Prior to my incarceration

Forster, Seth



Biography Prior to my incarceration I was a business manager and family man. A US Navy Vet who served up to just after 9/11 and was in the Gulf when everything went down. After that I went to work for the family business, married a beautiful woman and had two of the most wonderful children I could ever conceptualize. As years progressed I became disillusioned with life and ignored my PTSD and health issues connected to my life in the service. Eventually I took most of my life for granted and stopped being the person I was. Instead my choices led to a total sense of ennui and I was no longer responsible at home or at work. I forgot the importance of love, care, and boundaries. I became worse than a Bobble Head dad. I ended up sharing my disillusionment with my now ex wife, my step daughter and my own children. This ended up in what led to my crime and incarceration. Which as bad as it was, was also probably the only thing that saved my life. I had after all been ready to suck on a .44 lollipop and even had a great flavor already in hand from Smith and Wesson. Now I am rediscovering myself in the system, becoming once again the person I was meant to be and not the person who ended up here in the system. Today I spend my days helping a wonderful old man who is disabled and wheelchair bound. My job as an ADA Assistant has shown me the joys of helping others first once again. Outside of my job I also do volunteer work on my housing unit, work to maintain my health with my own disabilities, and on the prison programs and coursework/schooling. One day, if given a chance I will be allowed to rejoin society, but until such a time I will continue to work on myself as best as the system will allow.

Author: Forster, Seth

Author Location: Utah

Date: March 31, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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