Preparing the way

Carroll, Richard W.



Preparing the Way By Wesley Carroll Prepare the way for the Lord, And don't mess around, Get on board. Everything that is taken in, Is gonna be horde, So now it is you know. We have been restored, By that almighty sword, And by the blood of the lamb, Yet some still don't understand. Just note when Paul was persecuted, When he preached the truth, Nothing diluted its so stupid, How polluted minds get, When the ears become muted. There's a fire in the mouth, And these words are getting humid, One wants to burn for Christ, With a passion, After Gods own heart, In that fashion. Don't be a has been, Gaspin for just a fraction, Gasping for just a little, When one could have, Life ever lasting. Just imagine. Did you hear me, Life, ever lasting. Armageddon in Revelation, You can not be livin in the middle, Or be lukewarm for heaven. With the New Covenant, You've got to be on fire, For God and his word, I'm tellin you now, So you have heard. Gods love is evident, He so loved us, He gave his only son, And thus you and I, Can be a part of the remnant.

Author: Carroll, Richard W.

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: April 29, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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