Political prisoner

Hill, Dwayne



"Political Prisoner" Dwayne Hill (BQ5093) P.O. BOX A Bellefonte, Pa. 16823 
 To: Politicians, Media, Social Advocates, Family, Friends and Liberty Lovers, 
 Re: Open Letter 
 "Greetings" My name is Dwayne Hill, prison I.D.# BQ5093 and I am incarcerated at the fascist concentration camps of Pennsylvania. I ask that you read with favor my defense of a cause which I am well assured is just and right. Two months after my twentieth birthday, I attempted to commit a robbery. The victim of this attempt was fatally wounded after he pulled out a firearm. I abandoned the robbery. At trial, the victim's actions, that provoked the shooting, were suppressed. It was self-defense: they made of it second degree murder and sentenced me to life. My sentence has been interpreted constructively, and against the plain language of the law, to deny parole eligibility. This constructive interpretation makes the sentencing scheme arbitrary and capricious, because prisoners sentenced for first or second degree murder receive the same sentence (life without parole). I have been in prison for twenty six years now. I have educated and rehabilitated myself (i.e., learned to identify and utilize legal opportunities). I am not asking anyone to justify robbery for me, because it was wrong of me twenty six years ago; but having ignorantly set in motion a chain of events, now that I am struggling morally to free myself from the past, I have a right to your tolerance, your patience, and charitable constructions. I do not believe in my oppressors definition of equality. Nor do I believe that the rest of anyones life should be defined by one mistake, or that this assault on my freedom, my history, my humanity and my identity can continue without public support. Please send letters of support to the address above. Help me raise the populace to the dignity of people. 
 All power to the people! 
 18 Pa. C.S. section 2503 (b)

Author: Hill, Dwayne

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: October 25, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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