Prisoners in the State of Maryland

Williams, Edward E.



Corizon Killers, Prisoners in the State of Missouri is being killed by the Corizon Medical Departments of departments of Corrections. And the prisoners/inmates are trying to fight to stay alive. As in June of 2007, I suffered a heart-attack, while living with my fiance. It was late one night and the odds fell against me. I was taken to Heartland Hospital in St. Joseph, Mo. I went through surgery and stints was placed in my chest for a blockage of my right side, in the veins. In (3) days the doctors went back in an put stints in the left side of my chest in the veins. I was released from the hospital and sent home to recover, and I was given approximately (10) pills a day to take. These pills included bloodthinners, blood pressure, cholesterol and low dose aspirin and others. My life was completely changed. But, recovery was good and I was directed to only eat certain foods, which I did. I was put in the Department of Corrections in November of 2007, but, as I was waiting for sentencing in the county jail in October of 2007, I was sent to Heartland Hospital for complications again. As I was placed in St. Joseph, Mo, diagnostics to be sent to the prison facility, I again had complications with medical, when they gave me Zocor, which is a cholesterol medication, that I'm extremely allergic to. This information was in my medical records from the hospital, before I was incarcerated for the extreme reaction to this pill. Which took Benadryl and Steroid shots to get me breathing again. As for the (3) days delay of putting the stints in, I suffered a (2nd) heart-attack, due to the veins in my chest and the blood simply would not go through. As for the veins mentioned above, both was as thin as hairs, due to a shock I received (20) years prior. Please know that after leaving St. Joseph, Mo, diagnostics, I was transferred to South Central Correctional Center in Licking, Mo. I was seen by doctors here and by this time it was after January of 2018. As for seeing the doctors at SCCC, I advised them of everything I was taking for medicine, but, they should have already knew by my medical records and my file. Medical advised me that they had sent for my medical records as I had signed a release form for them to do so. About a week to (10) days medical advised me that they had received my medical records from the hospital in Springfield, Mo. Yes, you read that right. From Springfield, Mo, hospital. My whole live I have never been in Springfield, Mo, period. When I advised the medical department, they got angry and tried to convince me that I'm an idiot. Which is the everyday normal way we are treated. As the months and years went by, and the medical of Corizon reducing my medication. As for the reducing, I mean denying me the prescriptions I suffered a (3rd) heart-attack. And when I told them that the stints was experimental and needed to be checked, they just laughed at me and thought I was an idiot again. As to move up to the year of 2017. I had advised Corizon medical staff that I was feeling very poorly. And that my arms and shoulders was hurting. My chest felt heavy and it wasn't good. At this time, Corizon Medical staffs and the doctors told me, I was just getting old. Well, I'm (50) years old, but, I've always been active and super hyper. But, I knew it was going to cause another heart-attack and very soon. And you have to know that the ONLY medicine that I was on was cholesterol medication prescribed by Corizon medical. This is very dangerous for a (50) year old man that has had (3) heart-attacks before. But, if you argue with Corizon medical staff, you get wrote up and they then retaliate. We lose either way. In June of 2017, at about 10:00 pm, I went into another heart-attack in my cell. And this heart-attack was playing no jokes. If you've ever had a heart-attack you know it's no joke. It went on for about 30-to-45 minutes. Finally the officer came to my cell. I had NO nitro pills, and at this time, I only had my cholesterol pills. Not even an aspirin. I knew I was done and I truely felt like I was going to die. But, my cellie jumped into action. He had had a triple-by-pass and he gave me some nytro pills. Honestly, he saved my life. I really don't remember much at the time because after better than (30) minutes of being in a very serious heart-attack, the body just doesn't have any strength left. I remember somewhat when the officer got me to the medical board so they could carry me out of the wing. I woke up in medical when they was rolling me in the emergency room of the prison. The medical staff of Corizon (NURSES) went to work. They ask me all kinds of questions, but, in the back of their minds they knew what had happened. Then comes the I.V.'s The oxygen. The nytro pills, and the aspirins. And then they got mad at me because I didn't have my nytro pills on me, which was a joke, they had never refilled the prescription Daring to say, I was getting upset. And then walked in a Sgt. I've known her for almost (10) years here, and the concern on her face was genuine. She knew what had happened. They had caused me to have this heart-attack. Then came the E.K.G. The nurses put the tabs on me and proceeded to read the machine. First test, NOTHING. It read nothing at all. Second test. NOTHING. Not a thing at all. But, the nurses of Corizon knew something was very wrong. So, one nurse ordered a blood test to be done, and told me that I would have to sit in a medical chair for (4) hours so they could test the blood to see if I had had a heart-attack. Placed in the chair, I passed out. I was woken and advised that I had had a heart-attack. And I was getting transferred to Houston, Mo, hospital. In which I was taken by ambulance. I was there for about an hour and then they told me that they was transferring me to Capital Region in Jefferson City, Mo. Because the Houston, Mo, hospital couldn't do anything for me. I arrived in Jefferson City, Mo after daylight. I don't know what time it was, but I know it was over (9) hours since I went into the heart-attack. I'm not sure why, but, now I'm really scared. Capitol Regions medical care went right to work on me. They made sure that I got the best treatment. When I looked up and saw a bottle of liquid nytro feeding into my veins, I knew I was in trouble. When the hospitals staff ask what medications I was on and I told them just cholesterol pills once a day, and that was all. The anger and fear was on their faces. They also knew that Corizon Medical and the Department of Corrections had just tried to kill me. And one nurse stated this out loud. Her words, "Their Killing Him" When the doctors ask about the E.K.G readings, there wasn't any. That's because the E.K.G. machine didn't work at S.C.C.C. of Corizon Medical. After Capitol Region medical got me admitted and looked me over. The doctor ordered a triple-by-pass heart surgery on Tuesday, (4) days away. The department of Corrections of Mo, ordered me back to prison on Saturday, which I suffered the heart-attack on Weds/Thursday, and then to be brought back to the hospital on Tuesday. I guess they was trying to finish the job they had started. Because the hospital in Jefferson City, Mo, didn't understand this either. I was in very bad shape. When I was returned to S.C.C.C., I was placed in medical to wait to go back. I refused the surgery. Why? Because I ask them, "Did you contact my emergency contact? They said, "NO" I wasn't going under the knife, and not knowing if I was going to make it out alive or not, without telling my family. I mean they proved they would kill me, so what did I have to lose? I was sent back to a cell and placed on a TOP BUNK. And there I waited. And now from doctors from Capitol Region, I had medicine I should have been on since my heart-attack in June 2007. On July 20, 2017, I was transferred back to Capitol Region for surgery. As of arriving, the surgery was done that day. As for Capitol Region hospital. There is nothing that could be said about their care except, it was the very best care. PERIOD. They truly put their heart and soul, and their lives on the line to save anyone. And I thank them. I was transferred back in (5) days after the surgery and put in T.C.U. The treatment that I received while in the T.C.U. was very good. The nurses and doctors cared, and this was kind of scary. Why? Because I had never seen this in almost ten years. I was released in (7) days, August 1st, 2017, to return back to my cell. TOP BUNK. (12) days after the triple-by-pass. And the doctors at Capitol Region had taken the veins out of both my legs and put them in my chest. This is a very critical stage of the surgery. The doctors says, "Don't pickup more than (2) lbs for the first week, and (6) lbs the second week, and so on. I was placed on a top bunk and I weighed over (200) lbs. I had to climb up a ladder and then try to move my weight over to lay down. The pain was unbearable. I was scheduled to see the doctor in (7) days from the time I was released from T.C.U. After (14) days and I haven't seen the doctor. I filed a I.R.R. which is the process to get a problem resolved in prison. And it can take up to (6) months for this process to get taken care of. It took (17) days to see the doctor. I was again sent back to my cell. The Top Bunk again. I received a C.D.V., write-up in Sept 2017, and was moved to (6) house. This time I was put upstairs, top bunk My legs simply would not take this. The veins in my legs, on the inside of my knees was purple. It appeared that the veins was leaking blood under the skin. I saw Corizon doctor in Oct. 2017, around the 19th, when I told him about this, he said it was good exercise for me. And sent me back to my cell. And would not move me to a bottom walk, bottom bunk. I had to get to the Medical Contract Monitors involved in Jefferson City, Mo. Just to be placed in a medically safe place. As for the medicine, It's already started. The prescriptions are being removed, slowly but surely. My heart medicine, blood pressure medication, even the low dose aspirins has to be chased down through Corizon medical. To keep the prescriptions filled. And the heart burn prescription medicine is gone. I turned in the proper medical forms on time as directed. That don't matter. Corizon Medical staff does what they want. Even if it kills the inmate/offender. And they get away with it. After I came back from T.C.U., a friend approached me. He said, "Hey, do you remember me carrying you out on the medical board? The guards had called out for the inmates/offenders to carry you out, because they couldn't pick you up. I didn't remember it, But, when prisoners have to carry out other prisoners, because medical can't and the officers can't. Were just as good as dead. What if the prisoners wouldn't have been there? Answer that. As for scary A inmate/offender was transferred to S.C.C., in Feb of 2016 and was bleeding from an infection in his chest. He also had had a triple-by-pass years before. But the sutures in his chest had come a lose, and caused and infection, which in turn, broke the skin and started bleeding. He was given bandades and ointment and said that S.C.C.C. would fix it. In the early part of 2017, he was called to medical, and the two on-site doctors cut him open, but could NOT fix it, or get the suture out. He was sent back to his cell. He was given bandages and ointment again. The infection could kill him, if someone don't do something about it. And Corizon medical won't As per policy, he wrote this up. Followed all dates and procedures. At the end of the procedure, Corizon stated, "He didn't follow the time allotted time frame. We can prove that Corizon Medical and the on-site doctors, blatantly liked on this. The problem is, we did the paperwork as followed by procedure. He's wrapped his chest for (2) years and NO help. But, the over all problem is this. Corizon Medical and D.O.C. puts paperwork before a life. They know of this problem and simply won't fix it. Corizon Medical and the D.O.C. would rather a person die, before they will do what is by law, and states must be done. I would ask one question. If this was your father, grandfather, or even your son. Would you allow this to happen to your family? Or anyone that you knew and was friends with? NO you wouldn't. But Corizon Medical intentionally and knowingly knew I was a (3) time heart-attack patient and simply does not care. And Corizon Medical and the Department of Corrections knows that the man is a triple-by-pass person and the infection has been there for (2) years and simply doesn't care. It appears to be that after we receive our prison numbers, that's all we are. Being a human being is not in the thoughts and minds of Corizon Medical, and the doctors of S.C.C.C. The doctors of Corizon medical tried (4) different times to give this man with the infection antibiotics. It never worked. The infection remains. They never sent him out to be checked by a specialist. This man is in his uppers (60's) and is a war vet. How long does he have to wear bandages? Until he dies or what? It is a proven fact that men have died in here for no reason except for the unprofessional medical treatment from the State of Missouri, and the Corizon Medical Health organization across the world that is supposed to provide the services that they are paid to provide. Corizon medical services is put in place for the purpose to help humans incarcerated and to care for the human beings in their care. But, as the old saying goes. The dollar is more important than a life. We only ask for medical treatment that even a lay person can see. Therefore, If Corizon medical can intentionally cause a man to have a heart-attack and get away with it, and to cause a man to bleed for (TWO) years on medical records to be proven for their lazy and just plain neglect to humans. They should be removed from the treatment and lose their contract for medical services period. I personally will be limited from their proven neglect for the rest of my life. As I will be living with the knowing situation that I can be killed at anytime that Corizon Medical desires, as well as any other person that is forced to have this organization in place. How many elderly people have to be neglected before someone speaks up? I will speak at anytime and any where. I'm simply past afraid of dying and have seen a lot of unnecessary killings in the prisons of the State of Missouri. Edward Williams [ID] South Central Correctional Center 255 West Highway 32 Licking, MO 65542-9069

Author: Williams, Edward E.

Author Location: Missouri

Date: February 21, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 8 pages

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