Prison system complicity

Cervantes, Mario



Mario Cervantes Prison System Complicity The premeditation of the New Mexico department of incorrectness to conciously strip inmates of human dignity further suppressing an already suppressed demographic is to be complicit in the furtherance of violent criminal behavior. Any system that causes a human being to rationalize behavior uncomparable to any animal as in wanton violence, brutal victimization and exploitation of other human beings is a view from the highest point of society, distorted! A distorted view of themselves as morally sound participants amongst the immoral behavior conducted in a misanthropic manner. The further vitiation of broken human being instead of educating the inmate in attempt to help rebuild the human being from the remnants that exist from his or her life before the violence, abuse and drug addiction is the human condition at its most deplorable on full view! There is no accountability for what the Department of Corrections isn't doing. The term "DOC" comes from society putting their best self forward with their most "ethical" human beings sending the feat to correct issues that will help our societys. Where has this great idea gone so wrong? Wrong in a way that rape, murder, brutal violence and precise predatory behavior has become a shrug of the shoulders with the explanation, "it's prison." As if to say what do you expect from the human beings from who you as a society has labeled in need of "correction?" The saying two wrongs don't make a right comes to mind. The real worrisome nature of it all is the Department of Corrections is to far gone to be corrected itself. Society should be worried that this department ment to correct is putting an extremily faulty and dangerous product out into the world. We are a nation of incarceration that far exceeds any other and with a prison population becoming far more violent as well as a society that is far to used to seeing and hearing about violence, it's become acceptable. Yes, us inmates maybe your relative in some manner or fashion, but what does that matter to those who we are not related to? Criminals don't come to prison without committing crimes and the crimes do not stop because the criminal was released into society from an extremily criminal world. Food and medication has the FDA, toy companies have whoever they have monitoring them. Who is monitoring the prison systems? Yes, there's the PIRA, ACLU, Solitary Advocates, etc, but are they first hand making sure gov money is put to educational programming, G.E.D. teachers are doing their jobs. Just yesterday mental health providers came to my solitary confinement door and told me, "you haven't killed yourself yet so you must be O.K." Who is monitoring the prison system? At the end of the day there must be one who rises above the other in a moral productive manner with compassion so that the other can have an opportunity to be corrected. On side must embrace the up hill battle to righteousness. The obvious side is the one who's designated themselves as the Department of Corrections. They must now reverse the Orwellian conversion of "corrections" they've taken on. I am an inmate within the New Mexico Department of Corrections, have been since 2004. I have seen it far to often that though the inmates conduct themselves in accordance with surviving the brutal violence found within prison. Most inmates are hopeful that they can escape it. There just isn't anything the DOC provides to allow a real escape. It's more common for an inmate to come to terms that the prison officials have no interest in correcting an inmates life through educational or rehabilitative programming. Then it comes down to the inmate to resist DOC's oppressive nature through violence and criminal behavior. Or, to take interest in himself proactively pursuing self education through library services and self reflection. In doing this, the inmate is risking life in hope to gain a real life. all due to gang ties being complete bondage. The quiet and secreted educating of oneself so as not to be found out by your gang peers is a very dangerous and hard endeavor. The duality of it is a hardship within itself due to an already limited education possible addictions with no programming to assist the individual. One educates him or herself to better equip themselves to get out of the circumstances their tired of being in. This means gang members will distance themselves from their gang. Once one starts educating themselves it's near impossible to relate to those you did before. You have to try though while in prison so not to succumb to the constant dangers of prison life. There is nothing in the form of positive encouragement which is basic human necessity. This self education happens far more often than the department of corrections is willing to provide educational or vocational courses. No such courses exist to help fortify the desire of the inmate to move away from the life of gangs, violence and drug addiction. I know this first hand due to my nearly 14 1/2 years in solitary confinement and hard work I've put in educating myself. This was all done while being a productive prison gang member. I lived this duality and had not one word or hand of assistance provided me by the NMDOC. Is it possible? Yes! But my life I've worked so hard to gain is now at risk of death. My educating myself allowed me to see gang life and membership for the senseless existence it is. Now, though due to New Mexicos Department of Corrections not having any hand in my transformation their doubt of my new life places me in constant solitary confinement. The question at hand, who's obligation is it of the DOC and inmate to be morally sound; the criminals or those who take on the job within the Department of Corrections? Mario Cervantes

Author: Cervantes, Mario

Author Location: New Mexico

Date: January 23, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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