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Noble, Ricardo



Plus Page I have been in solitary confinement ("Restricted Housing Unit"(RHU)) since August 8, 2014 for misconduct (#B266541) charges of allegedly assaulting D-Block unit manager Ivan with a weapon. Some prisoners who have had their Z-code ("single cell") status removed by S.C.I. - Greene staff accepted a cellmate only to assault said innocent/unknowing cellmate in order to show S.C.I. - Greene staff that staff should have never removed their Z-code. Some refuse to "double-cell", so they are placed in solitary confinement and repeatedly given misconducts for refusing to "double-cell". Therefore, they will never get out of solitary confinement unless they "double-cell" (accept a cellmate). So, many prisoners who lose their Z-code choose to continue to assault cellmates until their Z-code is returned. Such cellmate-on-cellmate violence is encouraged/allowed by S.C.I. - Greene staff. And staff continue to get away with it because only prisoners are getting hurt. Sincerely, Erie, Pennsylvania's Betrayed Child, Ricardo Noble Waynesburg, PA "Erie, Pennsylvania's Betrayal of Child" free at: 09/23/2014

Author: Noble, Ricardo

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: September 23, 2014

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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