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Russell, Stephen



Dear APWA: 1 May 2014 Praise the Name of [illegible] (Lord)! I pray this find you well and blessed. Enclosed is a hand written copy of a grievance I tried to file on the prison I was housed before being shipped to Hyde in retaliation for my attempting to stand on my Rights. According to policy, officers have 3 days to process a grievance. This grievance was filed by me on 18 Nov 2013, received at Mountain View [Corr?] Inst on 22 Nov 2013. It was not processed at all at MVCI. On 4 Dec 2013 I filed a second grievance about the 1st one. It was processed on 6 Dec 2013. On 9 Dec 2013 my 1st grievance came back to Hyde and was rejected. I received it back on 11 Dec 2013. I have received 8 write ups from May 2013 to April 2014 for so called violations of policy. At the same time officers repeatedly violate my Rights with impunity and retaliate against me in many ways. This grievance is only one example of the dishonorable acts of officers against me in the last few years. If you want more, I have more to send you. Please let me know if this will be posted on your APWA site. Thank you for all you do. Respectfully without prejudice UCC 1-308 Stephen Russell Hyde Corr. Inst. PO Box 278 [Swan?] Quarter, N.C. 27885 Stephen Russell 18 Nov 2013 On 9 Oct 2013 there was a unit shakedown in Seg. I sat with my hands cuffed behind my back for 30-45 min as 4 officers went through my legal papers at the direction of the Cpt and Lt. At one point one officer showed me 14 pages and then took them out of Seg long enough to copy, but not long enough to read. After that #2 officer took out hands full of papers 3 times for 20-30 pages more. All the affidavits I have filed with NCOPS from May 2013 to date I include and incorporate in this grievance/affidavit. I the [Guice?] Affidavit, I incorporated all the papers mentioned about and 31 papers stoled by 2 sgts. and 2 officers. The 1st Sgt. is the one who came in my cell and went through my legal papers and stole 31 items. He then had an officer write me up for the Re-direct. Then the same sgt. was the investigating officer. That is a conflict of interest and perjury and fraud. The DHO dismissed it. The 3 last write ups, both times taking my papers, and shipping me to Hyde is retaliation for me serving the Superintendent of Mtn. View Corr. Inst. with the "Notice of Fiduciary Trusteeship Duty" Affidavit, plus I will not stop legal action against those who have damaged me. All of the dishonest actions against me mentioned above are acts of bad faith, not legal and are done in dishonor. I have tried to act in honor and with clean hands, but everytime I try, state officers retaliate and act in dishonor. I have filed close to 20 affidavits. All of them have been dishonored, and some have resulted in retaliation. The purpose of the affidavit is to resolve conflict without wasting court resources. However, state officers refuse to cooperate and in many cases the retaliate and cause more conflict as stated above. Notice is given to any and all who may have evidence of rebuttal, to rebut this affidavit by affidavit of your own sworn under penalty of perjury within 30 days or be collaterally estopped from proceeding against me. It is prima facie evidence that everyone stipulates to this affidavit if they do not rebut it as it is stated. My fee for proceeding with any matter which prejudices my Rights in the absence of a rebuttal, point by point, by sworn affidavit with supporting evidence to the contrary is $10,000.00 per day, per person and $1,000,000.00 per person per unauthorized use of my copyrighted name, payable to me. A maxim of law: whoever creates the controversy holds the liability, and whoever holds the liability, must provide the Remedy. Where a liability in equity arises due to injury by any party, and that party does not provide a Remedy for said liability, the injured party has the Right and standing to create his own Remedy. What otherwise is good and just, if it is sought by force and fraud, becomes bad and unjust. Truth is expressed in the form of an affidavit. An unrebutted affidavit stands as truth in commerce, and becomes the judgement in commerce. You may request more time in writing to me within the 30 days. It matters not how many believe a lie. It is still a lie. I reserve the Right to amend this affidavit at any time. Notice to agent is notice to principal. Notice to principal is notice to agent. Remedy: Instruct all officers to stop damaging me (searching, reading, or taking any of my papers and books). Pay me $100,000.00 for each time taken of the 75 items taken by each person involved. Provide me copies of all the papers taken and a record of who used them and why.

Author: Russell, Stephen

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: May 1, 2014

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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