Race relations under Trump

Foster, Samuel, II



Title Race relations, Under Trump. By UFO In a recent Pew report, data was collected to look into, how race relations worsened since Trump became President. Six out of eight americans believe that race relations have worsen. But we need to look into why has it worsened. I believe many Americans are becoming more aware of the conditions in America. I think race relations has worsened under Trump because of his normality of white supremacy. His, lets "make America great again" slogan to some people was a subliminal message of making America white again. When you look into how america became so great, its a story of oppression of the Native Americans, and the exploitation of Africans, and the mistreatment of European immigrants bought here for the sole purpose to be indentured servants. So his rhetoric has created anger and opened up old wounds which were healing. African Americans and those of the left see Trump as a racist, and Caucasians here in America see Trump as a savior to thier economic conditions, those of the middle class who feel that its not a race problem but a economic problem. But there is contradictions in both judgements of Trump. Race relations have been tied to a system we can call white capitalism, those who represent the one percent, the bankers control American politics and the policies which are systemically racist. Then there are those who enforce these policies the police. Who would use force they deem necessary to maintain control. What's left is the white citizens who are brainwashed into a ideology of superiority who feel as though they are being short changed due to policies protecting minorities. And with economic conditions getting worse we need someone to blame, so with slogans as make America great again, it feeds the hate within and people are fed up and resort to oppression. So race relations have always been a problem. It dont matter if its Obama or Trump, Reagan or Bush race relations will always be a problem if the economic conditions dont get better for all people.

Author: Foster, Samuel, II

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: June 13, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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