Prison: Where torture of a human is legal

Shu'Ayb, Khalil



Re: Non-fiction Essay Entitled: "Prison: Where Torture of a Human is Legal" Tumult, as described in most dictionaries or by other sources, is an agitation of the mind & emotions. The egregiousness of an act of tumult is explicit on its face, but the dynamics & ramifications of such are far more problematic when scrutinized, this is in hopes (this essay) a step in the direction in the vein of scrutiny, so that oppression of any kind, & anywhere is extirpated. The Bill Clinton Administration made it far more difficult for a prisoner to obtain relief in the fed. courts, by an oppressive enactment of the 'PLRA'. But what has occurred as in most instances of evil, is that the singular evil becomes so expansive, it corrupts the already pre-existing banality that is the prison system. I entered the prison system for the first time in 2009, & immediately had issues. I'm a mentally ill person which exacerbates acrimonious treatment in my direction due to lack of knowledge of mental illness & the gen. apathetic attitude of prison employees & the South Carolina Dept. of Corrections, to prisoners & their needs. This I hope I'll address w/more clarity hereafter. Nevertheless, I filed a pro sé fed. lawsuit against SCDC employees, survived the summary judgement phase & was awarded a trial. I was also appointed attorneys), to represent my persons at trial. I knew that once I met this attorney from Nelson, Mullins Riley & Scarborough, that they/he didn't have my best interests at heart, nor were they going to represent me or my claims in a fashion in which a favorable outcome at trial could be realized. To encapsulate, although due to the furtiveness & malfeasance of the gov't & 'SCDC', etc, I cant prove this, but I know the firm I mentioned was working w/gov't, the Dept of Corrections, to allow the process & the trial to be a farce & as futile as it was. So after SCDC targets me as a trouble-maker the onslaught of oppression, assaults, harrasments, ect, begin. I've been sprayed w/chemical munitions aprx five times, w/out provocation, ofc's have given spurious account of why they did so, I've spent 4½ yrs in solitary confinement, where my mental health deteriorated to a level where I couldn't function properly, where I was given wrong psychotropics purposely & continously that caused adverse effects on mental health, physical detriment (all documented), where I've developed a debilitating urinary issue since 2011 that still hasn't been treated in a constitutional manner, where I suffer from private part discharge, extreme pain in lower region, legs, ect. So imagine the psychological ramifications for an individual already suffering from mental health illness pre-incarceration, what I've described in this very gen. way, amounts to nothing short of torture, which is described as infliction of pain (severe) as a means of punishment, to inflict anguish, & another interesting definition of torture is to twist & distort, which I believe concatenates w/the definition of tumult which is to agitate the mind & emotions, they are analogous, & thus produces the confluence which is the stream of evil & deceit that I & other prisoners are subjected to on a daily basis. It was once said that oppression anywhere is oppression everywhere, in my limited understanding of this statement, germane to this/my prison experience, the same individuals who are the perpetrators of oppression are members of society, so naturally their views & ideas will corrupt the society as a whole, & those subjected to the oppression will reenter society w/feelings of angst, resentment, rage, & the futile attempts to reduce the recidivism rate are as described due to the perpetual nature of the oppression, programs, although helpful in assisting prisoners acclimate & improve themselves on some levels, will not address & assist the masses, & those in dire need of such assistance, due to the said oppression, don't think they need it & or won't take the initiative. This oppression has viewed even by the courts of this country is viewed as a consequence of incarceration, this erroneous & abhorrent ideology is at the core of this problem. Due to ofc. misconduct, I'm not just a target for administration but the prisoner as well, who for the most part incline to the evils of rumor, corruption & vileness, vicious cycle intact, objective achieved. I've been subjected to a civil conspiracy of sorts: where ofc. & administration join together to plot my demise, by way of false charges of crim. conduct on my behalf, & a litany of other action, leading to mental health erosion which grows & factifies to the severe. Very recently I appealed disc. convictions, SCDC lied to the courts, preventing my case from being heard. I appealed to the South Carolina Adm. Law Court, & the judge (Funderbunk Jr.) never responded. I appealed to the S.C. Adm. Law Court concerning another disc. prison conviction, 'SCDC' this time dismisses a conviction in which when I appealed they upheld the biased decision of the disc. hearing ofc. But it was according to them, incontrovertible guilt. The reason they did so is because they wanted to keep the issues I raised not to be heard by the court. At another trial that was had, the fed. gov't engaged in a myriad of unconstitutional conduct, wherein the court transcriber didn't transcribe the pre-trial hearing, so I couldn't appeal the decision of the trial. I wish I was making this up. You will always have women who want to work in an environment such as this for a plethora of reasons, none of them directed or inspired by moral rectitude, they want or need attention, its an opportunity to achieve 'get back' on men due to the mistreatment they've suffered in their lives, or its an opportunity to be ignorant w/out consequence, or an opportunity to be rebellious to their own inherent nature which is to be feminine & submissive to the male. These & other evil intentions are applicable to the male employed by prisons. This oppression & evil is acceptable & palatable to society, because the govt mantra is look, we need to keep these violent people locked up, so we raise taxes, their violent & incorrigible so we have to use force against them to induce compliance to the rules, ect, ect, well the devil is of a surety a liar, but when convenient he will of a certainty speak truth, not because he's honest, but because his objective is to deceive, & this is applicable to the South Carolina Dept of Corrections & the S.C. gov't. Evil in the extreme will be the result of those of who commit evil, this isint propagating violence, what other reward for evil be but the like? The problem & solution here are analogous. Prisoners when released forget about this turmoil, oppression, ect, & want to be as far removed from prison & the remembrance of it. But this is why it remains the same. Prisoners befriend the oppressors, their captors, they want to feel some connection w/ society, the evils of it, to introduce more evil into an already tense environment. Prisoners & released from prison individuals need to be connected, united, have a voice. This voice needs to reach the same Washington bureaucrats who espouse this torture in prison either by ignorance, action, or inaction. Through prose, poetry, speech, prayer & if Our Lord releases me back into society this is my earnest desire. This message needs to reach those who say these Americas, we're different from other countries, we condemn torture, oppression & the like, or make them be honest about this prison epidemic: we truly believe that once you've been convicted of a crime you forfeit your rights as a human being, & for show, we let you appeal to the courts to 'satisfy' the basic precepts of humanity we claim to uphold. We need to hold ourselves accountable, but prisoners can't be the only ones accountable here. Because I did something, or something which resulted in all of these troubles, doesn't absolve the wrongdoer, the perpetrator of oppression, evil & torture of the responsibility he has not to be a mischief-maker & the like, & to abstain from evil. They only accrue more sin to their account, until the day when there will be no chance to escape accountability & complicity. Some individuals in prison are just evil & deserve to be here, they will only be addition to pre-existing odious conduct of others in society. But this isint my story. Its easy to dehumanize when you don't see an individual as a human being. You recognize I'm human because I can talk, walk, have use of other faculties, but because of my condition & circumstance, there becomes a disconnect in the mind in regards to my humanity, thus making it easy to dehumanize, because my life has no value. African-Americans are being murdered at an exponential rate by police & other African Americans because there is no value attached to the black life. Blacks, despite the eradication of such documents, are still considered to be only 1/3 of a human being, thus making it easy to exterminate life, & to allow no punishment for such acts. Prison life is a microcosm of that scenario & to the nomenclature that is racism, oppression, torture, ect. Changes must & can be made, but freedom isint free, indefategable efforts must be put forth by the prisoner, prisoners families, society at large & even those right minded gov't officials & prison officials. I, for one, accept the challenge, & hope w/others this will resonate & permeate the hearts, & know that of a profound certitude, torture of a human being no matter his/her condition or circumstance should never be tolerated or ignored. I remain sincerely spoken, Khalil Shu'ayb Dated: 9-15-17

Author: Shu'Ayb, Khalil

Author Location: South Carolina

Date: June 15, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 9 pages

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