Prisoner of love

Wilson, Harold



PRISONER OF LOVE I met my life time partner in prison. Yes the same prison where I was and still am. I cannot explain the reason I am attracted to Riley, who is a transgneder woman. Most people would say it is crazy for any 62 year old man to be attracted to a 26 year old transgender woman, but who can explain love. But those who love transgender people of either gender suffer just as much discrimination and harrassment as the transgender person themselves. Is it such an immoral or criminal act to be in love with someone who happense to be biologically the same as you are? Who a person is on the inside often has nothing to do with the gender of their body on the outside. True love is deeper then the physical attraction, and also able to stand more obstacles then the hot passions of physical attraction. Besides in our case because of my ill health we couldn't accomplish that act even given the chance. But the world of prison is far behind the outside society. Prison staff, at least here in the midwest, don't like to see two "guys" enjoying each others company sitting close and acting like any other couple on the streets. Sure we touch but in the intimate ways these dirty minded haters thing or object to. It seems like because they can not find any happiness in their own lives they do not want anyone else to have it either, especailly those convicted of a crime. In our case the hatters were so offended by our relationship and our being upfront about caring for each other, they sent me to a different prison, were I can not have any contact of any kind with Riley. An act that has severly effected her mental state that she has tried to cut off her penis to make herself into the the woman she knows herself to be. It's rediculous the way she is treated and denied hormones and female clothings that will help her cope with being who she is. It hasn't done me anygood either When they transfered me to a prison a few miles distant from the one I love, Riley and I have applied to be legally married, which of course the Prison has vehemntly denied. So we have gone to the Federal Court to be able to be legally married, which would be a first for two same gendered people that met in the same prison But there are many reasons we desire this even though its un likely the powers that be would ever allow us to be in the same facility again. Things like inheritance and if married we likely could write to each other at least Now they are saying I cannot even have Riley have my power of atty for medical care and be the one to decide to continue life support on me should I ever become incapicatate Whats so diffcult to accept about two people loving each other? Nobady points a finger at Jesus and his l2_close male friends as being immoral or unseemly, why do they point at Riley and me and call us strange or mentally messed up? Love knows no boundaries or even gender, not if its real and true as it was meant to be. After all, nobody has yet to explain how Adam and Eve's offspring found partners outside their own family if you take the creation story literall as the right wingers demand that we do. When will they rest of you grow up and not be jeolous of two people who have found something special even the deepest darkest corners of prison. Harold Wilson #37418 BOX 22500 Lincoln, NE 68542 22500

Author: Wilson, Harold

Author Location: Nebraska

Date: April 19, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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