PPE: Pandemic prisoners expendable

Grethen, Mark A.



PPE: Pandemic Prisoners Expendable I wasn't sentenced to life, death or disease. Second Virginia inmate dead, 4/26/2020, in COVID-19's slow train wreck. Higher nightly body counts than Cronkite's war reporting, except this time not too young. Geriatric, Deerfield's death camp bound, compromised immunity COVID candidate. A decade for 50,000 U.S. soldier deaths in Vietnam. Less than seven months for Wuhan virus to kill 155,000 U.S. citizens. Double any nation. Massachusetts veterans home, seventy dead. Non-disease war declared after Pearl Harbor with fewer casualties. Life is 100% fatal. Japanese and U.S. prisoners currently manufacturing PPE, united fighting a pandemic. Double celled, inmates wearing masks, packed like sardines. No "social distancing." Disinfectants prohibited and hand sanitizer outages. Grievances denied, "does not affect you personally." Staff importing diseases, no "shelter in place" here. #19, DOC's latest self-snitch line, for morbidity and emotional dysfunctions. Va DOC denies everything. Limits culpability. Annually logged grievances down during COVID-19. Pursuant courts, Departments of Corruption liabilities not policy or permitted. Inmate litigators strangled from accessing them. No law library, no attorney visits, no notary or photocopies provided. Lies on grievances make it so. England's Lord Atkin coined, "Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely." I've added, "DOC is absolute power on steroids, as its employees have forgotten they're ultimately accountable to their creator, not their employer." Nepotism abounds. Like Egyptian plagues, so future reckoning. Science, technology, archaeological, and astronomy prove Hebrew scriptures true. Egypt was microcosm-previewing world stage. Is COVID-19 resulting kosher violation or Wuhan bio lab gone bad? Deadly flu and cancer never caused national lockdown, or panacea. Is there COVID-19 cure? Chemotherapy, cancer's poisonous cocktails! Remember "Contagion" movie? Antidote worse than disease. Already true of economic collapse. King Trump can't say, "It's the economy stupid," to secure reelection. Like Tut, White House "made of stone." While corona means crown, God shares His with no man. There is no "J" in Hebrew. That name is Yahshua, first at Genesis 48:18, meaning salvation. "For your salvation do I long," words of dying patriarch, applies during pandemics. Page 1 of 2 COVID's tax vocational bleeds VaDOC's funds. Free phone calls, emails and 15 hours weekly pay if slave labor disrupted. Damned locking Congressional fortitude to modify Thirteen Amendment! Does "taxation without representation," or Keefe kickbacks to VaDOC, explain why inmates don't pay sales tax? Iran, Libya and third-world nations released more prisoners than United States. ISIS murdering terrorists freed. Were they nonviolent offenders? Virginia released more geriatric parolics first quarter 2020 than prior twenty years combined. Seriously considering bleach injections? Lysol disinfectants. COVID-19 doesn't cure stupidity, yet "death cures all ails." Coincidence China and India producing most U.S. pharmaceuticals? Whore mongering profiteers sold medical security to China, where Trump compromised by his treaty. Not surprising, even IBM's sub-corporations allied with Hitler. While COVID-19 shall pass, there's new "normal." Brace for annual COVID deaths under guise of "herd immunity." Remember Rikers Island, where herded inmates expendable. Webinars, virtual Nascar...cryofreeze prisoners. "Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe, who releases the bound." Amen. Mark A. Grethen, in [illegible] prisoner, With all legal rights reserved River North Correctional Center 329 Dellbrook Lane Independence, VA 24348-3705 Email through JPay.com

Author: Grethen, Mark A.

Author Location: Virginia

Date: August 18, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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