina Department of Correction- 214 West Jones St.- 4201 MSC- Raleigh, North Carolina 27699-4201) phone: (919) 716-3700. They can tell you the ratio for sexual misconduct tickets before and after the mass hiring of female prison guards. A good question to ask is why do female prison guards dress so provocative to come to work in an all male prison. I know a female presence is wanted; it helps a prisoner cope with his time better. Still a prisoner shouldn't allow these female sexual harassments to intoxicate their better judgement. Making them blind to the fact that they have placed them on the World Wide Web. If these bogus misconduct tickets are allowed to be continued, I suggest a class action lawsuit is warranted against the secretary of prisons for the deprivation of the right to be secured in the prisoner person from the opposite sex. I seriously feel as though female correctional officers can be refrained from writing these false sexual misconduct tickets. The N.C. secretary of prison was once a lawyer, I am sure he would understand these laws. So either he stop these acts of character assassination, or remove female prison guards from the security of the prisoner's person. That would consist of shower area, toilet, urinal area, sleeping area, and dayroom area. When administration figures come to the realization that the majority of sexual misconduct tickets are written out of retaliation, they can begin to correct the many wrongs of female prison guards. I wish not to litigate. I wish not to start a class action lawsuit concerning this matter, but if the North Carolina Department of Correction keeps allowing these false sexual misconduct tickets to be processed, I will not hesitate to begin the process. Cordially, Willie Worley Jr. 9/18/08

Author: Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist)

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: September 18, 2008

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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