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Atkins, Richard, Jr.



By: Richard Atkins, Jr. -essay- "Prison Reform Is..." Prison reform is; having an entrepreneur mind state. 'cause most prisoners are not trying to better themselves. They're walking around the yard looking for a hit to get high... Ain't too many inmates trying to write a book, get their education or hustle. Nah. Most prisoners are lost to the system; severely down on themselves. So they walk around to spread gossip and rumors. And that's what I've known, to lead riots and melees on the yard! Many inmates have no self motivation or self awareness. So they have no self respect; that leads to self hatred and conflict. Prison reform is; me leading by example as I get LA Prince Global, Inc. off the ground, on my own... With every thought of the days and years going by in prison, you have to use your brain to collect dollars and wealth. But most prisoners need your help, and really don't need your help. what they need is; some motivation from within. I tell other inmates that I'm motivated by motivation and my people not leaving here on earth broke... More than fifty novels written; is due to my love for myself, my family and true friends. I'm cut from a cloth, you just can't stretch. And I ran in a circle that you couldn't test. That cloth; i'm cut from, is like a million dollar home! And many inmates will never be able to picture that luxury living. It's not just luxury living, but hard work daily. You can pay your dues, and your dues will eventually pay you, in full. When I think back on my prison years in the future, i'll remember a struggle right next to slavery! one that I overcame, by using my brain to gain and maintain my good name. The prison cell, changed my thinking this time around. I discovered a hidden talent, and can't no one besides God stop my grind... Inmates have to find a dream, in order to escape the misery. 'cause a dream, is the only defense for being trapped in a cage everyday. With a dream you're living for, you will become mentally fit for this hell on earth! But for a person, to sit in a cell watching television all day and thinking about their next high; it's insanity and damn near suicidal... I believe that, if you're not learning you're dying weakly. And to not die strong as a man should, isn't at all a part of God's plan. We was put on earth to teach, learn, love and advance. Not to die, cheat, steal and hate one another. 'cause I see so many good souls walking this earth, that can be God! Although, I also see the misplaced hate, that is a disgrace to all mankind. We were not created for earth, to murder us! what would be the point in that? I'm aware of the fact that we're all living to die. But living to die, doesn't mean we can't live to survive. I want to walk on the earth for a century, and leave behind a legacy, that'll travel the earth for another thousand years! So, to all my convicts and you inmates; you need to challenge your energy with some type of dream. 'cause without something to motivate you to continue on with life, you just sit here and die... Prison reform is; following a path to success and love. But next to some type of dream!

Author: Atkins, Richard, Jr.

Author Location: California

Date: October 16, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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