Prevailing theories of prison riots: The state-centered theory of social order

Apodaca, Victor Andrew, Sr.



Forging Social Order and its Breakdown: Riot and Reform in U.S. Prisons - by Bert Useen U.N.M. & Jack A. Goldstone U.C.D. Prevailing theories of prison rights: The state-centered theory of social order. As a convict myself the opening statement strikes me due to the fact that I'm a second generation of convict and my namesake JR. is the third. The reason this is so powerful is that my father Albert Apodaca was there in the 1980 riot at the main and my uncle was outside of the fence line as was told to shoot anyone making it over the second fence line. There's two fences as I've been at the penitentiary of New Mexico for over 7 years of my 16 and so my uncle said that some prisoners made it over that fence for safety and they threw them food, water, blankets, etc. But thats not why I am writing this essay, it is because as the heading speaks for itself it is this prisoners worry that Warden R.C. Smith for the private prison system GEO Group Inc. that what Burt Useen professor at U.N.M. shows in his step by step ideal list what lead up to the deadliest riot in United States history. Is most step by step almost to the letter he is setting in motion the conditions leading to prison riot. This stage is as Professor Useen has a state centered theory of revolution argues that revolutions arise from the combination of five conditions: (1) external pressures on the state; (2) internal pressures on the state from elites; (3) internal pressures on the state from popular groups; (4) ideologies that unify rebels and justify their actions; and (5) ineffective state actions that demonstrate state weakness of justice.... #1) This warden R.C. Smith has destroyed the college program, work programs and he has segregated the whole of this prison. (1) The protective custody prisoners of housing 1. (2nd) The General Population of Shit Sticks" as the staff and offices call Housing Unit 4. (3rd) The housing units of housing unit 2&3 have programs in each housing unit but there are pods where sex offenders are placed rapist, state witness or (C.I.'s) rat's as we call them and people who rack up drug debits and can not pay. As I am in housing unit 4 Charlie the "Shit Sticks" of the "Shit Sticks". For me it's about my Religious Faith I am not a Jew but I follow the Torah as do the Jews but I am not a Christian in the sense of pagan Christianity of today. Such as not following YHWH’s commands, not eating unkosher foods, etc. But I am in the Messianic since but we follow the truth and thats what our community is Qehilath Haderek Fellowship of the Way קחילח-חדרך My chosen name is YeShayahu Ben Avraham ישַׁעְיָה-בֵּן-אַבֵּרָחָם Isaiah Son of Abraham. So as I can not practice outside my own belief systems use of pagan name as such as Gød, G-d, [crossed out: Lord], LORD, I can not worship with these Christian groups who refuse to follow YHWH’s commands. That's what brought myself to Housing Unity 4 Charlie pod "Shit sticks" of "Shit Sticks" but also I have civil suits against the penitentiary of New Mexico and Corizon Medical and warden R.C. Smith among doctors & nurses as well. I hold a Bacclaureus theologiae "magna cum laude" and a magister nouthetic counseling "summa cum laude" from what I believe is the greatest college & seminary Shalom Bible College and Seminary 4007 High Street West Des Moines, IA 50265 under Doctor B.C. Rice I can say that because I was working on five different degrees at the same time. That was U.S.W. and N.M.J.C. here in the Hobbes, New Mexico before Warden R.C. Smith destroyed our programs. I am currently working on my Doctoral in Theologiae at Shalom. I hope to finish my Associates of Liberal Arts at New Mexico Junior College as I only have 4 core classes to complete that degree. Well thats enough about me; let's get back to what is happening now at this time in the prison. So as I was in Crossing's pod (a.k.a. Gød's pod) I did not have a problem with the child molesters and rapist and rats thats not who I am anymore. I do not hurt people anymore. So Chaplain Wayne Brazil got upset because I was cooking my kosher meal and they were having a service but I was cooking before he had even gotten there then he started; you need to stop and go sit down and listen to the service and worship with your Christian brothers.... That set me off the deep end, as those so-called Christian brothers were selling dope to the whole of the prison; as they had people they worked for bring them in all they could and there for most part homosexual's is doing their evil as everyone turned a blind eye to the fact. That's why I dropped out of the University of the Southwest Seminary Pilot program, this is what the future pastors are I did not want to be placed in that same standing so I dropped out plus warden R.C. Smith had it out for all programs... So that is where I find myself as Chaplain Wayne Brazil was against any other religious groups and if you were not white you werent right. Thats a whole nother story. So this is why I was placed here at H4-C-215 LCCF in Hobbs New Mexico 88244. my number is [redacted] I've been in about 16 years. So to step one conditions leading to prison riots. 1) External pressure that warden Smith is cutting work, college, and most program he can in order to insure profits for GEO and step one complete. "i.e. the skill has more cost cutting to do."... 2) Internal pressure from corrections staff- there is gaps across the board According to ACA only 10% is allowed in Pin.m. 29%, western 51%, Roswell 63% Springer Women's 70% and GEO Group 70% or lower they have been fined at L.C.C.F. 871,918 thousand dollars in fines and penalties altogether-5,678,848 in penalties and fines there is a public safety issue as incoming secretary of corrections David Jablonski takes over.. Step two complete... 3) Internal pressure from inmates - It is the practice to not allow prisoners any freedom's theres nothing except drug's and violence in the past month Since coming to Housing unit 4 there have been very serious injuries a week and a half there was and inmate attacked in the Rec. yard stabbed & Rock's were used to split his head open and his face, From his mouth to his ear bashed and split open. Today as I sit here at 6:00 A.M. I went to heat me a cup of coffee was not a few seconds and A-pod was full of tear gas also B-pod were locked down again third time in under a month yesterday they attack a guard in D-pod. There violation of Inmates Constitution rights. If the drugs stop there is only one thing for inmates to do. "Riot" (Step 3 in progress) 4) Inmate Ideologies That Justify Revolt - This prison system has stop free movement period. You can not get out to go to school, work, or even the library the medical system here is so dangerous that you must do your own medical procedures; like my tooth extraction is took me over 15 hours to pull it out after 2 months of sidecalls. I could no take the pain so I pried it out with my tooth brush and two types of string tied around it I also had to cut open a bug bit or staff infection under my left arm I pulled apart a new razor and cut it open and milked it everyday putting triple bacteria into the wound. And I am not alone. "Step four complete" 5) Unjust prison administration actions - That's what brought me here to hell the belly of the beat. I have 2 federal 1983 against warden Smith and the second against Doctor Birnbaum, Corizon Medical. The prison's asult’s went from about 10 to 15, now over 40 or so monthly, lockdown's etc. Now we come to a history lesson by professor Bert unseen - In 1998, New Mexico opened three prisons that were build and operated by private contractors. Within a year, each of them experienced a major riot or riots On April 6, 1999, the Lea County Correctional Facility in Hobbs New Mexico rioted about 170 inmates took part, resulting in injuries to 13 officers and 2 prisoners. Finally, on August 31, 1999 at the Guadalupe County Correctional Facility in Santa Rosa, inmates stabbed and critically wound an inmate and stabbed to death a correctional officer. One-third of the prison itself was damaged. I myself have been in Santa Rosa from 2002 to 2004 and again in 2011 to 2013 and it was where I got a lot my health issues besides the one's from the Gulf War and Gulf War Illness. I got high blood pressure, became a diabetic type 2 and allergies came from the stress of not knowing who was going to get you when you put your guard down we kindly refer to it as "Gladiator School" if you survive there you can survive anywhere. Tensions with corrections staff - It was that the staff were losing control of their facilities, in both management and line levels, was inexperienced. They are located in remote parts of the state with little population base from which to recruit, and the firm offers low pay for correctional officers. "Wardens don't listen to their staffs complaints to his my way or the highway" Ideals. Turnover here at this Facility is about 80% to 98% of the officers do not last a week on the line due to the wardens pressure and the danger they face as the population is getting more and more upset and coming together in a loose unity and the out of state inmates are getting hurt because of there mentality from other states does not fit this type of prison system. There are no longer prison gangs per-se as other states have they were removed in about 2006 So the whole system was upset now the gangs from there home town are running the show but aren't so much interested in the old code. They want the drugs and if anyone upsets it flow that set things in to action. The prison guards don't have to fear that they will get stabbed or seriously hurt. As the end to this outcry is that the Federal Government Abandon the privatization of the Federal prison system so should the states it cost more in lawsuits, violence, and constitutional amendments are violated daily as it is an "unmitigated disaster" I believe that the New Mexico prison system is due for a large scale riot as it is taken to many programs, and amenities like higher prices for commissary items, with no work available for them to make any type of income at all, the supplies also have been removed, medical treatment is impossible to get proper treatment dental care or any medications or devices. As they believe everything that comes out of a inmates mouth is a lie I've been trying for over 12 years to see about my Gulf War Illness and I have my VA paper work, my military paper work and my military medical file and I've tried to have them order them for themselves with a order form but they refuse to do anything so they don't have to treat any medical issue if they don't know about it. I've filed 2 1983 civil rights lawsuits but the company will pay for any judgments against the Nursing staff and Doctor. But I now hold there license in my hands Doctor and Nurse's alike and there leaving the Corizon and Centurion Health Care because they know there doing the wrong thing's for the company's bottom line now they have there very livelihood is at stake. I leave you with this document... "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. ... Please contact me if you have anything to say, good, bad, and indifferent all welcomed... Sincerely an old Soldier Victor Andrew Apodaca Sr Master of Nouthetic Counseling "Summa cum laude" Bachelors of Theology "Magna cum laude" P.M.I. Associate Evangelist Minister of the Word of Truth "Shalom"

Author: Apodaca, Victor Andrew, Sr.

Author Location: New Mexico

Date: June 26, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 10 pages

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