Torres, Eduardo



Program Torres Eduardo MCSP When people hear the word program a spark of potential is felt. It's akin to deja-vu in the sense we meet a glimpse of the bigger questions that revolve around us without usually noticing. It is elusive and alive or seems its way. And for that reason, I know those questions in a sense show parts of the future are planned and people follow commands. Unfortunatly programming in its noun tense isn't always good. Like in most things, abuse exists in programming. Though its more a crime against others than for oneself. That isnt to say those who attempt to program others dont have regulation system to follow of their own. Instead of the criminal system, programers have a psycic order known to some prisoners, mentally ill, and conspiracy theorists as the New World Order. The New World Order correlates with theological views. It definitly deals with the supernatural and the foundations of religion. It accepts the belief of the existance of evil, and even though it doesn't mention the presence of God, it does show that Ignorance is punished. Whether religion is the source of evil is where most of the theological and conspiracy theorist's views differ. The conspiracy theorist's view on the the New World Order is that we live in mind control made by reptilian shape shifters. While this is most likely true in my personal opinion, religion also says that the devil manipulates people's brains, which is also true in my personal view. My view is more complicated than anything I read on the subject. I believe panpsycicism and pantheisism view on creation. I believe the devil but mostly God is always creating life. Thus, programing can be deconstructed in individuals who threaten the New World Order by the devil or God if they meet criteria to be termanated in this world. The New World Order steals people's consciousness so I dont expect everyone to "get it." over and out -ET 4-12-20

Author: Torres, Eduardo

Author Location: California

Date: April 12, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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