Prison is no place for innocent people or mentally ill people

Evans, Lorenzo



Prison is no place for innocent people or mentally ill, people. Greeting from behind Menards. barbed, wired, fence, My current residence entails a twenty-three-hour stay in a very small cell. My body is being held captive but my mind and thinking are beyond this cell but I still suffer on a daily basis. My suffering comes from being convicted of a crime that I didn't commit. Having already lost 15yrs of my freedom, it hasn't been easy. How does an innocent man stay sane inside the insanity in which he is forced to live? He has to have hope, even when he's surrounded by hopelessness. It's obvious that innocent people shouldn't be in prison but what about mentally ill people? The worst place for them to be in jail or prison. So, why are innocent people and mentally people in prison? It's because the U.S. enjoy jailing and imprisoning its own citizens. We have some prosecutors who do everything in their power to obtain as many convictions as possible, regardless of the actual guilt or innocence of a person. We need prison diversion programs for the mentally ill. Adequate mental health care for these guys are often lacking in our prisons. It's hard for mentally ill people to follow prison rules, as a result, they could end up in segregation a.k.a the hole. Over the years, I've heard so many unbelievable, horrible stories about the mentally ill that are housed in segregation. Some of them are labeled s.m.i, severely, mentally ill. The ones that are housed in Pontiac seg are known for throwing and spitting feces on eachother. As a seg gallery worker in Menard, I got to witness some of the things that I once had only heard of. I lost count of how many guys arms I've seen full of self-inflicted scars. I have seen guys who had a habit of smearing their feces all other themselves and their cell. I have seen a guy who refused all of his food trays and when asked what are you going to eat? He took out a tray of his feces and began eating it. I have seen guys who could only be fed finger food because if you gave them a fork or spoon, they would stick it in their penis or up their rectum. I know a guy who mutilated his genitals and had to be rushed to the outside hospital where he stayed for some days. When he was returned back to Menard, he had to be rushed to the hospital again because he removed his staples. These people need help. They shouldnt be in prison. Innocent people need help, we shouldn't be in prison, Thank you for reading my words.

Author: Evans, Lorenzo

Author Location: Illinois

Date: July 16, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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