Plan of action

Cruz, Felix



Plan of Action when I came to America I started work in the construction industry. I worked for about two years in the San Antonio area. I progresses into the other manual labor jobs while attending college at Trinity in San Antonio. The University was close to my home. By this time I was 15 years old. Next to my house was a Catholic Church the priest there was looking for a janitor to take care of the Church plus driving the school bus because the Church also had a Catholic school attached. I was hire as the only janitor to do all the work to keep the Church clean as well as driving the school bus, this was more work then I had expected. I spent over 12 years working for the Church. I have a good job and a good wife and house and everything that I may need, but the priest that I had worked for moved on to another parish. when the new priest came he said that he was going to change everything so he replaced me. He said he didn't like me and how I did my job. This was very hard for me because I had spent all those years working for the church. I am not going to give up, I am going to change and clear my mind. when I find the another job it was with the priest I just. to work for him because the secretary that he have here and I work together so she tell him that I fired from the Church the pries asked me why I was fired. I told him everything. So the priest he give the job I worked for him over seven years before he moved onto another church. I was working at the church all together over 15 years. By the time I have hurt my back and i have to have an operation but my wife and I never stop going to church every Sunday. My wife and I don't do anything before we go to Church. when I work on the Church I have everything that I need because God was always with me and gave me what I needed, but I made a big mistake was get divorced from my wife. when I get divorced my life started to change for the worse. I don't see what I have because I was so blind I don't see what I have and where it came from. I was so blind that I took another person's life. Now I feel guilty. I am sorry not for me, but for the person's family. This feeling has never left my heart. when I came to prison some one said to me Cruz don't worry you are not alone, you have someone next to you, you can't touch, you can't see but he listens to you and knows how a person is God your Father took to him tell him how you fee and what plan you have for future tell him that you want him forgive your sins. Tell him that you feel sorry for what you have done it was wrong. I let Jesus Christ control my life and I thank him for everything. Now i am here in this place, now i have my mind cleaned because Jesus Christ helps me. Now start to enjoy St. Dismas and I am happy to be part of St. Dismas this when my mind start to be cleared. I remember when he said to Jesus Christ don't forget me when you come into paradise. Now I going to find a place to live and keep going to Church plus find a place to keep with St. Dismas if I can help the Church I will do some help, but first I have to look for a job. Also what I plan to do when I get out is got to church every time I can maybe join a men's group but I do plan to help with St. Dismas as much as I can maybe start a Spanish group to help those who want to understand God's word, keeping them from coming back to prison. I have to stop and ask myself, do I have a lot of years ahead of me? I must look at and think about my future. I have to concentrate on what is more important for me in my life. First I must check my action in what I am going to do with my future. I have to change the way I just to live before. I cleared my mind and tried to do the best I can. The best people is on night when the person in bed and I close my eyes and try to clear my mind and put a picture of Jesus in my mind before I sieep. when I iisten to God's voice I have everything I need. God's voice is my partnership with me God is my good shepherd and I fee] that God carries me. I beiieve God is my shepherd. Jesus Christ invites us to foilow him. Jesus is among us. we a11 have to put our whoiehearted Jesus‘ hand and that our 1oving father who sent us his son as our savior to the end the last day of our iife.

Author: Cruz, Felix

Author Location: No information

Date: April 20, 2013

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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