Prisons, science and COVID-19

Matthews, Felton Louis, Jr.



(Note: Permission already on file) pg 1 of 6 Felton L. Matthews Jr. P.O. Box 1989-2B32-ESP Ely, Nevada 89301 Date: 4-16-2020 "Prisons, Science, & COVID-19" by Felton Louis Matthews Jr. The American Society, Western Society for that matter, especially the American Republican Party, believe that we prisoners are a burden and a bane on society. They underestimate those who they lock up to the point of irresponsible and fatal arrogance. Conspiracy theorist, the Centers for Disease Control, and the U.S. Military will be pondering this essay long after I am dead. They, and my publishers at Hamilton College, will be quite pleased to know that we worthless convicts are doing our part to fight COVID-19. Virology and the New NDOC Menu: Egg whites As "foodies" and food critics well know, egg whites are a little expensive when you patronize an establishment of haute dining. This is because you have to separate the egg yolk from the egg white. To make a decent white egg omelet you need a large and considerable amount of egg whites. That being said, how is it that we dangerous and "never-do-well" loser convicts get this delicious pg 2 of 6 delicacy "everyday"? Well, one explanation could very well be that in the U.S. government's mad rush to generate, field test, and create a vaccine for COVID-19 they have a surplus of egg whites. The average convict does not know that egg yolks are used in virology in the creation of vaccines. Most of our food at Ely State Prison comes in a truck that says "Not fit for human consumption" and this is for truth. We gotten the unfit chickens, now we get the unfit offspring - the eggs! We maybe testing a vaccine. Yet, staff at NDOC have us engaging in social distancing protocols. For what? The only way we can get COVID-19 is that staff brings it in. In Ely, Nevada there is only one case of COVID-19. The three month old baby brought it into town traveling abroad. If anyone of us catch it, the litigation "shit storm" will change tort practice and law. To closeout this section, a little Latin. "Vir" in latin means "man". It goes without saying that "virus" in latin is "men" plural. I have a theory that the reminant of the viruses on the planet our are very ancient Pre-Cambrian ancestors missing the necessary elements needed to form higher RNA chains leading to becoming a full functioning and growing DNA (Deoxyribo nucleic Acid) cell to take the first step from the creation process to grow in the evolutionary process like cell life on earth has. pg 3 of 6 5G and the COVID-19 Virus Conspiracy theorist and religious zealots have connected the 5G network to COVID-19. They call it the "telephone disease". Only Russia and Iran and other countries that have not implemented the 5G network have very low or no COVID-19. Here is something I have surmised that may very well chill your bones. It was said that COVID-19 or the coronavirus was around in the 1970's. This is a new strain. Do not quote me, but the "19" may or may not be the 19th variation of this "virus". Some say the virus is totally new. I believe the "fanboy" scientist and doctors are both right. Number one, it is a new virus "but" it's been stepped on. It takes less than one year to unravel the RNA on a virus. Ribonucleic Acid is only half a DNA helix strand. It's new to us, but not to the scientist that created it. Number two, nano-technology is an "m.f.". A code within a 5G signal could give our "stepped on" friend instructions. Simple instructions to simply "eat". The radio-frequency electromagnetic field or RF-EMF could either activate COVID-19 or aggravate it into a killing frenzy. Finally, we do have the skill and technology to alter or add or subtract code from both RNA and DNA strands and helixes manipulating the hydrogen bonds within the helixes or strands. It takes less than five years to create a "superbug", grow it, and spread it. pg. 4 of 6 To close, if the above is the case for 5G and COVID-19 why not use an influx of 6G or higher RF-EMF to disrupt or destroy it? Unless, it is not a virus and it's simply 5G RF-EMF radiation. In any event, only the Chinese, North Korean, and Russian scientist are irresponsible enough to create such an aberration in virology and screw up bio-contamination safe guards releasing it into the world eco-system. (Good scientist think if they "should" more than if they "could". The Great Irony I have to laugh at the COVID-19 pandemic. Why? American has gone from "social media" to "social distancing" giving the very people who vituperate and despise me for my crime a taste of prison! They are confined in fear, just as we convicts are confined in fear. The difference being they are in danger of poverty and bad credit while the convict is endanger of murder, rape, extortion, and injustice! I wonder how they feel being confined in their velvet prisons? Do I feel for them? Yes, all life is precious. But do they feel for me? No, this is because of my very suspect crime. If you believe in the Bible, or in God period, does the Bible not say that God punishes nations with "wild animals", "famine", "war", and of course "disease"? We got Iraq and Afghanistan with no exit strategy and we got COVID-19. If this is pg 5 of 6 America's punishment, and I believe it is, we deserve it. This could also be very well a seal in Revelations. Let's evaluate the evidence or the indictment. 1). Gay marriage. You have sanctioned what God openly hates. You (America) have become the mother of all perverts and prostitutes (Revelations) 2). COVID-19 has hurt American stocks and the economy (No one does business with Babylon the great whore) 3). America (we) have loved liars (suspect people with suspect sex allegations and charges) According to Ezra II the Eagle will be burned with fire. We have been on the brink of nuclear war for decades. And look at California and the West, every year it's a tinder basket. It's fire. 4). We practice Pagan religions after Emperor Constantine. We sugar coat iniquity and lies and paganism with happy children and profit and family values. Christmas (Saturnalia) is the worst of all. We love each other once a year instead of "everyday" as Christ and God wants! 5). American does not forgive. According to sociologist, the American justice system promotes secondary defiance! (The acceptance of the felon tag or shaming. There is no rehabilitation because there is no forgiveness for crimes.) If you do not forgive others, God will not forgive you! pg. 6 of 6 6). We love money. cannot serve God and "Mammon". Closing I figured out Anunnaki - Extra-terrestrial technology. Believe it or not, I will show people better than I can tell you in my writings should I touch the street. Let's say, I also figured out how to use the physical body to destroy viruses based on cell meiosis or mitosis and a medium that one can inject in the body that the first descendants of Adam (first homosexual man) originally had. Wow, "what a dream". The question I pose to my reader and publisher is this: "If I knew, why would I share it with such a hateful, pagan, unforgiving country such as America?" I believe we deserve COVID-19 and worse if we do not change. "If" I made it, I would not even sell it or patent it. I would not want my enemies, the enemies of God on this planet, to know I figured "that one" out too. You can learn as much going "back" as going forward. The part, not fully and completely told or explained, leaves discovery for the future. And if we are not careful, what we do not know under the circumstances can kill us. We perish, as God said, due to a lack of knowledge. I shall increase America's knowledge and sorrow at-the-same time. Here's to COVID-19 Felton L. Matthews, Jr. Author, Researcher, Essayist

Author: Matthews, Felton Louis, Jr.

Author Location: Nevada

Date: April 16, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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