Psychological affairs within the prison system

Curtis, Denton Brantley



Seven Hot Topics Concerning North Carolina's Prison System Psychological Affairs Within the Prison System This topic in my opinion is one of the most important, seeing that behavioral traits manifested by inmates and correctional officers has it's roots in the mind. Scientists along with doctors have done studies on humans and the physical anatomy and have found out that psychological disorders are common amongst all people more so as pertaining to inmates. I've learned from experience that what person has been through as a child can cause myself or anyone severe trauma to the cerebrum without any type of physical contact. Some men upon entering the prison system lose their minds as they enter the prison system, some men lose they're minds throughout the duration of a prison term. Emotional pain is most detrimental, in fact prison's like Alexander Correctional, and even here presently (2016) at Nash Correctional, mental health services are provided by the administration(s) and a psychiatrist is hired within in the prison(s) to help inmates cope (deal) with psychological issues. If an inmate's psychological dilemma is to severe then medication is provided through medical., (medications like Ellaville, and Halidole) These medications and many others (not mentioned) help keep an inmate with mental issues calm and moderate. Otherwise without these medications, inmates with mental issue(s) can and will easily hurt themselves and others. The real truth is that most inmates in this condition mentally were drug addicts before entering the prison system. Although a few prison(s) may have some type of drugs it is nothing compared to the drugs that these inmates were addicted to in society. So in prison they go through withdrawals or cold turkey which attacks the mind making it almost impossible for these inmates to function normally. So they go through medical to get the closest drug (medication) to that which they were addicted to before they came to prison. I had a friend that I've doing prison time with since 2010 at a prison called Mountain View Correctional he was a member of the christian choir at the prison and so was I. We fellowshipped a lot and became close. Well in 2011, we both went to separate prison(s) and we were in our right minds. However I arrived here at Nash Correctional in the month of December 2015 and I ran into him again. He saw me and spoke but he was not the same for he had developed throat cancer, and the medication he was only supposed to be on was that which slowed down the spread of his cancer but never took it away. The medication only opened up a door for him to develop dementia, so they put him on a medication for that, to the degree that he was unable to know who I was. His memory left him, and then he ended up in a wheelchair and in the spring of 2016, I found myself at his memorial service in the prison chapel. So many inmates have died from taking medications that was suppose to help they're mental condition but in turn took they're lives or made the mental illness worst. The prison system itself has and if allowed can and will drive any person whether inmate or correctional officer insane. Throughout my prison term I've also met some Administrative Officials (correctional officers) that had mental illnesses as well. The truth is that every prison is filled with correctional officers who are mentally challenged. A lot of prison Administrative Officials has mental problems that come from personal situations, like finances, marital status, occupational burden(s) household drama etc. All of these problems are a part of life. Some people know how to handle them and others don't. The ones who can't really handle these problems become psychologically unstable and should not be allowed to maintain a job in the prison system. However these same people are given jobs in the prison system without undergoing any real psychological evaluation and within a period of time they're mental condition becomes worst. I've witnessed male officers (correctional) get a job in the prison system, who were or have been insecure concerning they're manhood or masculinity and in the minds of these men (correctional officers) they feel relief and at ease by making sure inmates have the same insecurity concerning manhood and masculinity that they have. One of the main obstacle(s) that plague the inmate population amongst men, is something called the "identity crisis." Inmates walk around with they're heads down, they feel like the scum of the earth, because of some bad choices. These same men (inmates) have children which means they are fathers, these same men inmate(s) have wives which means they are still husbands, prison can never take away who an inmate really is and his responsibility and/or moral, and spiritual obligation, towards humanity and God! The only difference between a bondman (prisoner) and a free man is the decision making process. The only difference between a bondman (prisoner) and correctional officer is that an inmate spends twenty-four hours (24) a day in prison a correctional officer spends twelve hours a day (12) in prison. For every year that an inmate spends in prison, a correctional officer spends six (6) months. Both are incarcerated one just spends more time in prison then the other. For this very reason it is essentially important that correctional officer(s) undergo strict psychological screening for it is expected and accepted to a certain degree for inmates to bear some type of mental dysfunctional trait. However for any administrative official working in the prison system being mentally dysfunctional might be expected to a certain degree, however it should not be accepted, for it is unacceptable mentally ill inmates and mentally ill correctional officer don't mix more so in a prison setting. I will not discuss female correctional officer(s) in this topic, due to the fact that a lot of the psychological issues that plague female correctional officers is found in topic number six (6) of the seven Hot Topics Concerning North Carolina's Prison System, (which is soon to come) I will say that a female(s) correctional officers psychological problems can do more harm to an inmate than a male correctional officer(s) psychological problems. Her psychological problems can also make her vulnerable and a liability, in the six (6) topic of: Unlawful Relations Between Inmates and Administrative Officials I will discuss this more! I've served prison time at institutions that play psychological games, here at Nash Correctional Institution a lot of mental games are played. I will not go into detail concerning the policies and procedures implemented to bring mental and emotional despair. The policies and procedures that are implemented can be just as mentally devastating to correctional officers as well as inmates, more so to those whose conscientious is sensitive towards what is humane and inhumane. You see the administration knows that the best way to control an inmate is to gain or possess the mind. Here at Nash Correctional Institution things like recreation time, allotted visitation, television time, single cell housing, job assignments, commissary time, are considered to be incentives used to keep an inmate subject, when these incentives are altered in any kind of way an inmates mind and emotions are affected because these incentives are dear to him, and by this an administration can keep control over an inmate population. What's sad is that in prisons all over North Carolina what Nash Correctional Inst. considers to be incentives are the normal standard authorized privileges given to inmates without partiality. As stated earlier an prison administration will control the minds of the inmate population through policies and procedures, and allotted privileges, that they label as incentives that may be taken if inmates are unruly. What I've found to be even worst is a psychologically disturbed administration (prison) overseeing, leading, correcting, punishing, and killing, an psychologically disturbed inmate (prison) population. Psychological Affairs Within The Prison System

Author: Curtis, Denton Brantley

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: June 19, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 12 pages

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