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Archegos: [redacted] 8-24-19 [redacted] prison cell / office #[redacted] RE: P.I.C. P.I.A. California Prison Industrial complex, prison industry authority A Short Story By Captain Bully Fuct! Fuct Graf x corporation x - Fuct Store X-Yange Corporations of America also known as the Big Gorilla Davy "crazy" man whitecell c 2019 Pages 1-4 - Dated 8-24-19, the rest finished on 11-4-19 7:05am 8-23-19 cell door opens like a rat in a cage its feeding time I'm right out side the medical pill line window so I see everyone everyday that comes in and out of the E.O.P. Unit here at the prison a "snake pit" if you even read, or study the dictionary that has become the word of the Day According to The American Heritage Collegic Addition of Collage known ledge dictionaries go's a Snake pit is defined as: A Mental facility we here at the Creek we'll @ least me I can't speak for anyone else but me think of this place as the Gracelands of prisons as for that go's for the donkeys that them selves classify themselves as failures in life they will go to work and love it! For pennies a Day yea 8¢ a hour in Lancaster State prison on the yard crew. That was my pay 80 hours a month minus the 3.20 + administration fees I had after my fine imposed by the court about 280 something left wow for 80 hours talk about slave labor and a 3rd world nation! Well if you ever been on a yard in a California prison especially a level 3 or 4 270 design you 2 would understand when I say shit hole nation their isn't a blade of grass to be found anywhere, but if you consisten weeds grass well there are plenty of those, the yard crew will make a big show to cut them when even a big wig shows up to envestigate or witness things that inmates complain about but unless you are here 24/7 all 3 shifts all 7 days in a week and 30 in the month you cant and wont understand the way things are run in a maximum security prison, Mental Health Facility, you have to understand that just because you may suffer from a mental illness does not excuse you from punishment if you commit a crime the fact of the matter is did you realize you were so called crazy? are you a crazy person do you have any mental problems or are you just a dope fiend that wanted to kill your self cause you don't get your way so your gonna show them the c/o's by trying or saying your gonna kill yourself so you can get something by manipulation of the staff I see if you have issues then if you do handle your business it don't take a tough guy to pull the trigger yet I see youngsters younger then my son trying to take over a world that they are not ready to take, me I'm a nobody so I was walking to chow by myself when I here over the loud speaker P.A. System on the yard "you inmates standing out side of work exchange" "get to work" as I passed by I looked at how everyone was almost proud or excited to be working. I thought to myself wow they can some day work up to a dollar or so a day so being a smart ass joker that I am I had to explain to them as I past to crew that everyone there could have had a career at McDonalds' and been manager by now instead [illegible] to take extra food left over form the kitchen cause in your mind your endlessly hungry 3 It a Sabbath Day so I'm reflecting it's 9:30 pm I start my days early 3:00am to 4:30 6 days a week on the Sabbath around 5:00am have to think outside the Box! like I was [illegible] "Jack in the Box" taco's only 99¢ over forty+ years now as far as I can remember, their a little white trashy if you find them in a dumpster and eat them cold but their still good even if you have to buy them just thinking back 10 years now or so @ medication call tonight looking into the trash I found a carrot a apple as I was discovering these fruits of the Spirit oh there is a mustard packet as I reach for it the c/o calls out to me Whitecell get out of the trash yea O.K. I'm a scavenger look I reply a sealed packet of mustard now I have something to go with my cold chicken and bread and I have running water in my cell so someone isn't starving tonight on lockdown, yea the c/o's around here and a lot of the inmates think I'm crazy? Well hello I thought that's what you all said I was? So now what I'm your chimp suppose to fall into line and all of sudden start taken orders from some twenty something ex-soldiers that did one or two tours in Iraq or some where else while I'm locked up for 21 years at 52 for nothing more than sign language reminds me of the movie The Beach where Leonardo DeCaprio use's the fuct t-shirt left behind, at the hostel for him that was Slicks and company's ex-fuct design 4 which if anyone were to do their do dilly dilly diligence find out that old Davy Whitecell was part of that whole crew in Los Angeles in the 90's late 80's heck I even remember the first day my parole officer came into my tattoo palore in Hollywood as if to surprise me @ work when Robert Pasterele was waiting for my partner Mark M. at the studio and the fool was star struck as soon he seen Robert, I mean he started flipping out, like he was in the presence of Jesus Christ himself or something he started to become unbalanced and all thoughts about me and my job and why I carried a beeper in those days right? came to a hultt and he exclaimed I'm gonna go ask him for his autograph I smiled and told the dumbass parole officer no your not that's my bosses friend don't you dare. This isn't the time or place to be asking for shit from people in our studio who have nothing to do with me! you came here to visit me you see I'm working and back then about 1989 I was in the middle of building sets of needles and companations for the day it isn't like today when you can just call up and order a box of pre-sterial hand made one time use 50 in a box for like 10-12 bucks wholesale back in 89 we made everything still by hand and did our own in house sterilization now a days that is mentally oppsolete from the days of John & [Balizare?] Getty as well as Estel the Getty family to the Barrymore's little Drew and ever last of House of Pam to Mike Ness of socially distorted music I'll be the Angel that sings Capt. Davy 5 Crazy! While the whole world is cracking up like a bad airplane on some Orwellin foretold story of the future to come, remember if you forget your past you will be condemned to repeat it! And most likely all of its mistakes also remember just as anger can consume a man, it can only do so if that man allows it too. Most of the time I spend training, training for my survival, I train to win I am a winner, even when I lose, I may have lost but I did not fail to try to win, so I am not a failure my Father the Almighty god does not allow me to fail, there are no failures in life people! Only chapters in learning like a wise man once said in the time of the ancients, how long will you you simple ones love your simple ways? How long will mockers delight in mockery and fools hate knowledge? Well we know that we must keep it simple stupids K.I.S.S. U.S. Army, if we have learned anything S.N.A.F.U.A.U. always remembering to be grateful for what I have not thinking about what I don't have or be a begger and make people hate me if a person is not a cheerful giver or never had anything to give and in prison he is blessed with a job that pays 30-100 6 bucks a month he is almost counted among the rich among the penny pinchers if he is wealthy he has outside support and is counted among the few after 20-30 40 years some men just give up and become weak and submit to the young the youth although may have the strength? But do they have the mental capacity to draw on that body in the time of need to go the distance to always be prepared I see few! Yet I am beginning to see more I feel a presence surrounding me I become stronger each day the intelligence I gather while at yard the haters, the lovers, the war on the battle field. In full view of my eyes I can't help but chime in with a theme song like the "O.S." J:V. Show "old school" or old S.W.A.T. maybe "the streets of San Francisco" starting "Micheal Douglas" the names and places have been changed to protect the innocent, just remember just like special weapons of war tactics can be also used with out ever firing one round of ammo, a pen is mightier than a sword, and the kid David chucked rocks form a sling to slay a giant and become king here you will see even kings eat with their subject's at the 7 time of war! You see in prison especial here being provost USMC of psychiatry these smart peoples forget to remember that while they hide there words with latin or Greek or Hebrew ect. I'll still be here [proagating?] there false doctrines to expose them for what the are as I so often here grown men cry out for help most of the time it is the ones that need it I'll assit the rest are cattaled by the staff and taken to crisis bed or suicide watch only to come back to talk almost how good the food is and of they don't get their way the can always go suicidal for better food, then they complain about their property cause they rolled it up in the unit not knowing if they will return. Unlike old Davy here I went to the medical hospital and was harrassed over the 4th of July holiday by Mom! That's all just my like my Bible says what else can man do to me? When I injured myself running exercising yet being accused basically of being a crazy drug addict yet. I am the one that expressed that I used Meth in the early days of my youth and only a few times since and am a member 8 c/o Davy Whitecell of N/A. For many years since the late 90's and have over 6 years clean & sober now as well as many years as a man of God who has his faults yet I am a nobody but I'll tell you this somebody loves me since most everywhere I go I have to remember just like 2 Pac said all eyes on me! I am true to the game and believe that a man in this world has 2 things his name, and his reputation (Proverbs 22:1) So in closing I will say this even though these writing of prison life well take months to be archived as we get stated remember the 16th president Abe Lincoln and the procalmation of 1863 for Thanksgiving titled "Thanksgiving proclamation of 1863 to celebrate the giving of thanks to God" for our blessing in America remember people come judgement day there will be no race no color no culture no landlords no tax to be collected no only one man their before the almighty Father of the Universe and his son Jesus Christ he will either speak up for you or simply denie he ever new you! Me I'm gonna be dancing like ol' Micheal Jackson and Jesus well be like pop's see he can't stop just [Wane'] old Davy on in Go Navy Davy Amen! God bless the U.S.A. For loving memory Marie Kolasinski the piecemakers

Author: Whitecell, Davy

Author Location: California

Date: August 24, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 8 pages

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