Prisoncrats vs. Key

Key, Kenneth M.



Prisoncrats vs. Key By Kenneth M. Key Bam! Bam! was the sound I would be awaken too! Two men dressed in orange riot gear, get up! come to the bars, no sudden moves now. Undress sir, face me, lift your nuts, fingers in mouth, head back, roll your tongue, turn around, spread your butt cheeks, squat, get dressed. This is a routine I've grown accustomed too! especially as I am engaged in challenging tactics and polices used by officers, administrators and tactical units. As this was going on I was thinking of a article in the Chicago Defender dated Sept 23rd 2016 and the article was "Prisoner allege claims of Deprivation, Physical and Sexual abuse. The article was written by Ken Hare and he points out "Mainstream media seems more interested in covering crime committed by Black people rather then what happens to them afterward." Says Attorney Allan Mills of the Uptown People's Law Center, the lead attorney representing incarcerated plaintiffs in a class action suit against the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC). A suit I am actively engaged in attempting to be part of the class and a witness against the state. Now what is happening in maximum security prisons are now happening in medium security prisons, where the narrative of abuse states they are forced to strip in front of female officers and ordered to touch their genitals and then use the same hand to open their mouths - placed in painfully tight handcuffs with their palms outwards, ordered to march from their housing unit, heads on prisoners' ahead-backs, so that the one man genitals were in direct contact with the next mans buttocks. Referred to by the Orange Crush (tactical team) as "Nuts to Butts" This morning it was just me, they were converging on. To be in the other narrative and not adhering to the formation could cause a violent attack by these men clothed in Orange and I would certainly be writing a different story. But today the tactical team was at my door in hopes of my refusing to go with them to Internal Affairs (I.A) a prison Internal Investigation Unit. Something that is usually called over the inter-com - "Key get dressed, them people want to see you," and would have suffice, but this was for show and to intimidate all who had eyes on the noise at my door. I got dressed, went with my escort, one in front, the other to the rear, who occasionally put his stick to my back to solicit a response. Played this game a hundred times and so continued to walk. Once at the office of I.A. I was escorted, uncuffed and sat before two investigators, we'll just call them Mr. A and Mr. B. Mr. A: Mr. Key it has come to our attention, you are attempting to recruit prisoners to join what is called Industrial Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC). Me: I will state for the record that I am member __________ of the Industrial workers of the world sir and under the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Jones vs. North Carolina Prisoner Labor Union Inc, the court has said Prison Authorities can't legally punish union membership. The distinction between membership which is protected. Therefore, haven't broken any rules of the IDOC. Mr. B: Yeah they said you would be a smart ass. You have been letting prisoners read various literature, like your incarcerated workers paper, yeah I saw it. Me: Again not against the rules of the Law and to be honest sir The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects Free Speech, further, prisoner retain free speech rights. Though control by means of prohibiting beliefs, wouldn't be undesirable, but impossible. Mr. A: You know we can make it difficult for you. Me: Very aware of all impending consequences resulting of my action, been in max seq, the Circuit, and so if you checked my record and I'm sure you did, really don't care if you transfer me, come ransack the cell as you usually do, spread rumors, whatever. My character is intact for everyone who knows me. So I will continue to advocate on behalf of those who can't for themselves, noting that the majority of men in prison will get out and return again. The way it's set up incarceration creates a type of individual who are unable to successfully help themselves, stripping them of the needed tools & skills catching them in the cycle of the revolving door. I'm here to prevent the cycle. The incarcerated have and are used for economic purposes. Incarceration is a means of locking up the unemployed and cause other desperate people to engage in low base jobs, for low pay. The other reason for incarceration is simply for political purpose, solely designed to lock up the poor, removing their right to vote, and the inability to ever hold a good paying job. Mr A: They say you're recruiting prisoners, so that you can strike, shut the prison down. Me: My fight is much bigger sir trust that, and that is to educate as many as I can concerning the U.S. Constitution and the punishment clause in that 13th Amendment that has allowed legal slavery and forced labor for conviction of a crime and how you and others are the only ones profiting from it. Mr A: So you think you are going to create a union. Bring these prisoners together and close us down, huh? Me: No sir! What I am going to continue to do is show my fellow prisoner how he's being used, the cost of prisons don't merely affect us and our families, but that tax payer at large. I'm not organizing or inciting anything; granted the prison functions for one reason only, that is because of the cooperation of the prisoners. That is simply a fact. So you can write your ticket any way you want, with your confidential informant who's reliable in the past crap. You read my mail before I get it and flag certain items and so you know exactly what is being received. So you don't need me to confirm anything, and if you truly had something I could certainly be in the hole (seg) by now. Mr B: Yeah! I should lock your ass up, and I know you will sue us. Me: As it is my right, as well as sharing my thoughts with others that they have this opportunity to measure their worth by dropping the mop, disregarding the broom, the floor wax machine and abandoning all the domesticated labor and picking up the labor of our humanity. Make prisoncrats see their oppression of us, by making it a financial burden that over time diminishes their profit, rather than increases them. Mr A: And what do you think you'll accomplish by doing that? Me: I am not attempting anything, I am merely expressing some facts. What I as a member of this prisoner class has come to understand is that each Institution produces $250,000 to $500,000 net worth of prison labor per month by the way of many domesticating jobs that maintain the facility, from the inmate painter, dishwasher, cell-house help and so on. Mr. B: So you think a broke state is going to give you money, that's laughable. Me: Never said I was trying to get an increase in pay, if you've checked haven't had a job in over twenty years. My goals are more concrete. I am a conduit that simply wants to create opportunity to demand fair and up to date education for the youth entering these prisons and rehabilitative programs with certificates that are valued in the larger society, and sir that's not going to stop. Mr. A: So let me get this straight. Not recruiting, but admit to sharing information, encouraging others to participate in some sort of mental liberation. Now! Don't buy it, but could lock you up, create a ticket, you would certainly beat and still come out a winner in the long run. Not going to! Mr. Key I'm going to send you back to your cell and yes! will certainly keep an eye on you. I get it with all the movements going across the United States and yes! I am an active member attempting to educate, and change the laws as well as abolish the 13th Amendment, why? because the prison population has ballooned and technologies of control and confinement have developed into the most sophisticated and repressive in the worlds history. I was sent back to my cell and its now been a year, no more interviews, but I'm sure I'm being watched. -END-

Author: Key, Kenneth M.

Author Location: Illinois

Date: May 19, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 10 pages

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