Raped to death

Richter, Robert



March 15, 2020 Robert Johan Richter 1 Raped to Death I give up. I quit. I can't win. On Monday, December 30, 2019, a sergeant stole my Kufi right off of my head. She is the subject of an unresolved PREA complaint. I wrote to Superintendent Wolcott to let her know that I give up, that I was not going to pursue any PREA complaints, seek access to the courts, report crimes, or take any other action. I told her how Captain Raczkowski had confronted me, during a PREA investigation, with letters I had written to Governor Cuomo. I can't win when the Governor sends someone to threaten me. I am getting Cuomo's message loud and clear: Shut up or else. DOCCS officials have told me in writing that I will be retaliated against if I seek access to the courts. They told me in writing that they will retaliate against me with physical force if I report any crimes to the FBI. I believe these threats because I was starved in an OMH strip cell for five days, then sent to the box for "threatening to sue" someone. I was later sent to the box for reporting a crime to the FBI. One of the criminals wrote the misbehavior report himself. 2 I used to believe that PREA complaints would be investigated, but I know better now. A letter to OSI from Clinton CF led to a sergeant, who claimed that OSI had sent him to do a "pre-investigation", telling me that my complaint was bullshit. In Greene CF, a woman who claimed to be an OSI investigator told me that OSI had no record of my Clinton letter. Two OSI investigators who questioned me here at Orleans CF didn't know anything about her. Nobody from OSI ever told me the result of these phony investigations, or wrote to me at all. OSI doesn't take statements from victims or witnesses. Three times, OSI investigators wrote their own statements, then asked me to sign them, presenting me with a stark choice. I could go along with the program, or I could refuse to sign, leaving them free to report that I wasn't cooperating with them. I never had the option of simply writing the statement myself. On Friday, March 13, Wolcott came to the dorm and told me that she got my letter, and that she was not going to allow me to access the courts or report crimes to the FBI. I am frankly terrified. Someone who declares, in front of dozens of witnesses, that she won't allow me to exercise my federally protected Constitutional rights is capable of any crime. 3 She asked me if I had reported the Captain's threat. How could I, to whom? Cuomo, the courts, the FBI? Wolcott got the report, didn't investigate or report it, told me that she wasn't going to do anything about something "from two years ago." It doesn't matter what I report, or to whom. Nobody will ever investigate, I know that now. That's why I give up. So, I am sending this Surrender Document to everyone involved, from Cuomo to Annucci to Effman to Wolcott: I quit. In five years, not one person has told me "Mr. Richter, you can access the courts. Nobody is threatening you anymore. Your rights will be protected." I have finally accepted that I have no rights, that all of Cuomo's TV speeches are just empty words. Sexual abuse is his policy. There is nothing I can do about it, so I won't even try. I can't go on fighting when there is no chance of winning. I know that I have no chance at the Parole Board, Cuomo will make sure I die in prison. I can't appeal their decision anyway. I am sorry I ever reported anything. Robert J. Richter

Author: Richter, Robert

Author Location: New York

Date: March 15, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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