Prison system with this pandemic

Benefield, Kevin M., Sr.



12/7/21 PRISON SYSTEM WITHN WITH THIS PANDEMIC. Hello folks out ther, I hope every one is taking precautions and being safe out there, As I do in here. Yester day I done got my Booster/ and I got an bandaid on my right arm from the flu shot, which I got three weeks ago, and a band aid on my left arm from getting the booster yester day I lift up both sleeves at the same time an tell folks I"m only trying to be safe, with this new¥ Variant out there going got me very precautious in here and I try to fill my family in out there on being safe well the jail I came from last year is on lock down due to Covid and I thank god I got out of there before this pandemic came into affect. Back in may or june I had asked medical could I get a Booster and they was like he wants a Booster, Omicrom to me sounds like something I don"t want in my body and as the Bible says, we will die from a dreadful disease and wher its at in the bible I don't know but I read it before when my mother gave me my first bible I'm into the Qur'an these days and being in here 22 days shy of 12 years and I get smarter with the time. Bob Dole on the other hand was sad to here about his death but we all have a # and when God calls on us we got to check out and hopefully go to paridise and live there till the end of time, we got to make room for the new ones coming and all this artificial mess going on, if the one. If the one who replaces what God has given him or her with some thing artificial, there life will never be right. I thank God for all I done learned in here out there where I thank God for it or as they say Allah as we say in the Muslim World. THANK YOU KB.

Author: Benefield, Kevin M., Sr.

Author Location: Connecticut

Date: December 7, 2021

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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