Prison conditions

Knox, Evan



E.Knox441566 P.O. Box 279 S.C.C.F Clifton, TN 38425 APWA C/o College Hill Rd. Clinton, NY 13323 SUBJECT: Prison conditions To Whom This May Concern, I'm sending this in regard to your ad in the PLN Publication. I'm currently incarcerated in TDOC, serving a 30yr. sentence. The State currently has 4 contracts with CCA (Corrections Corporations of America). I'm currently at a CCA contracted facility, South Central. I can aver that the current conditions here are deplorable, dehumanizing, and unconstitutional. The grievance procedure here, at S.C.C.F is in ineffective, every time one produces a grievance it's concluded and returned asifaligible. No hearings are being conducted either. The Segregation is a dungeon inside a dungeon. There is no cleaning of the cells, once you're inside of them. There is no allowance of shoes, you're made to walk around either barefooted or in flip fops. No rec is being afforded either. Left alone in pod for long periods oftime without staff conducting their rounds. 3 Rehabilitation is a joke at S.C.C.F. there are no programs offered here. The only program offered is a drug rehabilitation program which is not an option, nor available for individuals as myself. We constantly being punished and have privileges and rights taken away due unethical administration. We're constantly being placed on lockdown, commissary is price grouching, without our wages being raised. Visitation is a dehumanizing factor for us, and our loved ones. The practices here have awarded this facility with an abundance of lawsuits. The turning around of loved ones, the long waiting periods. The unrequired, unconstitutional searches of females on their menstrual cycles, the list can go on and on. I hope that I've meet your standards of the prison conditions. Now I have an inquiry, Now that we know the problem what are we going to do for a solution? Respectfully, E. Knox

Author: Knox, Evan

Author Location: Tennessee

Date: June 30, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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