Prison lives matter

Britney, Gulley



Prison Lives Matter by:Gulley Britney Those incarcerated in the carceral system are still humans. No matter what crime they did or did'nt commit. Although this may be theoretically stated and true, there are those monsters who think the incarcerated are nothing but animals and trash that can be treated any kind of way and should be disposed of like scum just because they're incarcerated. Those monsters are 98.999% employed at the prisons in positions of authority. Why is that? If you are reading this, either you have empathy for those incarcerated, or you're incarcerated, or you're one of those monsters in that 98.999% that is about to be exposed. Either way, justice shall be in the face of politics, liberation shall not be a struggle, victory is for the oppressed and the monsters shall be crushed. Across Texas, the prison system is failing. There are shortages of correctional officers. There is poor medical treatment. There is inadequate feeding of meals. There is an increase in assaults, rapes and harassment against prisoners subjected by TDCJ empoyees, There is an increase in hostility, animosity, bullying and discrimination against prisoners by TDCJ employees. There is an inexplicable increase in prisoners held in prolonged solitary confinement. Why? The assaults and other violence committed against prisoners are covered-up with being labeled as "use of force" or "disciplinary" in which the prisoner attacked the employee. All lies and bogus fronts to conceal the fact that TDCJ employees are responsible for all assaults and violence against prisoners. It is a risk I take incessantly by providing details and updates of the injustices that exist on Lane Murray Unit. The facility that is currently ran by the tyrant Warden Audrey England, who is responsible for the death of a child and was never prosecuted nor indicted, but also receieves venal payments for the number of prisoners held in RHU (solitary confinement). I suffer daily by the hands of this brute Warden Audrey England and her army of sycophants under her rule who do their masters biddings. The prisoners at Lane Murray Unit are victims of oppression, suppression and compression. Audrey and her army's sole purpose is to annihilate, pulverize and unify a genocide of the prison population. I am a true martyr and my martyrdom, in hopes of ending mass incarceration, racist brutality, political repression, ensure incarcerated people have human rights, is the determination of my petition, goal and dream. Nothing has changed much since 1861 in the mind of Warden Audrey England. To her, People of Color are nothing more than a slave, deserving of being lynched, beaten and slaughtered like cattle. She is promoting more People of Color in positions of rank in her army of sycophants that do their masters biddings out of malice because they are nothing more than brown nosers, a$$ kissers, house pets whom are losers that are white-washed and confused, scared of Audrey and the power she wields with tyranny. True white supremacy, fascism and autocracy is refined on Lane Murray Unit - by Warden Audrey England and is structured with an iron hand. Forgive me for my tactless approach to the underlying diplomatic topic of uncivil and heartless occurrences that are partial to the national society. The dehumanizing torture and inhumane treatment prisoners are subjected to, is the epitome of injustice that goes unanswered and unjustified. Why? Because in Texas, the prison system is designed for People of Color to be compressed into a dungeon and suppressed into silence. The oppression is designed to break People of Color mentally, emotionally, psychologically and to some spiritually. A monopoly utilized to make profit off of prisoners just like slave owners made off of the plantation crops in the 1800s. Where does Audrey England fit into this puzzle? The mere fact that she is a renowned member of the KKK and has ancestral ties with prominent slave owners could be incentive why TDCJ pays her extra income the more prisoners she holds captive in RHU (solitary confinement). Or why she was never indicted for the death of an innocent child. It goes to show, that MONEY rules the world. Money can buy anything in Texas. Especially,. if you're White! It is an opaque profession to declare that Prison Lives Matter, because in all actuality, to be truthful, prison lives DO NOT matter. Ask Warden Audrey England, she'll tell you! Prisoners are the scum on her shoe. (Her actual words stated). Why is someone with so much hatred towards prisoners in the position of authority? Capitalism and autocracy is the reason for productivity and superalative inhumanity. Prison reform starts with the legislation. Governor Abbott,a republican and biased leader, has no plans of alleviating mass incarceration or modifying prisoners treatment by the cruel employees hired by TDCJ. He is all about the money. He racks in about 180 billion in revenue from the government from prisoners in a year. And these profits come from prisoners working 12-16 hours a day for FREE. The poor gets poorer and the rich gets richer. From phone calls to letters to visitation from family and loved ones, all costing prisoners and their family, while the governor and TDCJ attain lucrative incomes and salaries. More evidence that prison. lives do not matter. So what can be done about these atrocities? Advocacy, protests, movements for justice. A revolution for equality starts with those of you who are opposed to white supremacy, capitalist explitation, repression, oppression, rape, racism, inequality and hatred. Those of you who have a heart and some monster who doesnt should be disgrace to you. Apathy is dangerous in the world today, but yet it is lik cancer spreading like a plague, infecting the national society with strategic methods. Nelson Mandela once stated, "To be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others." The spirit and profound words of Nelson Mandela lives on and makes an impact internationally towards human rights violations and U.S. held political prisoners. I strive to continue to expose the prison industrial infrastructure of slavery, mass incarceration, prolonged solitary confinement, human rights violations of prisoners, racism, transphobia, abuse and tyranny. The imperialism empire of hatred shall shatter one day. With the Support of those who have the valor to campaign and advocate for the voiceless and suppressed, we shall rise above attempts of genocide and political repression. A network of peace and justice shall be organized. A constitution for modification. A deconstruction of poverty, racism, homophobia, capitalism and tyranny starts with you. Prison Lives Matter! Who can you tell? Spread the word! Gulley Britney #[ID] [address] email @ SECURUS

Author: Britney, Gulley

Author Location: Texas

Date: 2023

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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