Problems of ADC since 1999-2018

Big Gib



Problems of ADC Since 1999-2018 Since I was incarcerated in 1999, but have been locked up on this charge since 1998. Ever since I started doing time in ADC I've always had problems with the medical department. Poor dental help and even poor medical help and they even go as far as to charge $3.00 for medical help and don't get the proper help that you need. Now I've always had a problem with my feet needing orthopedic shoes, but never really received them. The only way that I truly got them I had to buy them myself. I'm still fighting with problems with my feet and legs and I'm not able to get the proper exercise that I need either. Now the diet that I'm supposed to have for a diabetic is basically the same as every one else except without any seasoning. The food consist of noodles, rice beans and a lot of bread. The meat is all soy based with very little meat to it. There is also a lot of chicken products, watered down milk and juice every morning. Now in the past 20 years that I have done I have seen men die from mental health problems like one man a few years back the female major and a sargeant took him to medical and they said there was nothing wrong and took him back to suicide cell. There only supposed to have paper gowns but they gave him a sheet and he hung himself to get away from the problems the blue suit police were giving him. There has been numerous men that has died because of the security not doing what needed to be done to keep them alive. Here this past year 2018 we had several inmates that died from K-2. There blaming the inmates. But in all reality the officers are making a killing off the inmates. Now here's another case I've had to happen to me in September 2018. The warden, major and female Lt. shook the cell I was in and the inmate that was in the cell with me looking for a cell phone that a snitch told them that was there but to there surprise there was nothing found. Now to punish me to which I had nothing to do with, they gave me a job change took my hobby craft and moved me into a cess pool open barracks where water sometimes stands on the floor and black mold and was not written no disciplinary. I was never returned to my job or my hobby craft given back to me like I was supposed to get when no disciplinary was written. Now in all this process they put my life in danger by believing the snitch and letting him go free from a shank charge to which he could easily get another and come after me for making him out to be a liar. Since I've started doing time the Arkansas Dept of Correction has never had a program that even helped a third of the population of inmates that they house in the some 13 or 14 units that they have currently housing inmates all over the state. The water problems at Tucker Unit is another problem that I hear a lot about, the water being brown or rusty and unfit to drink. The State was as I was told 1.5 million dollars to straighten the water up but have failed to do so. The building for the better part is over 100 years old and in very very poor shape. Its sinking down in the ground, the water an sewer lines are antique from the 1930's. Even the new parts of the building is in such bad shape the they the fed's threaten to shut it down if they don't get it fixed but all I see them doing is painting walls that has ten layers of paint already on them. The maintenance program at this unit is a living joke. I've seen them bury ten of thousands of dollars of new parts for plumbing in the whole building and kitchen and laundry as well as all the other parts of the building. They have put new heat and air condition in, but it only lasted about 2 years before it all went to pieces and don't work half the time. There is no sense of correctional help in these peoples minds all they wont to do is give out bogus year denials or two year denials to keep there Inmate population up so they can keep there money flowing. The have no concept of trying to help anyone. There main objective is to keep as many inmates locked up as possible, they don't believe in helping the inmate population to where they won't come back. That's a no no for them that means losing money. Now I know that the punishment behind me writing this paper may stop me from making parole this year, but the people of Arkansas needs to know what's going on from the food to the medical help that people desperately need. I have seen two different men in the past five month have seizures and there still not getting the medicine they need. Sometimes the food they serve isn't fitting for an animal and that forces the inmate to depend on the commissary if they have it, and if not they go hungry until the next meal. Well I hope this letter opens eyes to the problems in the Arkansas Prison System, because there is a bad need to put people in charge that knows what there doing and not a bunch of dim whits that think they know what there doing.

Author: Big Gib

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: January 15, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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