Prisoners lives matter

Bostic, Bobby



Prisoners Lives Matter People don't stop being humans when the offend society and commit crime ON the contrary we loose some of our best citizens at their prime In fact it is inside their cell that many prisoners rehabilitate themselves Coming out into society as reformed people having left the older version of their lives behind on prison shelves Instead of breaking the fallen down we should pick them back up Let them drink from the fountain of change till they do away with their hiccup They diahwrong and must be held responsible for their acts Recidivism is a blight on society and statistics prove these facts It's not always the worse of the worse inside of prison These are our fellow citizens who went astray and lost their vision A prison number doesn't make them less of a human being We all just have to guide their sight back to a civilized way of seeing Drugs is play a main cause in their fall Adancted to chemical substances under the influence of alcohol Many were at their lowest common denominator when they became criminals Therefore we must all stand up and mentor better choices for the millennials we can't just lock up our citizens and throw away the key The ultimate goals is to rehabilitate them so they can contribute to society The world can't afford to only see incarcerated people through the lens of their past clutter and clatter Although we nmst never forget the victims of crime prisoners lives also matter

Author: Bostic, Bobby

Author Location: Missouri

Date: February 13, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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