Predatory justice systems

Brownell, Charles A.



Predatory Justice Systems P1 FD How pathetic is it when the State of Affairs in the United States is nothing but crooked activity and always has been. In the 1690's, particularly 1692 in Salem Massachusetts the corrupt activity or "Hot Buzz" in thing was the Witchcraft Trials that was part of the Witch Hunts that started back around the 1560's A.D. The U.S. has had various "Witch Hunts" for various political agendas just like the Salem Witchcraft Trials. The Witch Hunts of the 1990's was "The War on Drugs". The Witch Hunts of the 2000's from 2000 to 2010 was The War on Terrorism. The Witch Hunt for 2010 to 2020 is The War on Sex Offenders or "Sex Crimes". The problem with these Witch Hunts is the fact that more innocent people than guilty are actually accused of acts they never committed. This allows the Government to falsely turn innocent people into offenders and be labeled criminals and "felons" for the purposes of the State to turn the People into slaves, bonds, and mutual funds for their monetary benefit. There are laws in place that are supposed to protect people from Predatory Courts and Legal Systems from illegal and unconstitutional imprisonment and trials. Today, there are supposed to be Groups or Organizations to help defend and protect the "citizens". The issue being that these Groups or Organizations are also there to ride the edge of the political agenda wave to collect funds from these public and private supporters only doing as little as necessary to collect the funds for themselves. For a criminal case, there must be a crime committed, a victim to accuse a perpetrator to make a "Claim" in the courts P2 and is willing to press the charges, and enough evidence to then prove at trial beyond reasonable doubt the Crime was actually committed. This gives support that the accused violated and is charged by "claim" to have a charge under State Statute (which is a monetary bond) to be responsible for that bond which is money for the government in the form of revenue. This makes your prosecution and conviction of utmost importance to the State and all State Employed Persons (Judge, Prosecuting Attorney, and Public Defender) which is a conflict of interest. If positive conviction is had, this forces by threat, distress and coercion to sign the commitment papers is actually the bond to accept responsibility for this bond by being the States "Physical Mortgaged Property" held by the "Warden". If evidence, a victim, or a "Claim" is absent then there is not supposed to be a trial or a prosecution. If this case is processed and the accused is convicted then an appeal or writ of Habeas Corpus may be filed holding their conviction as wrongful and be released by getting their sentence overturned. This is not in the interest of the government as this causes a loss of revenue. This means the Justice System is actually about capturing people to turn them into slaves for the State and to turn them into a bond then funds bought and sold on the open market. The United States and each State is a "Corporation" and thus are not supposed to be able to be the prosecutive person in absence of the "Victim" on a State Claim against a person as this is a huge conflict of interest. This is true Predatory Justice System P3 FD because the State Employees and Court are all part of this corporation and will be in support of the State agenda and not of the defense of the accused. The court is supposed to be the mediator not the prosecutor! Any State processed case is a biased case and is a violation of law due to bias and extreme conflict of interest. There are millions of incorrectly and illegally processed cases and wrongfully convicted People in Prison, on Parole, and/or on Probation at and given second. There are hundreds of thousands of falsely created Sex offenders and millions of falsely made felons whom committed no serious Crime and are good people. This is for the Government political agenda caused by the sick industrialization of imprisoning people and the drive of the current "Witch Hunt". One of the more famouse cases that revealed the severity of this issue was the wrongful conviction of Brian Banks for rape. A "girl" at his college wanted him but Brian did not want her. She got mad and "claimed" he allegedly raped her. It was a lie and there was zero repeat no existing evidence. Brian Banks was convicted on hearsay and a "Claim" alone thus there was no proof beyond a reasonable doubt of a crime being committed. Brian Banks was later able to prove his innocence but the damage to him was already done. It was discovered for there to be hundreds of other cases of the innocent convicted on hearsay with no evidence. This caused the creation of the movie, Brian Banks. Most states do not use hearsay as admissible evidence except Arkansas and Mississippi. P4 In the mid 90's, President Bill Clinton, former Governor of the State of Arkansas and over the very corrupt Arkansas Department of Correction, passed into law the Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA) rendering it difficult if not nearly impossible for Prisoners (Inmates) to file and process Post Conviction Help or Relief and/or to defend themselves from inhumane, unjust and unconstitutional conditions and treatment by the Staff of corrupt and sadistic Prison Systems. This is of no real surprise given the horrors of Arkansas and the Nightmares that Arkansas Prisoners suffer that ol "Slick Willy" was protecting. Later, more "anti-prisoner" litigation especially against "Sex Offenders" arises to help prevent a Person from defending themselves from a very predatory Criminal Justice System. Read an "Introduction to Criminal Justice" text book for students. You'll discover how cruel and unjust the criminal justice system really is and fact that they all know this. Even the old 2004 McGraw Hill "Introduction To Criminal Justice" text book points out how bad and unjust the system was then and quotes lots of examples and cases from the unjust and unconstitutional Criminal Justice System of the State of Arkansas which seems to serve largely as a prime example of a "Nightmare" system and state. Cruel, illegal, unconstitutional, and crooked tactics still heavily used today to get a a positive conviction. Tactics of abuse, torture, and even murder. The Criminal Justice System is the most dissolute system causing one to ask. "Why are sex offenders the "Witch Hunt" of today?" The answer is! The Media knows Predatory Justice Systems P5 FD any mention of a sex offense is automatic "click-bait" and will automatically generate "Views" or "sales". Sex Offenses are such a buzz that it caused what is known as the #MeToo Movement that includes LGBTQ. Straight women, gay men, but does not include straight men. This "Witch Hunt" has absolute wide spread, uncanny and unquestioned support. The "Sex Offense" craze of Sexual Assault "claims" has become so bad that even in the current 2020 race for President, Democrat Joe Biden and President Trump are both now being accused of "Sexual Assault" of various females only to tarnish their names so their opponent might get the upper hand. Some, like Stormy Daniels, are only after money while others only want their 15 minutes of fame (shame) on television. Every day there is something in the news about a sex offense which feeds this. The People eat it all up because it's the "In Thing" fed by political agenda to shame and hate on people for this great taboo. This level of support is why Criminal Trials of Sex Offenses has a 99% conviction rate and just like the Salem Witchcraft Trials, in most states only hearsay and an allegation is needed, no evidence. If you don't confess throughout the entire process, it'll be worse be it before and after trial for the rest of your life. Punished for life (a violation of Ex Post Facto). If you confess in court (Plea Guilty) and it will be worse than that yet if you go to trial, they usually get max at 20 years to Life and with no Evidence, only hearsay. Coerced false testimony and confessions litter this crime and barbaric hunt. So P6 give up and kill themselves because even if you're innocent, there's no escaping it. This is just like the barbaric trials and murders of Bridget Bishop and all the victims of the Court in the Salem Witchcraft Trials. All of them, victims of the Court fed by propaganda, threats, agenda and hearsay for the monetary gain of the corrupt people and system. Once convicted and In Prison, thanks to the PLRA and all of its clauses as well as the push for proof of "Deliberate Indifference" as per the case Farmer v. Brennan, it has become difficult at best to stand against your charges or "claims" you're charged for or to defend your life and rights. With the Government's modern bias of "We don't care", turn a blind eye and let the Prisons and Prison Officials do anything they want, even if it's illegal and wrong "Hands-Off Doctrine" (See Jailhouse Lawyer's Handbook 2010), the Government has made and taken a bias stance. This proves today it is all corrupt and is about the forcible detainment and incarceration of all peoples, even the innocent against their will for monetary gain and allow the slavery, abuse, torture and murder ensuring excessive and Criminal Punishment by State Officials against the prisoners. Prisoner Litigation Manuals, Jailhouse Lawyers Handbook and many other litigation and legal proceedings literature serves to prove the attack and abuse of the people by the legal system. Worse is fact these corrupt Criminal Justice Systems work hard and bend or break laws to imprison and hold all peoples, especially the innocent for their agenda of slavery and money. None of it is about upholding law or Predatory Justice Systems P7 FD preventing crime. In trying to defend, protect, or prove your innocence as a prisoner, you'll deal with legal processes in a dissolute legal system. In a State Prison, the Staff (State Officials) all will immediately begin violating your rights and to abuse, torture, and torment you mentally and physically even possibly and potentially murdering you. You'll be forced into a den of illegal activity of which the majority will be committed by the State Officials and not the Inmates. These "Officials" are supposed to be the facilitators of Reform and Rehabilitation as well as protectors and servants of the Incarcerated People and their personal properties. Instead they're the facilitators of Abuse, Torture, Torment, Punishment, Retaliation and Murder. For one to fight their charges, they must go through an "appeals" process and court and if necessary work all the way up to a writ of Habeas Corpus. It may even have to go all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court and even if it is beat, the case may end up in a "retrial". Unfortunatly, there's a lot of movement in attempt to get the Legislative System to allow double jeopardy in violation of constitutional rights and protections. Also understand that you may have absolute solid evidence in your favor and the strongest case and still lose or have your case thrown out! Remember, you're fighting a corrupt organized criminal syndicate called the Criminal Justice System and they want to keep hold of "claim" on you! An attempt to defend and protect yourself and/or your P8 your personal property or even to defend and protect your rights is worse and much more difficult. To do this you must either file a Complaint as a State Tort or file a Federal Tort or 1983. If you're in a "Private" prison, State Torts are your main go to as it can be much more difficult. This is true also if you're in a federal prison as the process is different from the 1983 case. Prison Litigation Manual and similar books will be your best resources but if you cannot get or afford them, the Jailhouse Lawyer's Handbook is free upon written request. Now, these are "Civil" suits thus the State Employees is not allowed to use the Attorney General for defense though they illegally almost always do. It's hard to file a criminal case against a Prison official no matter what crime this person commits especially against Prisoners. It's hard enough filing and getting anywhere in a State Tort or 1983 against Prison Officials. The Attorney General as well as all Prosecuting Attorneys are all Public Servants. in truth, they'll want to support the State, and the Court as their "oaths" and "canons" place those before the client and support of the client is only allowed if it does not violate State or Court interests and agendas. This is also true of Public Defenders which is why they're not there to defend the accused Defendant but actually the State and Court. Finding an Attorney who'll take your case will be hard work. Most attorneys are vicious blood sucking vampires who are criminals and con artists worse than any other! The Attorney will want between $20,000 up to millions to represent you with no Predatory Justice Systems P9 FD guarentee of anything. You'll have tons of research ahead of you and most facilities restrict or illegally deny law library access which is a violation of your right to access of the courts. If you file a case, be prepared to lose it due to not receiving your legal mail because the Prison may block or not deliver it. You're most likely going to have to process your case alone with no legal help. Good Luck! You'll need it. The Federal fine, ok sorry I mean fee for filing a case is $350. It's only about $150 for a State suit and the State will usually cover the filing fee. In most cases, you're better off filing a State Tort in the State courts then a big Case in Federal Court. There are "Other" blood sucking scum and they are the Publicly and Privatly funded Groups and Organizations out there who lie...err sorry "claim" to be there to help people to contest their charges, prove their innocence, defend and protect themselves and their rights... Most of these Groups and Organizations are fake. They are just as dissolute as the Criminal Justice System. These liars ride on the back side of the waves the Courts and Prisons to "Claim" to help specific people, groups of people, races, genders and issues, but they're not there to help at all. Nope! These organizations ride that wave to collect State (Public) and Private (donations/fees) funds just like the Criminal Justice System and to rip-off (con) and defend People just like Attorneys do. All in lies, oops "claims" to "help" the Prisoners especially in Post-Conviction Relief. Now for Personal Account, Testimony and Witness in experience: P10 I have personally witnessed several Black Men of African American lineage reach out to the NAACP to get assistance to fight horrible abuse, conditions, torture, discrimination, and attacks against them. They provided all kinds of statements and Affidavits from other witnesses only to get a letter back from the NAACP stating they're sorry but will not take the case and include basic information on their rights telling them to get an attorney and file either State Torts or a 1983... This is exactly this is exactly what their first step would have been if they had the money for an attorney rather than contacting this organization that just turned their backs on them that's supposed to and advertises to help them. This is true of All similar organizations. I've wrote ACLU about living conditions, medical neglect and malpractice, disabilities, and many other violations of my rights by ADC and WellPath only to be informed that these are violations and they will not take the case. They tell me to contact an attorney and file a State Tort or 1983. I get the same General overview of my rights as what NAACP sent to the African Americans. My mother got the same response from ACLU. The ACLU, all about defending people's rights doesn't want to actually defend people's rights. I've seen many men get the same response from ACLU here in ADC and all report the same issues. I contacted the Arkansas Disability Rights group to get an advocate because of my medical disabilities and WellPath along with ADC refusing to get my medical records, mental health Predatory Justice Systems P11 FD records, and refuse to provide adequate medical and mental health care. I informed them of my serious back and neck issues, seizures, mental disorders, sleep apnea, and heart problems. I also informed them ADC does this to force me to perform slave labor under threat of harm, threat of disciplinary, threat of loss of contact with family, and loss of good time and/or parole. I inform them my mother has all of my medical records for proof. ADC and WellPath ignore my pleas about my serious medical conditions and at Tucker Unit I was even denied Urologist ordered and required catheters as I have an enlarged prostate (ADC/WellPath refuses a cancer screen for) and a non-functioning bladder. Arkansas Disability Rights sends me a letter that they refuse to take my case and all the exact same spiel I got from ACLU. My mother calls the Arkansas Disability Rights Group speaking with two Advocates who agree these are all violations and one really wants to take my case but her supervisor said "No!" because it is ADC and they too are an Arkansas Public funded entity. I contacted the Innocence Project in attempt to get assistance in opposing my case. They genuinly seem to have no real interest in helping a person prove their innocence. They're so clouded with objectified opinion that if you go through with contacting them and they are of the "opinion" you were involved in even the slightest way possible though they have no such evidence, the group will refuse to take your case. They're perfectly ok with casting their own prosecution rendering their own "guilty" judgement against you. P12 I've contacted the National Post-Conviction Project who is supposed to help in processing Post-Conviction Relief cases and held find Low-Cost legal help even payment plans to help a Prisoner fight their case or wrongful conviction. Problem is they want $18,000 or $20,000 if on a payment plan and want a deposit of $8,000 up front to even have an attorney work on this case. The Attorney does all the "dirty" work as they put it. For the money, if you have it, you're better off finding your own attorney so just bypass NPCP as they're a worthless organization playing "middle man" for money and are not needed at all. This doesn't mean these groups do nothing and won't help everyone... they only help a very small select few. My hope is the groups of the LGBTQ community, religious community, and women have much better luck with these bogus fake ass Groups and Organization that lie about helping people. The Government needs to cut off all support to these funded organizations if they are not going to do what they're supposed to and shut them down. The worst offender is the State Public Defender. Most do not know that once a public defender (Pretender) is assigned to you, they're your attorney and representative until your sentence is complete. They're suppose to represent you and defend you and your rights in Prison and help you fight wrongful imprisonment and get Post-Conviction Relief. Why would the Pretender do that when they worked with Prosecution to put you in prison!?? Predatory Justice Systems P13 FD The Government must check the balances of Power and restrict the Criminal Justice System. The Justice System is corrupt and broken but so is all the rest of today's Tyrannical Government. We the People need to work to eliminate the Predation on the People for Government monetary gains in revenue by "Blood Money" or "Slave Trades" by selling the people as bonds and holding them on these statutes or "bonds". All fake offices and organizations that "Claim" to be there to help prisoners need to actually help prisoners or be shut down and lose funding. Publicly Funded organizations should not be allowed to turn people away (deny anyone)! The PLRA must be abolished! Allow the People to defend themselves against predatory legal systems or the best option the people have is to become Sovereign and denounce citizenship to the United States rendering it a Tyrant with no one to controle!

Author: Brownell, Charles A.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: June 12, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 13 pages

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