Police killings/hunting of blacks people, July 2016, Americans comment…

Carroll, Richard W.



Police Killings/Hunting of Blacks People, July 2016, Americans Comment... By Wesley Carroll ...the police and their killing of innocent black people is a reflection of overall white people, white society, white racist ideology dogma...; ...the racist in this country is so engrained that white folks just take it all as the way they are and are suppose to be...; ...many of the cops are actually card carrying KKK members, white supremacist, neo nazi,...; ...black folks are treated worse than any other group, including terrorists, Taliban, ISIS, and other minorities within this country...; ...the cops are just racist, its that plain and simple...; ...usually when a black person calls 911 or the cops, they get accused and hurt by the cops and may wind up behind bars for life...; ...all those out there who see these heinous wrong and do nothing, are just as guilty...; ...if you don't do anything about this, your just as much the problem and may happen to yours...; ...if your black in this country, no matter what you do to save, fight for, defend and protect this country and life style, will still get you killed just quick as any other innocent black person...; ...even cops say it is a black and white thing, and also that in the police academy they are taught that when a black person is involved or there, consider him the one you kill first...; ...the police academy teachers you to form preconceived false racist ideas that all black folks are dangerous and are to be killed...; ...black skin is already criminalized in this country...; ...even a white woman claimed that even after living in many other countries she has never seen such racism as is here in Pennsylvania and some other states here in the United States...; ...a guy from Pennsylvania stated that the problem within society is all due to blacks being of single parent families, since cops put all the fathers in prison...; ...cops take an oath stating that they will protect and serve us, they will die to protect all people (all of us), even black, yet they are out there in reality, hunting and killing blacks...; ...cops should NOT be allowed to carry, own or use any gun and must be strenuously psychologically tested first, however in Pennsylvania the white racist powers that want cops that are racist (they seek out blacks to kill and imprison)...; ...the police do not reflect the community they are suppose to serve...you can have a community that is 95% black yet 100% white police,...; ...look at all those blacks wrongly falsely imprisoned in Pennsylvania, daily, simply because they are black and there is billions of dollars in imprisoning "niggers"...(note: Kids for cash, porn gate, Sandusky, Penn State U.,...)...; ...even Martin Luther King (a black person) worked for and got police the right to have work union bargaining rights and benefits...; ...all the so called good cops that know what the bad cops are doing, should be imprisoned for life for not stopping it,... ...most of the cops in Pa. are white, grown up racist, hating blacks...; ...young whites are against racist killings of black people...; ...today particularly in Pennsylvania, jim crow= police (cops) (results are basically the same)...; ...here in Pittsburgh, Pa. the racist corrupt white cops place innocent black men in prison, take their kids from the moms, rape their wive, take their homes, defile their kids, try to have the men killed in prison if they themselves don't and have been doing this for many years...and you wonder why black folks are upset... ...maybe the next time black folk tell you that the entire criminal justice system is broken and that there is a serious systemic problem within the system that still allows innocent black folks to be killed and falsely imprisoned and then killed, stop it!

Author: Carroll, Richard W.

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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