Please Mr. Postman: Mail issues at USP Tucson

Mason, Frederick



Please Mr. Postman (Mail Issues at USP Tucson) Today is July 6th, 2020. I'm here at USP Tucson, waiting for mail. Here at USP Tucson, this activity is more like a crapshoot; will we get our mail, or not? And even if we do get our mail, there's no guarantee the mail room will even let us have it. Why is this? Because for years, USP Tucson violated inmate mail by stealing magazines, opening legal mail, then "losing" it, and throwing away family pictures sent by loved ones. Imagine ordering your loved one a subscription to Sports Illustrated. The magazine arrives, and staff sees it and decides to keep an issue for themselves. So, they do. Imagine sending family pictures to your loved one. The mail room sees it, and because they don't like him, they decide to toss your pictures. So they do Imagine court papers that your loved one needs to get back in court. The mailroom sees it, and decides to open it and illegally make copies... so they do. For years, we've had this problem. Hundreds of complaints filed, numerous law suits, and USP Tucson sidesteps the violations, stating only BOP policy, while ignoring the illegal actions of the staff. So I sit, waiting for my mail. My mom sent me a letter a week ago -- I don't have it. The NAACP and ACLU sent letters; I don't have them. But, I did get a letter from a church here in Tucson... you're not gonna believe this: The prison, with trepidation that Christians are a threat to their operations, would not give me the letter per se. Instead, they made a photo copy of the envelope and get this, the actual letter. Why would these people make copies of a Christian letter? Apparently, getting a Christian letter from an 82-year old missionary, and a Bible Study, is grounds for insurrection, or treason. Apparently, the prison interest is compromised when God's children correspond. But it's ok when devils gather (like at USP Tucson's mail room). Gosh... I'd better be careful -- I could get hung for getting Christian letters... Well, at least I got mail today -- no thanks to USP Tucson.

Author: Mason, Frederick

Author Location: Arizona

Date: July 6, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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