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Rain Man 7-22-19 Yes, The United States does incarcerate more of its people, than any other country, and the reason is because of money. "Soon" whole states will become prisons, in my opinion." No matter what anyone says, it's money to be made off prisons and prisoners. And America is all about its money. Wars were fought over money, billions of people have died over money. People were bought and sold because of money. And now there is a new way to force people into cheap labor that'll produce a lot of money. Ask yourself what wouldn't you do for money? Everything and everybody has a price, it just depends on what it is. And America has very lose morals! I've been in and out of lockdown facilities since 12 years old. My survival tactics as a kid became pure criminal as I got older and became an adult. I'm a product of my environment, fighting to become a product of my self. I am not old enough to let all excuses go, and can now recognize the world for what it is. I read a lot and my mind is expanded enough to know how and why things happen. But most important is I know what it needs to be done. I know most kids in the urban community are getting ready for prison life every day, self consciously or unconsciously. I know this is not just a black people thing and way more people are affected than just blacks. It may have started out targeting blacks. But it backfired and now everyone is affected. Most of the kids on their way to prison, have family and other people they know who has already been to prison and survived, it's becoming normal. Apartment Complexes in the urban Communities are [coincidentally?] lined up and resemble cell block or prison pods. Military school and other beneficial programs that'll install confidence, morals and principals in our youth cost money. And we all know a single mother on Section 8 can not afford these opportunities. And yes Opportunities do exist, but not being disclosed to the less educated an knowledgable. So kids are encouraged to soak up the false glamour that came with the street life. Encouraged by the Artist America allows on the radio. Promoting destruction and it's plentiful, encouragement for kids to kill other kids, that cause a ripple effect that in the end [generate?] a lot of money. Money is worth more than life. We know all the ways to make money illegally, but knowledge of how to make money legally without living from paycheck to paycheck is limited. Lawyers get paid weather we end up in jail or not, so why stress themself out tryna win a cause when they don't have too? Specifically public defenders. My 1st charge as an adult lacked so much evidence, but my public defender encouraged me to take a plea deal. I didn't realize this until later. Why did he do that? Only he knows, but this type of activity happens everyday. Most people in jail took plea deals. That's how most cases are won. My Brother 1st charge as an adult at the age of 20 years old resulted in life. And he was only guilty for being present in a murder committed by someone else. Now he is a permanent slave for the prison system and he's not the only one. If you don't know the law, you get screwed until you learn it and by that time it's to late. I'm not saying we don't need prisons, because we do. I'm saying the punishment should fit the crime. And sentences should have beneficial guidelines that help the public not hinder it. Prisons have a lot of people that should be in a mental health Facility. And I'll tell you first hand mental health in prison is a Joke. Prisons should be treated like a Job corps center. We criminals should earn their freedom by earning a trade and meeting certain [criterias?]. Society would benefit from prisoners instead of being burdened by them. We need more pardons. There are people behind these walls that can make a serious impact on Society a positive one. Books help build and expand the mind, yet they are limited to us. Life in prison using the blue print you guys laid out for me is Stressful, because were under other people control. Which is understandable to me because obviously we couldn't control our actions on the streets or in society. Now being sent to a prison thats far away from home making it hard to see love ones is unnecessary stress, being feed proportions fit for a 10 year old when were growing men is unnecessary stress. Having your personal belonging destroyed by correctional officers is unnecessary stress. Having your mail confiscated and being subject to racist correctional officers is unnecessary stress. Most prison in Ohio are built in small communities dominated by white and being a prison guard is the best thing for them. Some never even encounter blacks, or any other race until working in a prison most guards are related and this creates a cult among them and eventually becomes inmates against prison guards. Some guards come in and start working with the mindset to help out or just do there 8 hours and go home, but that mindset don't last long. Peer pressure, and disrespect at the hands of the inmates force them to become like most there coworkers. We cope by listening to music, watching TV, reading, working out, talking on phone, and writing. Some refuse to face reality by doing any drug they can find. Health Care is a Joke, Dental also. Along with Mental Health. You have inmates that should be in a mental Health hospital yet there in prison. Violence is a stress reliever to some inmates but it is avoidable today. There plenty of gay people for gay People and guards only get stabbed when they over step there boundaries to many U.O.F. unnecessary use of force. Destroying inmates property etc. No matter what anybody say inmates don't just stab guards for nothing. Reading material is limited to Fiction I believe to keep people ignorant and Mags are racially discriminated against. At least at Lucasville, S.O.C.F. prison it is. Education, is limited to a GED in most prison in Ohio. I feel getting an education should be part of a person prison sentence along with finding a Trade, such as, Performing Arts, legal classes, Business Management, Real estate, Journaling, Boxing, electrician, Carpenter, Painters, Mason, Plumbing, Welders, Hvac/RTech, Landscaping, Fork lift operating, motivational speaker, politics, etc. People forced to waste they time in jail. Why not force them to pick up a trade that'll improve society. People in jail that are indigent will earn 9$-50$ a month and I feel the state pay should be increased "our is this slavery" if you have a family on the streets your responsibilities don't stop. There should be programs or certain accomplishments within prison that will allow people to earn extra money this will limit stealing and drug selling. The older prisoner that done served 20 years and can cause no one any harm should be able to earn pardons, also there are some inmates that can help the public but will never have the chance. You have a bunch of males that are not allowed to look at naked pictures most are young and sexually charged and will be denied sexual gratification for a long time to come. There are no conjugal visit which should be allowed because were man and have human urges. Or at least allow us certain mags. This is why Female employees are getting showed cocks every time they do a walk, this is why volunteers are not safe hormones are raging and not being dealt with Female employee are force into the hands of a sadistic Co worker. Or deal with the inmates. At least at Lucasville, Ohio that's the case. If they not related and they're not with a Co worker already "they gotta go" is what A Sergeant once said. Informal complaint go ignored. Prison staff, Administration Corrections officers, teachers are all One body. In males, Prisoner, Convicts were the enemy. Until we encounter people that care there'll never be change. Target the mind and the body will follow.

Author: Rain Man

Author Location: Ohio

Date: July 22, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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