Pitiful prison programs

Tamez, Brian Christopher



Pitiful Prison Programs The Texas prison programs need to be reconstructed -- all of them! If any legitimate official who truly cared about positive change were to witness the day to day activity in these so called programs, they would understand why we have such a terrible problem with recidivism. The quality of these … classes give merit to the theory that our whole system is designed to fail. No-one ever seems to be very concerned about negative issues like this until it affects them. To ensure that Americans understand how terrible this situation is, sentencing every citizen to a suitable prison sentence, or forcing them to be victims of a violent crime, may be the only way to open their eyes to the following garbage. Any time someone wants to win, they design a plan and give it their best effort. In the process, if he sees that his plan may be doomed, he makes adjustments, and again sets his sites on success. Prison programs have gone from trash can cocktails to dumper juice, and currently – landfill lemon-aid. The director of T.D.C should put a splash of one of the above into his coffee; obviously Juan Valdez and Vanilla Creamer aren’t quite getting the job done, wake up! No team that desires to win, repeatedly makes terrible management decisions and gets away with it – except for the Houston Texans, of course. When a child goes to school, a young adult to Drivers-Ed, or any patron attends church services, they have qualified competent people instructing them. Only in the T.D.C.J. – will you find a drunken, homeless, lawn-mower-man leading the choir, and giving academic instruction. Last week, one of the “vegetation-engineers” had obviously nodded off due to his heroin habit. The chaplain walked in, tapped him on his shoulder, his sunglasses fell off, then he – fell out of his chair, and hit the floor with a thud. An hour later Mr. Mower comes to. With outstretched (red-dotted) tracked arms he cries out, “God help me.” “What a great man of faith,” the chaplain exclaimed. “The Devil plagued him with a fire-ant attack for doing the lord’s work, and still he believes, hallelujah.” Senor Chiva was promoted to the assistant chaplain position. It all started with a simple desire to get a free meal from the officers Dining Room. Only in T.D.C.J.! The inmates in leadership roles throughout the chapel best exemplify “the ‘blindest’ leading the blind,” at least Hellen Keller had Brail, and a seeing-eye dog to find her way. The incarcerated have the combination of Joe Shit the Rug Man and Chester the Molester to help them see the light. The chapel staff inmates are mostly sex-offenders/habitual liars, simply telling people what they want to hear, instead of the truth. In essence they are nothing more than, and are helping produce more manipulating prison politicians. I’ve never seen an opening for a lawn-maintenance worker that suffers from pedophilia and delusion in the help-wanted section of The Houston Chronicle! The current programs in the T.D.C do not lead to fruition. They do however lead to fermentation, they stink! Statistics show that the average inmate will re-offend and be back in the penal system within two years. This fact alone is solid verification that the programs….suck! Even Joe Dirty would be astute enough to recognize this turd of a training, produced by T.D.C.J. Due to the fact that the prison system desires to keep their dirty dysfunctional secret within its walls and fences, there is only one way to ensure that these programs are improved. Every American citizen will be sentenced to one year in a Texas prison. During this stint he will be forced to attend chapel programs, toastmasters, college classes, A.A, and all of the other crap T.D.C.J. serves up. If they decline this, their only alternative will the option of being robbed and sodomized. I am confident that upon completion of this eye-opening exercise that America will then be able to see the importance of legitimately using tax-payers money to improve the lives of prisoners, for the betterment of all! The T.D.C.J. programs are garbage; and are producing nothing more than fraudulent/manipulative prison politicians. The programs need to be revamped! “The lowest form of life is a politician. A liberal democrat is the lowest form of politician.” – General George S. Patton I’m sure Patton would have had a solution for Texas prison programs, and it’s politicians! Loosing on purpose is pretty much treason and the punishment for that is ….

Author: Tamez, Brian Christopher

Author Location: Texas

Date: June 18, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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