Political education deprived

Neteru, SKS Heruglyphx Maga



Political Education Deprived We hear the phrase, "Department of correction/rehabilitation and we automatically assume that prisons actually and primarily focus on correcting and/or rehabilitating captives. However, the total opposite occurs here behind the Amerikkklan Iron Curtain. First, we must look into the definition of the words at issue. According to Webster, correction is "the action or instance of correcting: as the action or instance of remedying or removing error or defect, amending, rectifying." DOC is incapable of correcting prisoners because DOC must first correct itself, until then, all correction is not genuine. The same applies to the word rehabilitation, it is "to restore to rank, privileges or property which one has lost. To restore the good name or reputation of, reinstate in good repute." Let's be real here. Upon being released from prison, how many of us get back what was lost? Do we get our property back if we had any? Do we get our privileges back much less rights, do we get our rights back? What about our reputation, do we get that back? No, we are scarred for life, can't vote, can't get a job performing the very same tasks, sometimes for the very same corporations we slaved for while convict leasing under DOC. So where is the rehabilitations? Rehabilitation and correction is there, we only have to give it to ourselves, we cannot depend on DOC for it. DOC will go out of business if it get into the correcting/rehabilitating business. Simple as that. The Department of conspiracy or corruption is just that. A close look, with trained eyes, at DOC will reveal that it is based more on Systematic Punishment and torture, administrative intimidation and terrorizing, departmental scare straight tactics rather than correction/rehabilitation. As a people, we must understand that there can be no genuine correction/rehabilitation where systematic impunity reigns supreme and unlimited. Correction/rehabilitation cannot be genuine where DOC is not leading by examples, where officers are behaving like overseers, brutes, thugs, goons, ruffians, and mercenaries for the state, which automatically and guaranteingly grant unlimited impunity for all atrocities against prisoners. Genuine correction/rehabilitation cannot start with the prisoners, it must begin with the DOC. It must begin with the Governor, the legislators, Secretary, the Judges and Prosecutors. There can be no correction/rehabilitation without programs that instills true and essential knowledge of self identity, purpose and method, and political education in prisoners. There can be no genuine correction/rehabilitation where all programs, literature, books and publications instilling education is censored and rejected arbitrarily by a system which is controlled by the true criminals who create and Perpetuate crime by creating and perpetuating poverty and miseducation. As a people, we must understand that genuine correction/rehabilitation begins with, and is nothing without essential history and political education. We must learn to look at the words correction/rehabilitation from a political perspective. Thus, this is the only way we can see the prison/slave industry and system for what it really is -- for profit. This is why political education is forbidden and discouraged for and amongst prisoners. One can find all kinds of books, publications and programs in prison, but none that instills genuine political education in prisoners. The system is in total fear of prisoners becoming genuinely politically educated, because, with political education, one can learn the secrets that upholds DOC. One can learn the laws, rules, policies and regulations, a prisoner can learn his rights and how to exert them in a fight. With political education, a prisoner becomes free, with the power to determine his own destiny, even while in captivity. He can become mentally and physically competent and independent. His future becomes his own for him to control. Political education turns a prisoner into a true threat to the state. He becomes even more feared than the highest ranking gangsters. The more politically educated he become, the less violent, the more threatening to the state. His weapon becomes the ink pen rather than the shank. Politically educated prisoners become writers of polemics and they know whom to write and what to say in their mission to expose the state its pro imperialist goons (PIGS). A political educated prisoner renders the state and its overseers incompetent and irrelevant in correction/rehabilitation processes. He is self correcting and corrected, self remedying and removing error or defect through genuine self criticism. He is self rehabilitating and rehabilitated, restoring his own good name and/or reputation, reinstating his own good repute. The first thing a politically educated prisoner learns is the fact that no one can correct/rehabilitate him but himself, through genuine self criticism. This cannot and will never come from DOC. The politically educated prisoner is an out-law. He must be creative in providing himself materials and opportunity to organize. No matter how much DOC may claim to be the Department of Correction, it is not. DOC is incapable of correcting/rehabilitating prisoners, because genuine correction/rehabilitation begins with self and within. DOC is made up of staff whom are all ruined people whom are in need of correcting/rehabilitating just as much and even more than the prisoners. DOC must first correct/rehabilitate itself. The Department of Conspiracy knows fully well that the day it get into the business of genuinely correcting/rehabilitating itself and prisoners, it renders itself irrelevant, defunct, abolished like slavery, when the slaves learned to read, they had to be freed. When Adam and Eve got knowledge, they had to leave the plantation i.e. the garden. Therefore, DOC must remain the Department of Conspiracy rather than correction. It must keep the slaves/prisoners incognizant, especially politically. DOC has to perpetuate its unjust and anti-egalitarian policy and behavior. DOC must stay the course as a capitalist/imperialist tool and business of plutocrats and investors against the poor. DOC's standard of correction/rehabilitation must remain a process of leaving poor prisoners broken and incompetent and dependent. Working in the interest of DOC even against themselves. Prisoners with no power in determining their own destiny. Prisoners who are the end result of miseducation, administrative intimidation, shock treatment and self resentment. Thanks to prohibited political education, I speak now as an Eguerrillatarian Manster. It is this prohibited political education which brought me to genuine self criticism and transformed me from an economically desperate and miseducated criminal, criming against the people to a self disciplined servant of the people. It is this prohibited political education that's got me considered and labeled a Black Panther Party member, and got me time in confinement charged with possession of gang paraphernalia after my cell was retaliatory repeatedly searched at Okeechobee C.I. (2015). They found my notebook containing the Ten Point Program of the Black Panther Party and quotes from Stokely Carmichael. Now I'm listed as a member of the BPP in STG, Security Threat Group files. Love it, I am an anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist activist/Eguerrillatarian. I am not violent unless attacked. This however, makes me more of a threat, because I fight with the pen rather than the shank (prison made knife). And DOC's biggest fear is that more of me and our comrades don't appear. Thus, DOC must continue its conspiracy of keeping prisoners high, distracted, and miseducatedly apolitical. Genuine rehabilitation, like genuine education, begins first and foremostly with true and essential knowledge of self identify, purpose and method. We must first and foremostly know who we are essentially as a people by learning our glorious history which teach us our truest potentials and capabilities. Our educational system intentionally deprives us and others this valuable and fundamental information, and to deprive us this information en masse is equivalent to a tree not having access to its roots. How many black people, or people period, know that the first doctor, yes, the first doctor in recorded history was a black man, Imhotep, from Kemet, now Egypt. Imhotep was also an architect, he built the step pyramid still standing today. He was an astrologist, mathematician, scientist, musician and more. How many people, especially black people, know that black people invented numbers, math, alphabets, speech and organized language. Black people invented the clock, calendar and time keeping systems. Black people invented agriculture and irrigation and domestication of animals. Black people invented jurisprudence, military systems, money systems, ship building and seafaring and navigation and more. To not know these truths as a black person or people about black people who existed in prehistoric times is to know know self essentially. To not know that your glorious ancestors of ancient created civilization and organized living is to not know your own potentials and capabilities as a people. How spiritual are we as a black people if we do not know that our ancestors invented religion and all concepts of god, devils, afterlife and all else? Through capitalist imperialist policies we have been thoroughly miseducated. While we are being lied to about ourselves as a black people, everybody else is being lied to about us and themselves. And until the truth gets pumped and hammered, through mainstream media and education as all else, into our heads and everybody else's heads, we will not genuinely love, respect, protect, serve and preserve ourselves and each other as a black people, and neither will the rest of the world. You cannot genuinely love, respect and preserve a self you do not essentially know. Now you see why we so easily destroy and hate ourselves and each other. Now you see why other people of other ethnicities look down on us and hate us. They don't know the true us and we don't know the true us and them either. And this must change, but it cannot change without political education, because our school systems are controlled by politicians, through politics, with only one goal, perpetuating capitalism imperialism plutocracy. Thanks to Ms. Aderley, a county jail counselor who, against all odds started a class called Declaration of Mental Independence. "You cannot feed a baby meat," she asserted in her opening of the class, "if you feed a baby meat, you will choke him, his digestive system is not yet ready for meat, you must start him off with milk. In knowing self, you must start off with milk, the basics, and this is the basics." She held up The Browderfiles by Anthony Browder and passed out fifteen copies of the book. This book, a must read, introduced me to my essential self. This was in 1997. I haven't been the same since. This was the first book that literally made me cry. Then I read Chancellor Williams' Destruction of Black Civilization, African Origins of Civilization by Cheikh Anta Diop, Miseducation of the Negro by Dr. Carter G. Woodson and The ISIS Papers by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing. From then I kept reading, studying. It was all autodidactic, you gotta want it, you gotta have questions, you gotta have the feeling that something is wrong and the way we are living is not natural. Until you think that something ain't right, you won't think you need solutions, like a drug addict can only be genuinely helped after he comes to acknowledge that drugs is his problem. You must admit that something is wrong with the way you are living. I read hundreds of books. Still reading. The list goes on. I love reading the basics first of any subject, religion, mystery, conspiracy and all else, much of which can be found in any prison library, except essential black history and revolutionary political science. These books I had to either pay for or get from friends and revolutionary/anarchist organizations, mostly MIM and South Chicago ABC Zine. Please understand, political science/education is totally prohibited in state prison. The state of Florida has a list of books that cannot be allowed to enter any prison and possession of any of these books can result in confinement time, yes and America is still a free country while Amerikkka is not. These books are considered controversially seditious and are totally prohibited: Behold the Pale Horse by William Cooper, Soledad Brother and Blood in My Eyes by Comrade George Jackson, Revolutionary Suicide by Comrade Huey P. Newton, The Communist Manifesto by Comrade Karl Marx, anything by Comrade Che Guevara, The Pedagogy of the Oppressed and much more, to name a few. In 2011, I got transferred from South Bay CF for possession of a cell phone. I landed at Taylor CI in handcuffs (DC status). The overseer inventorying my property saw my books and snapped, "These books are not touching my compound, Che Guevara, Geronimo Pratt, George Jackson, Huey P. Newton! I don't know who you are but you are not getting these books in here." Straight up. Just like that. In 1999, I was at Calhoun C.I. The overseers did a shake down looking for one book, "Behold the Pale Horse." By then I had read Roots and The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Alex Haley and had just entered the revolutionary consciousness process. Meaning, I was still seeing the world based on race rather than class. I was reading Revolutionary Suicide when the Pro Imperialist Goons (PIGs) blitz our housing, with no shame searching for William Cooper's book. That's when I learned my first lesson on the power of books. They caught me by surprise, so I lost Revolutionary Suicide, it was not mine and I did not finish reading it, almost ended up in the box about it too. Comrade Huey was breaking it down. I was entering a whole different world. Eguerrillatarianism. They took my "Yurugu" by Marimba Ani and if you read "Yurugu" you will know why she is kween Nzinga with an ink pen. The craziest thing ever was that they did not find "Behold the Pale Horse." The brother who owned it had shook the PIGs by tearing off the cover, and that's how I read Behold the Pale Horse the first time, under guard because the brother wouldn't let the book out of his sight. I consider William Cooper (that's a pen name) an abolitionist. In 2001, at Washington C.I. I finally read "Blood in My Eyes." Had my mother order it for me. It's black listed now, because Comrade George Jackson was our Sun Tzu. I read his Soledad Brother my first time at Washington C.I. as well. I did not entirely grasp the political consciousness, still yet to know the meaning of world like imperialism, capitalism, fascism and classism. I gave the book back to Comrade Maxwell. I knew I had to read it again because it was so highly regarded, still though, I had taken some notes from Comrade George. Then in 2009, I read Soledad Brother a second time at South Bay. And though Comrade George warns to "never let anyone in your mind with you," I let him in my mind and everything opened up. In coordination, I read Comrade Keven "Rashid" Johnson's "Dialectical Materialism" and "Rashid on Race." I was ready in the Revolutionary Culture against classism and the capitalism imperialism that birthed it. I was applying my observation and analyzation piece by piece, step by step beginning with genuine self criticism. What kind of free country would deprive incarcerated people of attaining certain information? Black listed books, a list of books that's not allowed, why? Because these books can make you a better person meaning, self-disciplined, self-governing and determining, independent and sufficient rendering DOC irrelevant, and DOC can't have this. Ask yourself this. Do you think the government will spend over 20 million dollars building each prison, then turn around and show prisoners how not to get rearrested and convicted by simply teaching them political education? No the DOC goal is to keep prisoners broken and incompetent. Apolitical is the word. It's the only way DOC can stay in control and profit off 3 million prisoner slaves. DOC has ways of keeping us prisoners from realizing that we have a problem and we are not the cause of the problem. Until then, there can be no solution. Mamma Harriet Tubman said she could have freed many more slaves if only she could convince them that they were slaves. We've been conditioned psychologically to believe that our condition is either predestined or self inflicted rather than systematic. We must get to the cause, the primary cause of the problem, the people who create the condition, our politicians and plutocrats and this is why we must get politically educated, because these politicians and plutocrats determine and control the policies that dictates the laws that dictates our lives. They control what we are taught in schools and see on TV thereby controlling how we think, see and act. George Orwell said of the proles, "Until they rebel they cannot become conscious and until they become conscious, they cannot rebel," in the book "1984." We must learn to cease to participate in this destructive capitalist imperialist culture and system. We must erase the desire for short cuts, we must learn to start with the basics in political education, we must not read the advance and popular books first, this only puts the buggy before the horse. Rather than the information working for us, we end up applying the information against ourselves, without the basics, we become so smart we become dumb. And this is why we can't bring ourselves our own political solutions. We are in the situation we are in as a people mainly because we are politically myopic. We do not see the class contradiction, the war waged on the poor by the rich. In the free world, we are still putting our money in banks that invest in every community but ours. In prison, we are robbing our families for canteen money to buy price gouged generic items. we are working for free doing jobs which we should be getting at least minimum wage to perform. We can't see that we are in prison en masse, not because of crime but because of poverty and the fact that we are too miseducated and poor to defend ourselves against the state using our own peoples' money against us in every way possible, while the real criminals walk free, too big for jail. Prisons is about money and social intimidation. Why you think we are so easily cutting and stabbing each other and won't even pick up an ink pen against the state. We are scare of the retaliation. We've seen the overseers in action. We can't see that prisoners need genuine correction/rehabilitation rather than just torture and collective punishment. This is why political education is very important to prisoners, it should be encouraged rather than suppressed. Without political education, I would still be a black racist, even against myself and my own people, focusing on race rather than class. Not saying that racism doesn't exist, just saying that it is a tool, a construct of capitalism imperialism, perpetuated through classism. Pitting the poor whites against the Blacks, Browns, Red and Yellows. The average racist is poor and miseducated, politically myopic. If it wasn't for political education, I would still be using the knife and/or the combination lock on a belt rather than the ink pen. I would still be seeing the system as a friend rather than the ultimate enemy. Blaming myself as the primary cause for being in a condition, situation and/or circumstance I did not create, and is more just a product and victim of. The same poverty that makes us rob, rape and kill, is the same poverty that makes our sisters strip and prostitute. The same poverty makes us aspire being minstrel performer entertainers, athletes, soldiers, even lie spreading teachers and preaches and that same poverty brings us to gate as overseers-so-called correction officers, overseers. May 6, 2018, I'm writing these very line while on 72 hour lock down. All prisoners are being collectively punished due to a prisoner on prisoner stabbing the day prior. All involved are in confinement, we were indoors when it occurred, yet the whole institution is being punished, because security it insecure and incompetent at correcting/rehabilitating. Administration believes that 72 hours lock downs are effective. We're on 72 hour lock down every other week or so, what does that tell you? It says that collective punishment has no place in the correction/rehabilitation process. It says that correction/rehabilitation starts with administration on down, not the other way around. It says the DOC is totally incapable of correcting/rehabilitation itself and others. What we need is political education, it's the only way to instill and bring forth genuine rehabilitation. And the only way to allow political education to be brought forth is to allow our political books and publications rather than rejecting and censoring our political correspondence with outside sources such as the Maoist Internationalist Movement, South Chicago Zine, PAN, Abolitionist and Burning Spear to name a few. DOC's claim that these publications may cause violence or disrupt institution function is so far from the truth. The truth is, these publications inspire the total opposite, encouraging the use of the pen rather than the shank. Political education simply brings prisoners face to face with self, in genuine self criticism. It brings prisoners into self determination, in tune with the law. It exposes DOC as a capitalist imperialist weapon and tool against the poor. And most threatening, it inspires dialectical materialism; application of the knowledge one gains through analyzing and observing conditions. In other words, political education turns prisoners from criminals to activists and revolutionaries. Eguerrillatarian Mansters. We need political education by any means. SKS Heruglyphx Maga Neteru

Author: Neteru, SKS Heruglyphx Maga

Author Location: Florida

Date: May 24, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 8 pages

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