Prison conditions

Knox, Evan



April 11, 17 Clifton, TN Subject: Prison Conditions As I penning this narrative, I'm secluded from the compound. The daily hustle and bustle of prison living. The confinement in HSA (High Security Area) are atrocious. Right now I hear, "Ahh, ahh, alright, quit it, please don't". Two inmates are cellmates, without stabbing the other. The c/o's are just watching yelling "Get on the ground, get the fuck on the ground." Crazy huh? The temperment here is a ticking time bomb. I attend education classes here (computer), from 8-2pm. We lockdown at 2:45pm. Got off for chow at 4:15-4:30pm, then lock down again at 6pm, and if a petty, do their job c/o works then it's [their?] management. So for us that attend school we're not afforded recreation. 5/30/17 I'm currently closed custody now due to an conflict of interest on D-board. I'm currently in chancery court with a writ of certiorari against the warden, Cherry Lindamond, D-Board chair person Brenda Pevahouse, and TDOC Warden of operations. The D-Board personal has been served but I'm continuously being punished as retaliatory actions for me exercising my right to challenge any ruling against me. Now that I'm housed closed custody, this just solidifies my level of [points?] which means I have to be housed around people of same custody levels, no restrictions none whatsoever. I'm not maximum security. Now here at South Central they state that they do not house close custody so we're treated as if we're in the segregation. We not allowed our TV's which we own and ordered. We not allowed our access outside our cells some days. Just like today we're told recreation is canceled due Memorial Day. What not in policy. policy 506.16 "living Conditions for Segregated Inmates States". Definitions IV-G - Segregation The purposeful separation of inmates from the general population in confinement or housing where measures are taken to provide maximum security and/or to control their circumstances or circumscribe their freedom. This general status is for either punitive or administrative reasons. V - policy - Living conditions of segregated inmates shall be approximate to those of the general population and their rights and privileges shall not be limited to any further extent than is necessary for their own well-being and 4 the good order of the institution. VI - procedures - B - Health and Hygiene provisions - 4 - b - Exercise periods shall be according to the following: (1) Inmates shall be taken to a secure outside exercise yard for one hour, weather, and other circumstances permitting (2) Inmates should be taken to a secure hallway or day room for one hour during inclement weather or if other circumstances preclude use of an outdoor exersize yard. By this being a private prison they choose to deprive us of our liberty protected [?].

Author: Knox, Evan

Author Location: Tennessee

Date: April 11, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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